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▶ 實景圖




The landscape design is inspired by the light and shadow refraction of diamonds. The demonstration area is launched in the form of unique broken lines. Combined with modern simple single buildings, through moving line processing, it uses modern minimalist techniques to create a suddenly bright scene after the winding path of Chinese gardens.


Create diversified theme landscape nodes along the central landscape cluster and in combination with the common space of each sub cluster, so that each space can show endless beauty.

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▶ 總平圖


Express the landscape through different bands: rocks, forests, water and grassland. Each site has a different character and atmosphere. Plants, swimming pools, corridors, etc. are divided and combined in a super linear way. The overall momentum in the bird's-eye view brings rich imagination to the viewer.

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▶ 景觀分區




The Mobius shape is combined with diamond texture. The diamond texture goes back and forth with the shape. Each can form different artistic conception pictures. In the center of the water, it is like a diamond ring telling the exclusive memory of the diamond love of Yongjiang river.

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▶ 實景圖


The entrance door is the starting point of people's impression of the park. The designer creates it with atmosphere and solemnity, creates a sense of ceremony, extends the landscape experience of the home route with the light and shadow corridor, encloses the quiet corridor space, and brings people a resort hotel style home atmosphere.

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▶ 實景圖


At the end of the road is a landscape space that can not be explored. The designer uses the folding of the road network and the shielding of the view wall to create a quiet sense of winding paths and quiet. At the same time, a fog spray sublimation atmosphere is set to surprise the road leading to the park.

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▶ 實景圖


The characteristic sculpture originates from diamond cutting, and the accurate reciprocal cutting proportion is used to determine each cutting surface and angle. The water curtain falls along the top of the sculpture and emits seven colors of light under the refraction of the sun, creating a beautiful visual scene for the walker.

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▶ 實景圖




The landscape in the park is rich in levels, and the undulating landscape feeling is constructed by steps, slopes and other elements. At the same time, the reflection of the large water surface is used to bring the sky light and cloud shadow into the park, breaking the unity of vision, so that people shuttling through it can directly feel the cleverness of the landscape layer.

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▶ 實景圖


The terrace lawn gathers a strong sense of nature and softens the edges and corners of diamond elements. The characteristic sculptures like a rabbit are interspersed between the lawns, depicting a beautiful picture suitable for both movement and static.

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▶ 實景圖


The backcourt space is interspersed with each other, which is both integrated and built with the shape. Art is here to talk with nature. In this three-dimensional space, you can feel the cool breeze under the tree, feel the comfort of the tree tops touching your forehead, and feel the sudden openness of your vision after crossing the branches.

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▶ 實景圖


The overhead space is connected with the exterior. The interior of the space presents an exquisite modern Chinese style. It creates an oriental Zen realm with stone and dry landscape. People can play the piano, enjoy flowers, recite poetry and heal themselves.

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▶ 實景圖


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