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All the people are running towards a place called future. The prosperouscities are at the front, followed by small and medium-sized towns, and thenscattered villages.

| 时光三境,心随境转


The rings of time turn round andround, as if the perpetual motion machine will never stop. As Hemingway said,the clock is moving forward at a brisk pace, instead of the calm and lonely atthe beginning. There is only a long corridor of time between the past and thefuture. At the other end of the corridor is the time we are looking for.


The whole design site is divided into three spaces, which also representthe three landscape areas characterized by nature, art and light and shadow intime. Each "environment" is a different description of the futurelife, feeling different levels of multi space.

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Therealm of nature







At theentrance of the natural environment, the pure white super modern landscape walland mirror lettering are dazzling, give people a strong sense of impact. Onboth sides of the green landscape road, "natural green island" isgrowing. The combination of nature and modernity is like a pure land in moderncity. At the end of the landscape road, the door of time and space isindistinctly visible. Without passing through the gate of time and space, noone knows what is hidden behind the door.

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The small flower border at theentrance is well arranged, showing the beauty of group and rhythm, which isdifferent from the pure natural plants. It is complicated but not messy, whichmakes people feel restless and start the journey of time.

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At night, whenthe door of time and space lights up, standing under the door, you can see theMilky Way dotted with stars.

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The realmof Art






Through thegate of time, it is another scene. Overlooking the site, the gravel and stoneslabs in the valley of light are like ripples in the water, rippling incircles, which collide with the microwave of ideas and create art sparks.

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The realmof light and shadow


时光流转 光影幻变





When you come to the light and shadow, you cansee the layers of water. The sound of the gurgling water leads people to danceand overlap with the art of the earth. The trees in the water are quiet andbeautiful, just like the deep memory, and they will never fall down.

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The starry skywall is reflected on the water surface. When the evening wind blows, it issparkling. Walking on the floating bridge at night, you can feel the quietbeauty different from the prosperous city.The spring of wave light jumpsfrom the water jar, and naturally forms a series of water columns, dancing andflying, flying into the air without splashing or scattering, and hangingelegant arcs in the air.

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Trees from the hollowed out ring of light and shadow, growing upward, whenthe lights light up at night, as if walking in the star river. The round mirrorspherical sculpture is like a strange planet in the galaxy, bright and lovely.The firefly lamp in the grass dances in the wind, seems to return to the memoryof that summer night in the woods, the flickering fluorescence lights up thedark summer night.

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The purple sculpture on the mirror is like thewheel of time, waiting for everyone's arrival at the entrance of the gate oftime.

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Theend is the beginning



Time reversal hourglass,starlight dots, moon shadow whirling, tree shadow mottled, under the baptism ofmoonlight, in the first ray of morning sun, take back all the past, to createevery possible future.







Designers have been carefully studying the color, research andcollocation, constantly trying to make the whole landscape space betterintegrated with color, texture, material and geometry, and give the peoplecoming to this space more diversified, more level rich sensory experience.


| 光影景墙


The original triangular arrangement of the scene wall is dense, whichaffects the visual effect. After improvement, the arrangement of triangles isrearranged to reduce the number of triangles, which makes the visual effectmore comfortable and the transition more natural.

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| 光影环


The first draft of the light shadow ring is a round hole with a largeshape. After actual proofing, it is considered that the round hole is too largeand the light transmittance is too high. After deliberation, the circular holeis changed into a triangular hole, which can reduce the light transmittance andbetter create the effect of the starry sky.

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| 时光雕塑


The color of time sculpture has been deliberated by several editions ofcolor, and finally decided to use purple magic color steel to highlight theoverall tone of the future and technology in the design.

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