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世界知名500强公司欧莱雅于二十多年前进军德国市场,如今,这家法国企业在其公司所在地杜塞尔多夫设立了新的德国总部。新总部所在的地平线大楼(The Horizon)坐落于Kennedydamm大街,由HPP建筑事务所设计。

L'Oréal, the celebrated Fortune 500 Company, has entered the German market for over 20 years. In recent years, the French corporation has set up its new German headquarters in its business location: Düsseldorf. The Horizon - the brand new building where it is based, is located on the Kennedydamm Street and was designed by HPP Architects. 

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The employees have already moved into the new building in December 2017. Fashionable French brands, rigorous German architecture, the brand-new working environment will absolutely spark this cosmetics giant with new product-designing inspirations.

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这座60米高的大楼已成为杜塞尔多夫北部一座全新的标志性门户。它是一栋高层的云片状建筑,总建筑面积为22,000平方米,共有16层,由The Developer项目发展公司和HPP事务所共同完成。

The 60-metre-high building is the new, highly visible gateway to the north Düsseldorf. It’s a 16-storey tower that has a gross floor area of 22,000 m², which was implemented by the project development company "The Developer" together with HPP Architects.

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HPP通过巧妙设计的移位楼层制造出了堆叠交错的水平效果。“楼层如交错的盒子般彼此堆叠,建筑的整体显得轻盈而透明,产生了宛若岩层运动般的视觉效果。”HPP事务所高级合伙人Volker Weuthen介绍说。

HPP's design has created an outstanding horizontal effect through its partially shifted floors. “The building emerges like stacked boxes, light and transparent, thus generating an impressive visual appearance like strata movement,” explained Volker Weuthen, HPP’s Senior Partner-in-Charge.

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The double façade construction with perforated outer glass cladding allows windows to be opened, as an addition to the central ventilation system, while reducing the wind resistance. On the gable side of the building, the displacement of floors creates for each office floor a furnished terrace, where the staff can have a view over the River Rhine, or enjoy the lush green scenery of north Düsseldorf. 

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When entering the building, the visitor is welcomed by a white-gold interior. This color scheme provides an elegant yet restrained setting across all floors of the Group with its 34 different brands. The communication zones of the office environments, from the 3rd to the 14th floor, on the other hand, were designed into different styles: whether an area was executed in shabby chic or in a modern style was decided by the employees of the respective floor. 

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In the entrance areas of the office floors, lounge-like “landing zones" are ideal places for informal communications. The spacious restaurant and cafeteria have 400 seats on the second floor; besides, they offer round islands of seats as additional retreats. 

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相连的侧翼顶楼还有250平方米的椭圆形露天平台“Sky Lounge”,很适合在闲暇时分充分享受阳光自然。露台可从餐厅区域直接到达。

To take a break in the sunshine, the 250 m² elliptical roof terrace on the adjoining flat building, the so-called Sky Lounge, can be reached from the dinner area. 

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On the first floor there are the academy rooms, where guests could be invited to take training courses. They can be directly reached via the two-storey entrance lobby. The 15th floor has a terrace with a grand view over Düsseldorf; this floor could be used for various events: there are various multi-spaces for events and conferences, which are designed together with further partners.

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In addition to the open-space areas with a total of 1,000 permanent workplaces, the new working environments provide an additional 890 flexible workplaces: these include a large number of smaller think tanks, meeting rooms, phone booths and a silent room. It is left for the employees themselves to decide whether they prefer to work in a seated or standing position, whether they need to work with a team, or, if necessary, take advantage of one of those many retreats to focus on a task with zero distraction. 

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Each office floor is characterized by a meeting zone in the central area, semi-closed or completely open, around which the open working landscapes line up. The open-space areas offer high acoustic quality, which was achieved by an above-average sound absorption coefficient of the ceiling, wall and floor materials as well as vertical acoustic panels at the desk.

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Along with the relocation, the employees of L'Oréal have renovated their way of working. Thanks to the open working environments and plenty many alternative workplaces, employees can choose best places for every job. Furthermore, a total of about 1,000 special furniture units were developed, to best meet the individual needs of the users, including the "L'Oréal product shelf", which resembles the shape of the building. The interior design of tower Horizon and the architecture itself complements one another.

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开放式的内部设计也能通过该建筑的玻璃立面向外呈现出来——“这座透明的大楼向整个城市开放,表达了该公司不仅仅对其雇员负责,还肩负着对整个社会的责任感。新总部以一种特别的方式完美传达了欧莱雅品牌的价值观。”事务所高级合伙人Volker Weuthen说。

The open interior design is also reflected on the outside in the glass façade of the building: "The transparent house opens up to the city, symbolizes that the corporation is committed not only to the employees, but also to the whole community. The new headquarters conveys the values of the L'Oréal brand in a special way," said Volker Weuthen, HPP’s Senior Partner.

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◎首层平面图  Ground floor plan

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◎二层平面图 Second floor plan

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◎标准层平面图Standard floor plan



地点:Johannstrasse 1, 杜塞尔多夫

业主:The Developer (Horizon的子公司)


建筑设计:HPP Architects

高级合伙人:Volker Weuthen

项目经理:Christoph Ebert

室内设计经理:Wolfgang Miazgowski

长度:90 m

进深:16 m

高度:60 m

建筑面积:25,000 m²(地上)

总建筑面积:38,000 m²


绿建:目标DGNB 金奖



Project Name: L'Oréal Horizon "J1"

Location: Johannstrasse 1, Düsseldorf

Client: The Developer

Tenant: L'Oréal Germany GmbH

Architect: HPP Architects Ltd.

Senior Partner: Volker Weuthen

Project Manager: Christoph Ebert

Interior Design Manager: Wolfgang Miazgowski

Building lengths: 90 m

Building depth: 16 m

Height: 60 m

GFA above ground: 25,000 m²

GFA total: 38,000 m²

NFA: 22,000 m² above ground

Certification: DGNB Gold targeted

Start of Construction: 2015

Completion: 2017

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