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Integrate space and natural scenery to create the first comprehensive natural resort hotel in Xiangjiadang.


Project Background


Located in the northeast of Jiaxing City, the project lies between Shanghai, an international metropolis, and Hangzhou, an international leisure city. Known for its natural water resources and long history,  Xiangjiadang has a natural lake covering 133 acres of water area, which has been listed as a provincial-level tourist resort by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. 

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Project Location


Design Concept

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Wang Changling, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, wrote that the shape of the mountains and rivers refers to the physical environment, the scenery  triggered emotion refers to the situation, and the landscape that expresses the vision is the artistic work. In this project, the designer takes the mirror, water and natural planting as the physical environment and the modern oriental feelings as the situation, and integrates the space and natural scenery through planting design, so as to create the first comprehensive high-end hydrophilic conference center and natural resort hotel in Xiangjiadang.

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Site Plan


Project Statement


There is a height difference of 6 meters between the drop-off area and the front lawn. The design uses the viaduct to connect the roadway with the drop-off area, and the sidewalk is the secondary access route to reach the drop-off area through stairs on both sides. The oversized drop-off area is dignified, and the symmetrical design with a sense of ceremony highlights the quality of the hotel. Colorful glaze decoration is so shining that the whole space is heightened brilliantly.

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The front space of the hotel is basin-shaped. Overlooking the activity lawn in front of the hotel from the drop-off area, the vision is wide and you can see everything in a glance. The interference of viaduct structure on lawn space was weakened by increasing dense planting on viaduct side slope terrain. The colorful flower island on the side is romantic and inundated with the smell of the grass. The beautiful ecological environment attracts birds to stay, both human beings and animals live in harmony here.

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The unique craft sculptures dance lightly on the still water surface, and different visual angles produce the illusion effect of virtual and real changes that makes the whole space elegance and artistic sense.

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By introducing lakes into the landscape, the attractive disorder gardens are spread out. With the excellent waterfront natural scenery as the background, combined with the natural planting of wild and interesting ecology, the space became free and relaxed, creating a rich multi-level holiday experience. 

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The outdoor dining bar enjoys a beautiful lake view, and the dining space is enclosed by the colored leave tree array. It is matched with simple and exquisite waterscape, and the lights are flickering with golden rays to create a unique dining experience. At the same time, the magnificent sunset and afterlight meet unexpectedly, and the beautiful scenery of water and sky rises like a picture. 

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The wide landscape of the field, which takes the plants with simple and elegant colors as the space base, is full of natural wild interest. Meanwhile, the broken-line trails are matched with white outdoor furniture, which makes the space atmosphere more active.

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New Experience of Vacation

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By virtue of the unique landscape resources, the hotel integrates the characteristics of southern water towns and natural lake scenery, and is committed to the perfect combination of lake and mountain scenery and use functions to create a natural and comfortable holiday landscape and rich and diversified holiday experience. The Primus Hotel is a lakeside getaway from daily life and the perfect place to blend in with nature.








Project name: Primus Hotel, Xiangjiadang

Client: Greenland Holding Group Zhejiang Regional Headquarters

Office name: Rand Design Associates
Project location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province 
Design area: 118000m²
Design Team: Yinan Ren, Hui Jin, Liukai Wu, Changtian Liu, Jizhao Peng, Xiangbin Jiang, Yifan Chen, Yong Zhang, Lianlian Yin, Shiwei Cai, Chunyan Dong, Ling Li

Photo credits: Architecture Square Image


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