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我们进入了一个生活方式时代,致力于追求物质、情感和精神的完美统一。天津融创星耀五洲是融汇文化、艺术、生活时尚与科技的新型商业社区,力求通过话题性、体验性、跨界性的场景革命 , 重构人与商业的连接,创造愉悦美好的生活方式。

We have entered an era of lifestyle, committed to the pursuit of the perfect unity of material, emotion and spirit. As a new business community combining culture, art, lifestyle with science and technology,Tianjin World of Sunac seeks to reestablish the connection between people and business, through the topical, experiential and trans-disciplinary scene revolution, to create a pleasant and beautiful lifestyle.

01|跃动的时光 社区健身房 



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The design of gym meets both the functional and artistic needs. It is a place for pressure release for young people to express their emotions, put aside their thoughts and resolve their troubles.

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The scheme abandoned the complicated wall design with accumulation of pictures, but adopted the wood, black and other pure colors as the dominate colors. It not only shows the delicate texture of science and technology, but also can completely pull people's sensory focus back to the fitness itself, sweat and release the stress in life to the fullest. At the same time, with the soft strip lighting, the designer creates a quiet atmosphere, making the users relax and reduce the feeling of fatigue.

02|快意的人生 融汇社区CLUB


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年轻人聚集的线下多元社区-融创CLUB ,社区情绪设计成为重点,我们用户在享受服务的过程中带入情境,人与人之间的互动达成共鸣,从而让社交灵魂赋能创意。

Sunac Club, an offline diversified community where young people gather, focuses on community emotional design. Our users bring situations into the process of enjoying services, and the interaction between people resonates, so as to enable the social soul to empower creativity.

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Sunac Club is a complex type of business, incorporating games, fitness, cinema, KTV and other ways of entertainment, aiming to build a healthy and entertainment city for young owners. With a sense of science and technology and a sense of future as the main clue, the designer creates a higher quality life of health and entertainment for young people through fashionable, creative and interesting design methods, so that they can put down their burdens and enjoy social interaction.

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动  运动健身    Act   exercise and fitness

感  感官KTV    Feel   KTV

光  微光影院    Light   glimmer cinema

波  游戏声波    Wave   sound wave of games



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鉴于融汇club是一个多个独立空间组成的经营性业态 , 所以设计师为创造空间记忆点,精心把前台接待区和开放娱乐区融合为一,首先把club的聚合性、娱乐性展现出来,吸引年轻人来此停留。

Since Sunac Club is a type of business composed of multiple independent spaces, the designer carefully integrated the reception area with the open entertainment area, in order to create the memory point of the space. First of all, the gathering and entertainment of the club should be revealed, to attract young people to linger here.



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Scene become profound and powerful, just like the future world. The designer makes full use of the open layout and rich geometric symbols to delimit the pedestrian circulation from multiple dimensions, thus enhancing the interaction in the space. The scattered and orderly strip lights create a sense of skeleton in the space.

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Against the background of light and shadow, the space reflects the dreamy beauty of science and technology. Young people can freely "go wild" here and immerse themselves in the fun of the game.

03|酣畅的相聚 星耀KTV 


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The design of KTV private room adopts the design method of theme tone to make the space more futuristic. The geometric line light emits the color of science and technology, as if it has the power to travel through time and space.

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There is enough area between the seat and the screen for guests to interact when dancing or singing. We hope to achieve comprehensive services for owners of all ages by building different atmospheres in the community.



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The design focuses on the style of the customer group and explores a livable space related to "activity" and "community". The team of NONEZONE has broken through the conventional thinking by creating a contrast of space and texture with extreme form. In the rapidly changing world, they also use extremely tense materials to present a striking contrast in an attempt to explore more possibilities in the current human living space in a way that people and space interact with one another.

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Different from the traditional commercial complex, the design reconciles the reality and the ideal, creating one space after another in a deconstructed way, which keeps people immersed in and has no time to jump out of it. The public area at the main entrance blends the classical poetry with contemporary aesthetics. Its simple, majestic and futuristic symbolic design inspires people not to stop pursuing and exploring, with full confidence for the future. This not only highlights the new life concept of Tianjin World, but also broadens people's imagination of a better life.



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The simultaneous implementation of Sunac  project is a test for the  team of NONEZONE. The design cycle is short and there are many business types. As a transformation project, NONEZONE team also coordinated the coordination of architecture, fire protection and other hardbound units, and finally completed the project, which also won the recognition of visitors and first party.


















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