近日,由gmp·冯·格康,玛格及合伙人建筑师事务所设计的漕河泾新洲大楼,获得了德国设计委员会旗下的Iconic Award 2018(标志性设计奖)办公建筑类别Selection。

The gmp projectCaohejing Xinzhou Mansion in Shanghai has been recently awarded the ICONICAWARD 2018: Innovative Architecture -Selection (Category Company building)by the German Design Council.


Caohejing Xinzhou Mansion © HG Esch


Xinzhou Mansion is located in the Caohejing Hi-Tech and the plot was originally industrial land. The project is located between Shanghai's western expressway and a park. The busy traffic, together with the visual connections between the staggered roads and the urban landscape form a complex and diverse restriction. Xinzhou Mansion responds to the special environment condition with a sculptural and unusual shape. The building is based on the concept of a horizontal glass prism, placed on two conically shaped plinth structures in fair-faced concrete. After the completion of Xinzhou Mansion, its impressive volume and shape re-characterize the original industrial area.

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ICONIC AWARDS(标志性设计奖)是一项跨学科性的建筑学设计竞赛奖项,旨在表彰国际杰出的建设项目,创新的室内设计和产品设计,以及与建筑环境达到理想交融的典范。


ICONIC AWARDS is an interdisciplinary architectural design award that honors internationally outstanding construction projects, innovative interior design and product design as well as compelling communication in an architectural context.




The iconic design award was established by the German Design Council, a 65-year-old authoritative design agency. Created by the German Parliament and sponsored by German industry in 1953 after World War II,  the German Design Council is today one of the world’s leading competence centers for communication and knowledge transfer in design. For 65 years, the German Design Council has been working to promote design as an economic factor and make Germany one of the world’s most successful design nations.



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