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Dowell Riveria Impression

Nanjing, Jiangsu





Quivering and flickering 

the shadow of the tree, the light

Romantic and joyful life

A garden-like residence in the city

An encounter with the nature

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At the corner of the downtown area

It is an unassumingly hidden city dwelling




Within the limited space of the downtown area, the designers instill modern and simple style into the community, and adopt the low-key and simple design to express the connotative spirit of the site, creating garden-like landscape spaces and community places to show the truest aspects of life. 

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They return to the essence of design and follow the laws of nature. They use multi-level movement lines and move-and-change sceneries, reshaping the order of returning home. With the branches and leaves quivering and the lights flickering, the breeze blows across the water to reflect a natural garden.

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Feel the quality of the space

And have an encounter with artistic life




The unconventional size of the hotel-like canopy, combined with the design of the white lamp film, is fashionable and exquisite, and presents a sense of high quality like a work of art. It is a representation of eternal beauty. The pan-lobby space and leisure HUB not only give people a magnificent feeling visually, but also create a luxurious and noble homecoming atmosphere psychologically.

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The sun shines through the delicate grille to render the beauty of hazy light and shadow on the ground. The patchwork garden landscape adds layers to the space. Each flower, grass, tree and wood all reveal the poetry of life. The light and shadow overlap, and children laugh and chase to light up the entire quiet atrium space.

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Build a garden in the city

To have a close dialogue with nature




We use modern and simple design language to create a pure and simple garden residence, and build an interactive space between home and nature to meet the residents’ pursuit of nature and simplicity. The warm and textured landscape decoration complements the surrounding space. The neighborhood living room allows residents to slow down, stop and stay for a while. The thoughtful details reflect humanized care and delicate intentions, which are tuned with the space, and together present a living environment that residents may feel like they are on holiday.

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The Sunken Reading Garden is unique in its ingenuity, integrating ease and comfort into life. While building an interaction space, it also creates a warm and valuable life for the community. Close conversations and readings will happen here quietly.

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The arbor builds the frame of the tree-lined path, the plants create an atmosphere similar to the garden, the lush vegetation awakens the inner desire for nature, and the plants grow naturally and bloom freely here. The water surface is slightly rippled, and the residents under the light take every step to go home with relaxation and happiness.

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Romantic and joyful life

Start a new experience of residential life




Nanjing Riveria Impression has moved the garden into its home. The landscape adopts the Singapore garden-style residential design concept, with modern smooth lines, exquisite details, and carefully arranged plants and greenery to create a high-quality, natural and comfortable living experience.

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Project name: Dowell Nanjing Riveria Impression

Client: Dowell Group Nanjing Branch 

Landscape Design: Rand Design Associates
Project location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 
Design: 1/2018
Design area: 12000m²
Design team: Yinan Ren, Shiwei Cai, Changtian Liu, Yixuan Sun, Zheyun Wang, Longfei Zhang, Hui Hui, Chunyan Dong

Photo credits:  IAM Photography

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