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“The most important significance of urban culture is that as a primitive memory shared by people, it can be passed down beyond the times”

——安藤忠雄 Tadao Ando


The city’s culture is shaped by architecture. How should architecture use the artistic language of stylistics to give shape and volume to the concept of a historical and cultural city in the hinterland of the Central Plains, so that the city is full of warm humanistic feelings, and the actual carrier of the metaphysical provides human beings with metaphysics Way of thinking?

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The project is located in the Longhu area of Zhengdong New District,3KM from the Henan Provincial Government as a straight line, 5KM from the Beihuan business district, 2.5KM from the CBD business district, and 4KM from the University District. Sitting on a superior geographical location.

文脉策略 · Context Strategy

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Chinese government culture: harmony between man and nature. A mansion refers to a group of buildings surrounded by houses and courtyards. The houses are yang (real), the courtyard is yin (virtual), the combination of virtual and real, the combination of yin and yang, and the unity of nature and man.

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The courtyard provides a perfect opportunity for the harmonious order between man and the natural environment.

新中式解读 · New Chinese Interpretation



Under the restriction of the planning style facade, the surrounding projects are all the new Chinese facade style of beam and column system. How to break through the same architectural facade image? Retaining the traditional Chinese three-stage architectural proportions, using modern techniques and modern materials to simplify and refine Chinese architectural symbols, making the building more concise and modern, and at the same time specific Chinese charm.

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△ 局部效果 

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Use modern building materials and design techniques to abstract and express traditional elements to inherit the charm and essence of ancient buildings.

空间秩序 · Spatial Order


The overall plan uses the architectural layout form of "axis + courtyard", inherits the combination of primary and secondary axes and multi-entry courtyards in the traditional Chinese official architectural pattern, reflecting the order, dignity and noble temperament.

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立面秩序 · Spatial Order

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It draws inspiration from the traditional Chinese-style mansion building, and follows the overall order of symmetrical layout, grandeur and distinct levels. The roof design uses the classic symbols of traditional Chinese architecture: sloping roofs, cornices, blue bricks and black tiles, and uses modern building materials and design techniques to abstract and express traditional elements to inherit the charm and essence of ancient buildings. The main building's moldings are displayed horizontally and vertically, and the design of the columns and horizontal moldings combines simple and clean modern techniques. At the same time, the large-scale glass surface design integrates the unique concept of "public construction" with international techniques, and creates the texture and beauty of the concept of international luxury while combining function and form.

建筑材质 · Building Material

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The whole is made of warm light beige agarwood moire stone with rich texture and delicate texture. The closed dry-hanging curtain wall system is accompanied by deep champagne-colored metal profiles to interpret the decoration of the roof, doors, windows and balconies, demonstrating the dignified and elegant quality.

匠心文化 · Ingenuity Culture

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效果图 △

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实景图 △

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Zhengzhou Jinmao draws on the concept of a historical and cultural city in the hinterland of the Central Plains. The colors, layout, and structure are all based on the artistic conception of traditional Chinese mansions. At the same time, it uses the artistic language of the style school to abstract the form and volume, combined with modern space combination and material processing. And constructive methods, searching for the perceptual fit with place in rational geometry. Faithful elements and images have been refined, and they blend intimately with the profound cultural heritage of historical and cultural cities. From the perspective of "people", Zhengzhou explores how to find better possibilities in the relationship between individuals and the city, and seeks a better city life with everyone living in the city, and makes the city full of warmth humanistic feelings and positive energy.


开发企业  中国金茂郑州公司

建筑设计  PTA上海柏涛

设计团队  第九事业部

设计主创  徐广伟、冯波、阮维庆

团队成员  周吉林、瞿晓、黄伟祺、庞博

景观设计  凯盛上景(北京)景观规划设计有限公司

项目地点  中国·河南·郑州

用地面积  55930平方米

建筑面积  94522平方米

设计时间  2016年10月

摄       影  须然建筑摄影 邬涛



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