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Soul problem:


How to create a highly adaptable industrial rainforest carrier in Suzhou Industrial Park?

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Implementation path:






1. Create an industrial office environment with temperature

1) Interactive experience park

The FTA creates an interactive experience park through touch, feeling, audiovisual scenarios, and event participation.

2) Traditional space for modern interpretation

Combining the historical and cultural characteristics of Suzhou with the local humanities and habits, we have planned the “Garden in the Garden” to realize the traditional space of modern interpretation and to reshape the interpersonal relationship and industrial network in the park.

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2, create a diverse work scene

1), function setting diversity

In order to realize a rich tropical rain forest industry cluster in the future, we draw on the ratio of multiple domestic and international business-driven urban complexes. The function setting is also more diverse: office cluster: incubating office base, suitable for industrial, small customer office, experiment and research and development. Comprehensive services: one-stop station service, property management, business support, business hotel apartments, training centers, conference centers, people's centers, information centers, training centers, etc., to provide complete supporting services for the enterprises in the exhibition; display experience: technology , humanities, ecological creative display space and enterprise technology product display space, providing enterprises with an experiential platform for external publicity and daily display; service matching: providing all-round catering and entertainment services for the daily office and life of the enterprise, making the park Functional utilization extends from 8 hours of work time to 24 hours a day. It's not just a single office, it's a vibrant, diverse community with complex city functions.

2), spatial level diversity

In the overall structure, based on the "One Heart, Two Belts, Three Axis, Six Courtyards" as the infrastructure, the office space, the communication space, and the rest space penetrate each other, and integrate various functions such as office, leisure, social, and life.

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3. Use the flexibility of the product to counter the uncertainty of late investment

1), product adaptability

Each park has a lot of uncertainty in the late investment operation, but it must conform to the current stage of positioning. In order to balance the balance between the two, we have fully considered the adaptability and flexibility of the park. The large-space office base is suitable for the office, experiment and R&D of small and medium-sized customers in various industries. The large-span, segmented and flexible bottom-level display experience center provides the possibility of multiple functions, which can be used as an integrated service center or a large-scale business. Matching.

2) Flexible conversion in time dimension

With the smooth entry of various office units, the office space originally used for project supervision and promotion of investment promotion can be converted into supporting facilities for the park, reflecting the high flexibility, adaptability and compatibility of the park design.

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Suzhou Industrial Park is a model of international cooperation and a “test field” for China's reform and opening up, and has become a benchmark for domestic park construction. Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Park is located on the north side of Suzhou Jinji Lake Avenue and on the south side of Wusong River. It enjoys a superior geographical position and good traffic conditions. It is the main front and important carrier for the development of artificial intelligence industry in Suzhou Industrial Park. The park covers an area of 155,900 square meters, with a total planned construction area of 428,400 square meters.

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苏州人工智能产业园区突破了传统的城市综合体的发展模式,与园区经济相结合,将高科技的力量融入其中,作为科技载体的创新综合体既承担城市经济、科技文化发展的历史责任,也提供多元的服务功能。FTA助其在有限的空间内实现功能的无限延伸,营造绿色生态的办公环境,“体验型”、“人文型”、“循环型”三型合一,“适应性”、“生长性”、“复合性”机动灵活,打造具24小时活力的综合体。 规划的一大亮点在于“园中园”,其结合了苏州历史文化特色与当地的人文习惯,用现代手法演绎传统空间,重塑在园区中的人际关系与产业网络。

Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park has broken through the traditional urban complex development model, combined with the park economy, and integrated the power of high technology. The innovative complex as a carrier of technology not only bears the historical responsibility of urban economy, science and technology culture development, but also Provide a variety of service features. FTA helps it realize the infinite extension of functions in a limited space, creating a green and ecological office environment, "experience type", "humanity type", "circular type" three-in-one, "adaptive", "growth", “Composite” is flexible and creates a 24-hour complex. One of the highlights of the plan is the “Garden in the Garden”, which combines the historical and cultural characteristics of Suzhou with the local humanities and habits. It uses modern techniques to interpret traditional spaces and reshape the interpersonal relationships and industrial networks in the park.

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In terms of architectural design, whether it is office products or supporting products, FTA emphasizes the transition from traditional closure to openness and interaction, reflecting the design of high communication and high flexibility. The office space of large space is suitable for the office, experiment and R&D of small and medium-sized customers in various high-tech industries. The large-span, flexible and flexible bottom-level display experience center provides the possibility of multiple functions conversion. It can be used as a comprehensive service center in the near future. Transformed into a large commercial package.

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项目名称/ project name:


建筑师或者建筑公司/architect or company:


项目设计 & 完成年份 / Design year & Completion Year:

设计时间: 2012-12
完成时间: 2016-03

主创及设计团队 / Leader designer & Team:


项目地址 / Project location:


建筑面积 / Gross Built Area (square meters):

42 万平方米

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