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- 朱毅

Landscape planning& design draws inspiration from regional landscapes, natural lagoons, and rugged cliff-based topography. These elements are foundational to placemaking, but are reinforced with manufactured landscapes, landscapes that co-exist with natural conditions. These elements work together to dramatically link hillside forest and ocean environments, visually and ecologically.
- Yi Zhu, PLA, ASLA



Designed by TOPOS Landscape Architects, Dusit Thani Resort is an environmentally sensitive development on Twin Moon Bay, a beautiful and unspoiled oceanfront destination named for its two crescent-shaped beaches. Planned and designed as a model sustainable development, the resort serves as the spatial and ecological connection between natural hill forest and the Pacific Ocean. 

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面对日益增长的旅游度假带来的生态保护压力,当地规定了严格的海岸退让线,且项目用地被一条近30米宽的沿海快速路与海割裂。场地本身是一个海岸山崖地理断面,狭长陡峻;丰富的海岸植物群落和岩石群构成了场地上最平凡典型的景观面貌 。


One and half hour drive east of Shenzhen, a fast growing technologically advanced cit with twelve-million people, Twin Moon Bay faces growing tourism pressure, and thus all new development is regulated by rigorous environmental criteria. Strict coastal setbacks, coupled with narrow hillside site geometry, and a costal highway separating the site from the ocean, result in constrained ocean relationships. Landscape architects were challenged to create a memorable and low-impact oceanside resort experience.

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   在地设计  探索海洋美学


   Contextualized Design
Initiated with overall site planning principles, the landscape design draws inspiration from regional landscapes, natural lagoons, and rugged cliff-based topography.  These elements are foundational to placemaking, but are reinforced with manufactured landscapes, landscapes that co-exist with natural conditions.

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场地生态模型  Site Ecology Model 



Rather than create an artificial landscape that requires high maintenance under challenging and distinct coastal conditions, landscape design is envisioned as an evolving and adaptive set of gardens, each rooted in native species. The landscape is intended to be perceived as an extension of the hillside forest, and as a bold but integrated transition from ocean to hillside environments.

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© Arch-Exist



Detailed design is intended to expressively reinforce coastal context. The graphic image of light-colored art pieces and site furniture floating over sinuous and sculptural planes is integral to the iconic, ocean-inspired aesthetic, imbuing a delightful oceanic feel for the resort. Other site forms convey abstract references to coastal geometries and topography.

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© Arch-Exist


Landscape art is integral to the project storyline. ‘Twin Moons’ sits majestically on an entry reflection pool, a dramatic visual extension of the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

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© Arch-Exist


A grand but understated project entry is straddledby sinuous and soothing white quartz stone water cascades, reminiscent of beach tides and tidal pools. The story of water reaching the ocean is abstractly symbolized here.
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© Arch-Exist


A cozy and social poolside bar design draws inspiration from a stately palm frond, mediating relationships between the warm deck and cool blue pool. The composition is reminiscent of the iconic postcard relationship between sandy beach and ocean.

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© Xu Zhong 


Existing, on-site stone is excavated and re-used in new construction, reducing the need for carbon-impacting off-site quarrying and transport. Garden retaining walls materially root the project locally and are further crafted with plants and water. Natural topography is celebrated. 

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© Xu Zhong 


A natural hot spring accentuates an authentic allure of the site. 

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© Arch-Exist


Simple and understated design character positions placemaking emphasis, in part, on natural assets. Contemporary forms do not attempt to replicate nature, but rather express symbolic homage to it. Overall landscape design creates a nature-responsive haven, a seaside getaway for the thriving global metropolis of Shenzhen, a place where stewardship is fostered for guests and local community.


快速发展地区的度假开发项目,在构思时往往忽略了将现有景观与新的景观以细致的方式结合。这需要在生态环境、开发价值、文化资源之间建立严格的协同关系,以适应多样而敏感的环境条件。 双月湾都喜泰丽度假酒店景观规划设计以一种在敏感的自然环境中严谨地适应新发展的方式进行, 为这个海滨度假区的开发树立了更严格的可持续设计标准。

A Precedent for Future Projects
Resort development in fast developing region is often conceived without the full attention necessary to carefully integrate existing with new landscapes. In Dusit Thani Resort Twin Moon Bay, synergistic relationships are established between environmental health, community access, economic development and the integral role of art and culture. The approach represents a means of addressing tourism growth while preserving environmental, community and cultural resources. The project upholds new, strict environmental standards for this coastal area. It does so in a way that carefully fits new development within a sensitive natural environment.

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上  海滨花园入口:对场所故事的抽象表征

中  酒店泳池区:丰富的空间层次将山崖和海岸连为一体

下  悬崖美术馆:与裸露的岩石相接,由无边际水景延伸到海平面

Top: Seaside Garden entry landscape tells an abstract story of place.
Middle: Resort pool area is richly layered, connected with the coast and cliff landscapes.
Bottom: The Cliff Gallery terrace engages with exposed rocks; an infinity pool extends the ocean plane.

海滨花园 - 双月湾都喜泰丽度假酒店





设计团队:方明华、Mathieu Vernet、凌文琦、司珍珍、吴让海、Kenneth Tsao、胡姿燕


Seaside Garden - Dusit Thani Resort Twin Moon Bay
Location: Twin Moon Bay, Guangdong, China
Site Are: 54,000sqm
Landscape Planning+Design: TOPOS Landscape Architects
Lead Designer: Yi Zhu, PLA, ASLA
Design Team: Minghua Fang, Mathieu Vernet, Wenqi Ling, Zhenzhen Si, Ranghai Wu, Kenneth Tsao, Ziyan Hu
Client: Twin Moon Bay Real Estate Development  
Architect: H2 Architects (Shanghai)
Interior Design: Yang& Associates Group
Engineering Consultant: Yuanlizhu Engineerig (Shenzhen) 
Lighting Consultant: LEOX Design Partnership (Shanghai)
Spa Equipment: Jishui Engineering Consultant (Shenzhen)
Mechanical&Electrical: Jiashi M&E Engineering (Shenzhen)
Acoustic Consultant:  China Team Engineering (Beijing)

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