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Jiangnan County is a residential project developed by Hui Innovation in Yingshang, Fuyang of Anhui Province. Place Design  Group was commisioned to deliver the landscape design of this project. The display area was completed in 2018 and now functions  as a club. So far, Stage 1 of the project has been completed and Stage 2 is under construction.



Located in the northwest of Anhui Province, northbank of Huaihe River, Yingshang is endowed with a moderate climate, an excellent geographic location as well as abundant natural resources, which reminds people of the picturesque view of Jiangnan (south of Yangtze river) with its delicate sceneries and verdant landscape. 

Inspired by classical gardens in Jiangnan region, Place Design Group has brought the beauty of Jiangnan into this project and integrated it with contemporary lifestyle. Contrasting the subtle forms of plantings with minimalist design style, the project has delivered a multi-layered landscape with rich spatial experience.

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The main landscape axis starts from the main pedestrian entry of the club to the south. The design of the club draws inspiration from multiple courtyards arrangements in ancient Chinese mansions, presenting as three courtyards with zig-zag path. Walking through the entrance, residents would firstly pass the first and second courtyards, which create a strong sense of enclosure. Then the third courtyard suddenly becomes open and clear. Through such arrangements, the entrance was transformed into a well-spaced landscape, which brings the residents a unique homecoming experience.

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Paths were arranged at the east and west sides of the display area for pedestrian circulation, so that residents can reach home faster when in hurry, while still being able to enjoy the tranquil water feature and courtyard view.

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Beside the main pedestrian entrance, there will be vehicle entry at the east and west side  of the residential area respectively. As the west entry is relatively capacious, designers organized pedestrian and vehicle flow by properly positioning the basement entry, the guard house as well as the pedestrian entry. Feature wall and plantings were placed at the end of each entry to strengthen the sense of enclosure.
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To further meet residents’ demands, some residential buildings are equipped with non-motor vehicle parking sites.

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At the north side of the club lies the main community path, which is also the main landscape axis. From the stepped lawn areas with flowering cherry blossom trees, to the water feature with crape myrtle trees, and the central courtyard located in Stage 2 which is currently under construction, the path provides a variety of views as residents move through.
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As the visual focus on the main axis, the water feature generates different views from different angles, creating a tranquil and peaceful environment just like Jiangnan.
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The space between residential buildings was carefully designed to create a comfortable outdoor ‘living room’ for residents. Considered design elements were added to the EVA path to increase visual diversity while ensuring its functions. 
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The "outdoor living rooms" extend the space and our vision, and also make it easier for people to access outdoor leisure spaces. Besides, the first-floor private courtyards, some of which are sunken, provide more privacy to residents.

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Designers have also given careful considerations to the various needs for exercise of different age groups. A small-scale playground for children was designed outside the nursery at the southwest corner of Stage 1, while a larger and more comprehensive recreational space will be built in Stage 2 which will provide facilities suitable for all ages and create more convenience for parents to watch over their kids.
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In addition, a fully integrated jogging track equipped with resting spots and exercise facilities, as well as the picturesque landscape along the way, further contributes to creating outdoor recreational opportunities that are comfortable and easily accessible.

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Through considered design thinking, this project has created a contemporary interpretation of Jiangnan lifestyle for today's residents, allowing them to enjoy comforts and leisure in a fast-paced urban life. During the past few years, Place Design Group has had the honour to partner with Hui Innovation to deliver the landscape design of Riverside Royal Mansion and Waterfront Space. Jiangnan County is undoubtedly another benchmark project in residential construction and design for that region.

Project: Jiangnan County
Location: Fuyang, Anhui, China
Client: Hui Innovation
Photograph: LAB Photography



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