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Valode & Pistre architects, known for designing successful projects like Parc des Expositions de La Porte de Versailles and Shenzhen International Exhibition Center, have been awarded the design contract for the Jinan Yellow River International Conference and Exhibition Center since February 2020. The first phase of this project, set to open in 2023, will become the world's largest international convention and exhibition center in terms of net exhibition area. Currently, the first phase is in the countdown stage.




Linking World Cultures


Jinan, often referred to as the 'Spring City,' boasts a rich history and culture. Its recognition as a 'Famous Historical and Cultural City' is the result of millennia of cultural accumulation and heritage on this land.



Currently, Valode & Pistre architects are focused on creating a world-class convention and exhibition center in Jinan. Our aim is to connect Jinan with the global community, helping the city become a prominent international convention and exhibition destination, recognized both nationally and internationally.




New Age Architecture


The project is situated in the Cuizhai Cluster of Jinan City, Shandong Province. This area is designated as a high-tech industrial city, fostering the development of modern logistics, new energy, convention and exhibition industries. It serves as a pivotal platform for the national 'Belt and Road Initiative' initiative, a significant hub for national diplomacy, a high-end conference center in Northeast Asia, and an international professional conference center.



The project boasts a remarkable net exhibition area of 510,000 square meters, making it the largest exhibition center in China in terms of net exhibition area and the world's most extensive in comprehensive scale upon completion. It will be well-equipped to host international summits such as APEC and G20, significantly contributing to Jinan's industrial transformation and rapid development. 


The building is multifunctional, housing a conference center, exhibition hall, hotel, and more. Its innovative design aligns with the evolving MICE industry, focusing on flexibility, interactivity, and sustainability by integrating functions, spaces, structures, and equipment.




Pioneering concepts


The project follows the 'Yellow River Scroll' concept, using clean lines to shape the building. It symbolically connects with people worldwide, reflecting the city's history, culture, and its promising future.


The 'Magpie New Bridge' design is inspired by the Yellow River scroll's concept of a bridgeconnecting all directions. lts curved roof reflects traditional Chinese architecture, and thesingle-arch shape symbolizes both the Magpie New Bridge and a warm welcome to visitors.




Future-proof design


The building's design aligns with its functional needs, with a regular and symmetrical shape for efficiency in exhibitions and conferences. Its structure combines concrete columns and roof steel trusses to create a large-span steel support system. The building's grand architectural silhouette is particularly impressive when illuminated, showcasing its atmospheric beauty.


To align the image of the conference center with future requirements for technological innovation and international quality, and to ensure it harmonizes with the visual experience of the surrounding high-rise buildings, special emphasis was placed on the project's design, particularly on its fifth elevation, which pertains to the design of the metal roof. The decorative roof features the dignified and imposing flying eaves shape characteristic of traditional Chinese architecture.


The building's design incorporates "green" and energy-saving elements for sustainability in large-scale structures, managing the transparency of curtain wall areas. It features a modern aesthetic with a color scheme of silver-white, silver-gray, and natural stone shades, highlighting simplicity and stability. Construction prioritizes high-quality materials and technology to ensure long-lasting durability, aiming for a century-long lifespan.



Considering the nature of the exhibition building, the design team concentrated on the office space utilization mechanism, skillfully employing modular combinations to establish flexible layouts.


项目登录大厅位于地块中心,项目整体由南北两个对称体量组成。南侧专业会议区设置序厅,侧厅, 主会场大厅,北侧展览型会议一层设置序厅和一个大型展厅,夹层设小型商展空间。

The project features a registration hall at its center and is divided into two symmetrical volumes, one in the north and one in the south. The southern section houses the professional conference area with a prelude hall, side halls, and the main conference hall. On the north side, the exhibition-type conference area includes a prelude hall, a large exhibition hall on the first floor, and a smaller exhibition space on the mezzanine level.



The column-free spaces with movable partitions can be flexibly configured into conference halls or exhibition halls of various sizes to meet diverse operational needs and flexible requirements.



The second floor has both flexible meeting spaces on the south side, including large and small meeting rooms and press rooms, as well as an exhibition space on the north side. The exhibition area can be easily customized using movable partitions, offering a versatile and creative environment for various exhibitions and communication activities. This design enhances the efficient combination of exhibition and viewing spaces.



The top floor features a multifunctional hall with a rooftop garden and patio to provide outdoor relaxation options during meetings. The indoor shared spaces are abundant, creating a modern conference and exhibition building that prioritizes sharing, efficiency, technology, and aesthetics.



The integrated layout, flexible multi-purpose design spaces, efficient exhibition set-up and application of low-carbon green materials bring new experiences and development opportunities for the building to meet changing needs and create a prosperous and sustainable environment for exhibitors, visitors and the urban community.








巴黎创始人:Denis Valode,Jean Pistre

中国区合伙人 & 总经理:宋国鸿

中国区副总经理:Leonardo Mariani,刘毅

中国区设计团队: 张静雯张婉婷吴文煜曲晓峰David de la Fuente Burguera  ,Irina Duma 卢嘉敏肖遥邵博文


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