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People have defined and envisioned "home" in a way that never stops since the beginning of time. From the evolution of the concept of hieroglyphs to the systematic transformation of architectural structures, the ideal home has developed from meeting the physical needs to meeting the spiritual wants. Up to now, home is still the place where people belong for the seek of the constant company and endless peace of mind.

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这个880㎡别墅的设计与落地,成为ACE DESIGN对“理想家”的又一次积淀。谢辉带领团队舍弃了标签化的“形式”,挣脱了风格化的常规束缚,转而探索居家生活的真趣。于都市之中归心自然,让生活的节奏慢下来,浸润于趣味、安逸、梦幻的体验中。

The design and implementation of this 800 square meter villa is another achievement of how ACE Design succeed in creating the "ideal home". Mr.Xie Hui leads the team to forgo the so-called "form" and deviate from the constraints of conventions. Instead, the team focuses on discovering the real joys of family life, returning to nature in the midst of the city and slowing down the pace of life. As a result, we humans are able to fully immerse ourselves in this enjoyable, carefree and dreamlike experience.

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以自然为起笔,亦以自然为落点。设计师对于家的构造,在虚实写映中确立轮廓,让生活的动线如同“小溪汇流”一样,清澈流淌,润物细无声地改变身心体验。循序渐进中,家的格调被界定在远离世俗 “噪声” 的自然诗意中,日常生活的静谧之趣被感召。缓缓运行,慢慢沉淀。

The home’s design, which is centered on nature, is created as a reflection of the reality and the imagination. This allows life to flow through like a stream and subtly changes the experience of body and mind. The tone of the home is defined in a step-by-step approach. The serenity of daily life is evoked in natural poetry, far from the "noise" of the outside world, running and settling in gradually.

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With its miniature scale and rounded angles, the child interest of the space emerges, symbolizing the meticulous nurturing of children’s bodies and minds. The design brings innocence and purity back into the space from the curved arched windows to the soft furniture. The toys move flexibly and the kids run around freely, making space full of vitality and interaction. "This area fosters parent-child interaction and also a fun place for children to play."



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The designer keeps the space's ethos consistent without making structural alterations, while pioneering new territory to explore the possibility of interactive relationship. The largest floor space is reserved for the children and their parents, achieving family inter-connectivity of three generations in the villa. By adopting a modular interior construction techniques, the designers aim to create a circular dome with softened components in the loft space on the first floor and the inward cloister on the second floor.As a result, a gathering place with infinite child interest and warmth is created for children's enjoyment and family time.

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The space enjoys artistic taste while introducing the distinction of the four seasons with appropriate white space and window scenery. Things that touch us frequently occur in home life. Perhaps it comes from a natural reading corner by a window, or the company in a shared room, or the family photo around the corner, etc. Thanks to the coexistence between beauty and life as well as between daily and nature, every nook and cranny bears traces of the life of its occupants.

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The landscape from both the interior and the exterior stands out prominently by the nesting of curved round arches with half-arched windows, and the geometric contrast between the arched and rectangular window frames through colors, lights and shadows and angles. With the lush natural scenery that emerges, the interaction between adults and children is intertwined in a lovely balance.

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The curved surface creates a strong sense of interaction in contrast to the angular facade forms. Through a light and fluid mobility that breaks conventions, the room becomes dynamic, innocent and engaging. The warmth of home life and the enjoyment of family interaction makes the space that is not only restricted by function, but also full of spiritual communication, which helps to disseminate a positive and loving energy.

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People who have lived in the city for a long time also have the dream of a tree house. The designers have recreated an “oasis” of joy in the courtyard for the owners' three children, establishing a “playground on the doorstep”. A slide surrounded by greenery merges into nature, and the children are happy to grow up away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This also responds to the expansion of the parent-child interaction, which echoes the indoor and outdoor play.

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Amid the mottled tree shadows with the relaxed ambience, the natural courtyard is connected to the relaxing terrace by staircases, providing a marked contrast between indoor living and outdoor ecology. Adults can also relax with friends over a cup of tea as the children play freely in the courtyard. In this case, they don’t have to sacrifice their own enjoyment of relaxation while looking after children.

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Considering the wide ranges of the family's interest, and overlap in leisure time, the designers have particularly set up two reception rooms and a wine tasting area in the negative layer. Different functional areas are quietly connected by deep passages, promoting tranquility, privacy and harmony of the environment. Daily life becomes rich and interesting in the quiet or passionate flow of time.

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You can always find a suitable location in the negative layer, whether gathering with family and friends, or spending time with your own interests, or attending a hotly social party or having a quiet night reading around the oven. The designers combine unique furniture and ornaments with space with a curiosity that extends outward and a passion to explore inward, which has empowered the entire negative one-storey space to exuded artistic vitality and stand apart from the rest areas of other spaces.

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Two living sections are gently separated by a transparent white curtain as the wind blows the curtain and the greenery blooms. One side is the emotions of nature, the other side is the elegance of art. No decision is necessary if you live here; all that is required is that you have fun and take care of your body and mind. 

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The natural imagery and materials develop the spirit of exploring the essence of life hidden behind the seemingly random aesthetic of the space. The combination of the simple banana leaves on the dining room wall and the warm wood finish of the wall eliminates conflict, perfectly reflecting the harmony with nature. The distinctive and delicate shapes of the lights echo with modern paintings and traditional New Year paintings of the God of Door, which has evoked a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.

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The designer not only plans the dynamic and static living space of the owner's family, but also creates a separate area for the owner's identity and social contact, in bid to ensure the purity and freedom of family life. The negative one-storey, which was initially lacking in enough illumination, has been planned as a causal social area by the designer. By reintroducing sunlight and courtyards, the elasticity of space is liberated, full of colorful forms of entertainment.

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The taste of the whole villa is suddenly illuminated by the charms of natural, and enjoys elegance in artistic aesthetics. Within the context of the space, freeze frame is the delightful interval between family interaction, leaving a sweet and warm temperature flowing in the air.

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The interaction between people, nature and art is portrayed by the natural texture of woodwork and the retro pattern of the screen in regular and irregular shapes. Therefore, the pure, energetic and fascinating joys and stories of daily life that are closely interwoven can be revealed in the real interactive scenarios.

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- 设计后记 -

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"Villa design involves more than just piling up the taste, and catering to the market and users. Beyond the basis of taste and quality, we need to understand the user's family and life in order to reconstruct the home with new significance." In this case, ACE Design is committed to expanding the daily life via natural sights, and redefining the "spiritual oasis" between the seclusion from the hustle and bustle and the pursuit of fun without the restrictions of style or technique. Originating from nature and returning to the essence, the meaning of freedom and innocence of life as well as the infinite spirit of home goes far beyond this. What people feel is the dialogue in memory and the imagination in the future.


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