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We believe human performance, well-being and inspiration are influenced by the physical environment. We think beyond technical solutions to integrate beauty, materiality and craft into everything we touch. We design buildings, plan communities, create art, and develop responsive, humane environments for all generations.

ZGF Architects is a design firm with an intentionally diverse portfolio including healthcare and research facilities, academic buildings, mixed-use developments, corporate campuses, museums, transportation facilities and ecodistricts. A practice with more than 600 professionals and offices in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York City, and Vancouver BC, we have an ethos of collaboration, design excellence, stewardship of our natural and built environment, and exceptional client service. In addition to receiving more than 1000 design awards, ZGF has been honored with the American Institute of Architects’ highest honor, the Architecture Firm Award, recognized for “creatively transforming client needs and aspirations into elegant, inventive architectural form, and establishing a standard of excellence and expectation of quality to which other firms aspire.”

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美国 办公室室内 2019-04-27

Hensel Phelps汉塞尔·菲尔普斯建筑公司,是美国知名的建筑、规划和建设管理服务公司。ZGF设计团队在其决定搬迁之际就已介入帮助寻找合适的工作场所,并探究办公环境设计如何在为员工创造一个富有成效的活力空间的同时映射出 Hensel Phelps的价值观。

 2620ZGF Architects
美国 办公室室内 2019-04-23

ZGF设计团队与Google谷歌携手,将加州普拉亚维斯塔的地标建筑“云杉鹅飞机库”(Spruce Goose Hangar)打造成谷歌的办公场所。1943年休斯公司的创始人、商业大亨霍华德·休斯建造了这个飞机库,停放着他建造的、只飞行过一次的木制飞机H-4 “云杉鹅”。

 2905ZGF Architects
美国 办公室室内 2019-01-22

Cedars-Sinai(西达赛奈) 是位于加州洛杉矶的顶级医疗品牌,是美国西岸最大的非营利性综合专业健康科学中心。本案是由ZGF Architects设计团队为其打造的充满活力的洛杉矶新办公室。

 2634ZGF Architects
办公 2018-11-11

美国费用管理服务平台Expensify成立于2008年,是一款面向中小型用户的商业智能应用,用户可以扫描收据并存储图像,从而在差旅中记账更加便捷。本案是由ZGF Architects设计团队为其打造的波特兰总部办公室。

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