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Sarzana ,Italy

在萨尔扎纳市的重建计划下,博埃里建筑设计事务所对利古里亚市未来的改造区域进行了整体规划设计,该改造区域已经于 2009 年纳入Piano Botta地区并进行了部分改造。

In the context of the regeneration plan of the Municipality of Sarzana, Stefano Boeri Architetti intervenes on a transformation area of particular interest for the future of the Ligurian municipality, already included and partially transformed by the 2009 Piano Botta.

新总体规划的目标是将城市肌理与目前未充分利用的区域重新连接起来,规划总体面积超 50,000 平方米,旨在将其转变为该地块的新核心地带。规划区域位于萨尔扎纳中心,距历史中心区域约 200 米,南侧与废弃的铁路终点站接壤,北侧与现临时用作体育馆的前市政市场接壤,供该地的曲棍球队使用。

The objective of the new Masterplan is to reconnect the urban fabric with a currently underutilised area, covering over 50.000 sqm, to be transformed into a new core of collective centrality. In particular, the regeneration area is located at the heart of Sarzana, about 200 metres from the historic centre, bordered on the southern side by the disused railway terminal and on the northern side by the former Municipal Market, now temporarily used as a sports hall for the city’s track hockey team.

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如果规划区域的南部将铁路轴线视为这座城市的休止符,那么在东部地区,最有趣的元素就是一座与轨道平行的历史建筑。该建筑最初被用于车站,但直到今天都未得到更为充分的利用。同样,在规划区域周围还有一系列其他公共建筑,如 XXI Luglio 学校、Ex Ospedale San Bartolomeo 和 Villa Ollandini,它们即将会成为促进 Sarzana 中心复兴发展强有力的推动因素。

If the southern part of the area of intervention sees the strong presence of the railway axis as an urban caesura, on the eastern front the most interesting element is a historical building parallel to the tracks, originally used by the station and today underutilised. Similarly, around the area of intervention a series of other public buildings are situated, such as the XXI Luglio school, the Ex Ospedale San Bartolomeo and Villa Ollandini, which could become the flywheel of a widespread regeneration of the Sarzana centre.


Starting therefore from an existing context to be valorised, the project sets as its primary objectives the regeneration of the area, located in a strategic part of the city, with the reactivation of the former market as a new centrality and urban square, together with the settlement of new public functions and the enhancement of slow mobility. In this regard, the Masterplan envisages a new interchange pole for sustainable mobility, with the addition of a bike-sharing and car-sharing station linked to the railway and bus station.


该项目在初步规划阶段,设想了与体育相关的功能的重新定位,这是这座城市的一个特征元素,而当前用作曲棍球“大厅”的结构在容量和规模上都是有限的。因此,我们在铁路的对面建造了一座可容纳 1200 名观众的新建筑——其中包括更衣室、医疗室、仓库和所有必要的功能——还在其前面通过减少建筑物的占地面积的方法,创建了一个新的公共广场。

As a first step the project scenario foresees the relocation of functions related to sport, an element of identity for the city, since the structure currently used as a ‘hall’ for hockey is currently limited in capacity and size. The construction, on the opposite side of the railway, of a new building suitable for accommodating 1.200 spectators – as well as changing rooms, a medical room, warehouses and all the necessary functions – also involves the creation of a public square in front of it, obtained by reducing the footprint of the building.


A second phase envisages the reactivation of the existing public buildings, re-installing the Municipal Market in the historic building and reconverting the abandoned terminal into a bus terminal, a central urban hub for students from the city and neighbouring municipalities. Finally, the public building in the eastern area is rehabilitated to be open to the community: public and aggregation activities, such as coworking spaces or new local associations, can be housed inside.

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在公共空间方面,两个通过规划重新开发的城市广场——总面积超过 3.500 平方米,与新的竞技场和市场相呼应。此外,还包括 8.000 平方米的新绿地,新绿地由人工铺设其中包含 90% 不透水的土壤。该城市绿化的显著增加是确定新总体规划特征的一个基本要素:事实上,绿地占据了规划总面积的 25%,沿铁路线形成了重要的过滤带,并形成了更多宜居的公共空间。

Regarding the public space, two new urban squares – covering a total of over 3.500 sqm – are redeveloped by the intervention, in correspondence with the new arena and the market. In addition, 8.000 sqm of new green areas are included, resulting from a major depaving of the area, which is currently strongly characterised by artificial and 90% impermeable soil. This significant increase in urban greenery represents a fundamental element in defining the character of the new master plan: green areas, in fact, occupy 25% of the total surface of the intervention, creating important filter belts along the railway line, as well as more liveable public spaces.


Another central aspect of the new masterplan is defined by mobility, since road flows are optimised and the road system in the market area is reconfigured, also through the redevelopment of the car parks with draining surfaces. With this in mind, an elevated footbridge is also designed to cross the tracks, aiming to connect public functions, overcoming the obstacle of the railway and creating a continuous space for citizens, defined by new paths for widespread pedestrian circulation.

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最后,该区域在整体规划上也特别关注了能源问题,升级后的建筑物作为可再生能源的收集器发挥着重要作用:事实上,规划设想在建筑屋顶上引入 2.000 平方米的光伏表面 - 相当于约 200 kwp潜在能源生产——在增加清洁能源在该地区贡献的同时,成为萨尔扎纳的一个全新的和必不可少的中心。

Finally, special attention is paid to the energy issue, for which the upgraded buildings play a fundamental role as collectors of renewable energy: the intervention envisages, in fact, the insertion of 2.000 sqm of photovoltaic surface on the roof – equal to about 200 kwp of potential energy production – increasing the contribution of clean energy in the area, which thus stands as a new and essential centrality of Sarzana.

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新建和重建公共空间面积:13.500 平方米

新市政广场:3.600 平方米


新增绿地面积:8.000 平方米


全新的体育馆面积:3.200 平方米

屋顶光伏板面积:2.000 平方米


The numbers of the project:

54.600 sqm area to be redeveloped;

13.500 sqm new and redeveloped public spaces;

3.600 sqm new market square;

3.700 sqm of new sports hall square;

8.000 sqm new green areas;

4 new public functions;

3.200 sqm new sports hall;

2.000 sqm photovoltaic surface area on roofs;

200 kwp potential energy production.

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