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△ 实景展示 Realistic image

规 划



The project is situated within the Pudong Football Stadium zone, a key part of the Jinqiao sub center radiation area in the 'Golden Central Development Belt' of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. This expansive area seamlessly blends diverse elements such as sports facilities, parks, office complexes, commercial hubs, hotels, and residential spaces, effectively merging industry with urban life. Mingyue Huating stands as the first pioneering initiative in this dynamic locale.

△ 实景瞰图 Realistic aerial view


The project is situated adjacent to the Pudong Football Stadium, bordered by the Biyun Green Space (Zhangjiabang Wedge Green Space) to the south, with an internal water system passing through. The primary design considerations revolve around finding the project's unique value proposition that aligns with the district's identity within the current architectural language system. Additionally, it seeks to establish a harmonious connection with the Pudong Football Stadium in the vicinity and effectively respond to the exceptional natural environment of the plot. These are the key focal points for our design approach.

△ 项目周边 Surroundings of the project (本图片来自网络 版权归原作者所有)

△ 规划生成 Planning generation

△ 立面局部 Facade parts


Refining the façade design involves a meticulous examination of the contemporary interpretation of materials, with a deep exploration into the intrinsic value of materials, notably aluminum panels and glass, within the framework of prevailing aesthetic trends in the era of aesthetics.


Neighborhood Center - Demonstration Area


The demonstration area initially functions as a exhibition center and later transforms into a neighborhood center, covering a substantial building area of 4723.00 square meters. The design entails one to two commercial floors and four community service-supporting structures on the northeast corner. Commercial and community entrances and exits are strategically positioned along the western street. Together with the office and commercial buildings on the north side, it establishes an open, public interface connecting the subway and football stadium.


Serving as a pivotal landmark at the street corner, the neighborhood center acts as a compact community commercial space. Its visual identity aligns with both the football stadium and the adjacent northern office and commercial area, reflecting the iconic essence of this street corner.

△ 区位分析 Location analysis

△ 实景图 Reality images


The robust square geometry of the structure harmoniously coexists with the graceful curved design reminiscent of a 'porcelain bowl' in the football stadium, creating a captivating blend. The choice of materials, gray-white rose stone, seamlessly integrates with the white aluminum panels of the football stadium. The addition of champagne-colored aluminum plates, while maintaining harmony, introduces a subtle distinction, conveying the inviting and neighborly ambiance of the commercial district.

△ 体块生成 Block generation


The architectural volume undergoes a dynamic reconfiguration as the building boxes interlock and overlap. On the ground floor, retail spaces take precedence, featuring a combination of display windows and reserved advertising areas. Transparent floor-to-ceiling glass fosters a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing commercial visibility. Additionally, a prominent large-sized stone wall provides essential structural support to the entire building. The second-floor box is repurposed and opens up, creating an outdoor patio that engages with the surrounding environment, visually connecting with the street and football stadium. This level utilizes a combination of gray aluminum panels and floor-to-ceiling glass, with advertising areas integrated into the gray aluminum panels. This design choice simplifies and unifies the overall aesthetic. The third and fourth floors are harmoniously integrated to augment the overall scale of the structure, featuring an extended overhang for enhanced visibility. A distinctive point-type wire mesh folded glass curtain wall lends warmth and elegance during the day, while it radiates brilliance at night. The curtain wall is enveloped in champagne-colored aluminum plates and profiles, adding a touch of refinement to the composition.


Final overall demonstration area presentation

△ 实景图 Reality images


The substantial overhang, along with the juxtaposition of reality and virtual elements, heightens its recognizability and leaves a lasting impression. The aluminum panel beneath the eaves is meticulously divided into slots and incorporates concealed lighting to preserve the visual impact while eliminating any disruption caused by gap closure. The exterior profile is precisely contoured to accentuate the sleek, slender, and upright attributes of the aluminum panel material.

△ 实景图 Reality images


The layering of intricate 'showmanship style' details elevates one's perception of value, particularly when these details are not immediately apparent at first glance.

△ 实景图 Reality images


The area beneath the eaves enhances the building's ventilation, and in the future, serving as a commercial outdoor resting space, it will contribute a theatrical dimension to the street's overall ambiance.

△ 实景图 Reality images

△ 二层外摆空间实景图  Realistic view of the outer swing space on the second floor

△二层外摆空间实景图  Realistic view of the outer swing space on the second floor


The second floor of the building opens up to an outdoor terrace, fostering interaction and a seamless connection with the street and football stadium beneath a canopy of trees.

△ 沿街实景图  Realistic view of  the street

△ 沿街实景图  Realistic view of  the street


To the details, the quality is reflected


The façade boasts a modern and minimalist design characterized by alternating geometric shapes and a blend of glass, stone, and aluminum panels. Each section employs varying colors and textures to craft a diverse yet coherent interface, leaving a distinct and memorable impression of character and image.

△ 材料演示 Material demonstration


In terms of material selection, the first layer incorporates off-white stone paired with ultra-white glass, ensuring structural stability while enhancing the display aspect of commercial windows. The second layer features dark gray aluminum panels and a glass curtain wall, complemented by block segmentation, creating a striking contrast. From the third floor and upwards, large-scale colored glazed glass and champagne-colored aluminum plates provide a crystalline clarity, establishing a distinctive visual identity.


Double skin curtain wall, folded glass curtain wall, digital printed cubic gradient curtain wall, and various curtain wall systems combine to form different facial expressions of the building.

△ 入口双层玻璃表皮 Entrance double glazed skin


Theentrance features a double-layer glass façade, with the outer layer adorned insuper-white glass utilizing a point-type curtain wall system, employing modulardivisions for a sleek and pristine appearance. The inner layer consists ofglazed glass panels, designed with allocated space for advertising and ease ofreplacement.

△ 墙身节点 Architectural detail drawing

△ 丝网印刷折线玻璃 Screen printed folded glass


The design incorporates a folded glass flash technique with a concealed keel frame structure, resulting in a crystal-clear and pristine appearance. Screen printing is employed to introduce a textured richness, which, in the evening, interacts with ambient lighting to create a captivating and sparkling visual transformation.

△ 墙身节点 Architectural detail drawing

△ 细部实景图 Detailed realistic view


Utilizing digitally printed glass with precise layout to create a gradient texture resembling droplets.

△ 墙身节点 Architectural Detail Drawing

△ 不同肌理印刷玻璃 Printed glass with different textures


Flood lighting design

△ 日景夜景对比 Comparison of day and night scenes

△ 日景夜景对比 Comparison of day and night scenes

△ 细部节点 Architectural detail drawing


Exquisite control of lighting, meticulously integrated from the planning stage down to the ground level, ensuring no harm to the facade caused by lighting fixtures. This clever integration seamlessly blends the lighting elements with the building structure. By concealing the lighting during daylight hours, precise control down to the millimeter of profile lines and seam widths is achieved, seamlessly incorporating lighting into the architectural expression.

△ 灯光效果 Light effect

△ 灯光效果 Light effect


The linear light array along the corner overhanging ceiling is elegantly simple yet visually striking. It pairs with a folded colored glazed glass array that radiates clarity by day and dazzles with sparkling allure at night.

△ 灯光效果 Light effect

△ 灯光效果 Light effect


Comparison of construction effects

△ 效果图 Rendering 

△ 实景图 Realistic image

△ 施工过程 Construction process


The project's proximity to our company provides significant convenience for on-site inspections. Beginning with the early stages of VMU (Virtual Mock-Up) to the later stages of on-site curtain wall installation, close collaboration among various professions, combined with thorough on-site inspection, has ensured the successful implementation of both the initial conceptual plan and detailed design.



The essence of architecture is to enrich life itself, transcending the mere objects occupying space. Architecture should seamlessly integrate with human activities and elevate the quality of those activities. 

——Leoh Ming Pei


开发企业  浦开集团

建筑设计  PTA上海柏涛

设计团队  设计五部

设计主创  邵鑫,师占奎

团队成员  林声尊,蒋若彧,王园圆,刘涵,李胜毅,邓文钦,陈宇昂,刘大蔚,李润,杨光宇,陈鸿创 ,王碧芸、黄涛

室内设计  HWCD

景观设计  上海日清景观设计有限公司


施  工 图  上海筑景建筑设计有限公司

用地面积  3170㎡

建筑面积  4723㎡

设计时间  2019年12月-2023年6月

建筑摄影  山兮建筑空间摄影

ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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