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核心区鸟瞰     bird view

▲视频短片 Project video


The project is located in Xinwu district, Wuxi ,with the area of 77475 and consists of high-rise residences and commercial block.

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The 1-2 storey commercial block is planned on the south side as a display interface. Behind the block is the residential area.


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The biggest highlight of the residential area planning is the large-scale distance (95-meter-length and 133-meter-width) between the buildings, reserved for the landscape. Based on this planning, USAD designs one axis, two rings, three cores, and five neighbour spaces.

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▲设计草图 Design draft


The design concept is from the magical "solar system". Affected by the sun's gravity, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and other stars move around the sun in a orbit. USAD hopes to make the center of the community as a "sun", which is like the energy magnetic field, to promotes the vitality and drives the atmosphere of the community. The surrounding loop routes just like the star trajectory. And the plant groups provide the changing scenery in the four seasons.


A north-south axis runs through the three core spaces (Commercial entrance plaza, main entrance space and the all-age activity space). 


The concept of the two rings is to design two landscape ring roads. One is the home-loop designed with the fire road. The home-loop connects five neighborhood garden spaces. At the same time, it integrates the jogging track function, with tall trees on both sides and equipped with a starting preparation area and rest and stay spaces. The other one is the all-age activity loop which can define the boundary of the central-park-scale lawn. It is also the core activity area for people of different ages to create their park time.

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The designer hopes to bring a micro-vacation space experience at the entrance of the community, creating a homecoming experience with five senses through elements such as waterscape, aromatic plants, and the pavilions. People can relax when they return, or take a rest under the pavilion.

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The core landscape area is centered on the park-scale sunny lawn, with all-age activity spaces distributed around it, to become a composite function space. 

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▲设计草图 Design draft

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The edge of the lawn is dotted with tall trees, and the ring sculpture of the "gate of time" is set in the center. 

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The lawn area is surround the elderly fitness area, the children's play area (starry sky park), the community lounge and the sky bridge.

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The elderly can monitor the children's play while exercising.

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The starry sky park centered on UFO is equipped with a variety of amusement facilities. Children can spend an afternoon of fun here. A terrazzo water ring is set up around the central lawn, so that older children who don't need supervision can come to the lawn and have fun.


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The flow width is from large to small, and the height difference ensurethe fluidity. The ring is up and down and has the functions of passing, playing and resting.

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A characteristic bridge, connecting with rotating slides and stairsleads people to the space on the second floor, where there is a good view. The lounge space is set under the bridge to satisfy the needs of small family groups, and the swing is also a favorite amusement project for children.


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The plant design hoped to be pure. On both sides of the bridge are Mexican cypress.

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廊下特色秋千  the swing

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旋转楼梯+滑梯 rotating slides and stairs

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特色圆形装饰格栅 round-shape grille

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特色叶片构架提供遮阳 the leaf-shape shed

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环形跑道设计 the track ring



Park genes will increase more attraction while the years accumulating. People can enjoy an ecologically healthy lifestyle in the community park. UASD hopes to bring a pleasant atmosphere to the community, and its core landscape area is as the sun to bring warmth to the community, attracting people to go outdoors, promoting the establishment of neighborhood relationships in the community. 













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