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If you can combine flowers, trees, running water, light and wind,Extracted from nature according to people's wishes,Then the world will be close to heaven

——Armani-style life philosophy

/  项目概况  /

Project Overview


The project is located in the Huadiwan area of Guangzhou City - Guangzhou is a city of life, with a strong flavor of life and full of fireworks; Huadiwan is a natural place, and the Huadi River is intertwined to create a beautiful resort that is suitable for living and traveling. We We are trying to present you with an exclusive private high-end floral gift box.

In the early stage, we made a lot of attempts and deliberations on the building blocks, striving for the most appropriate scale, aesthetics, and practicality.


The building and the wall form a simple and artistic overall interface. Through the implantation of green landscape, a relaxing and healing space is created.

/ 景观设计解析 /
Detailed Iandscape Design



Starlight Gallery - Boulevard


The large native trees on the site absorb the power of time and nature year after year, blooming their life and vitality, and the space under the forest is full of transparency and relaxation.


At the entrance of the venue, the mirrored waterscape is paired with jumping springs, embellished with dots of lights, reflecting the simple architecture and slanting trees, creating a quiet and warm space atmosphere, healing fatigue and triviality


The giant rose installation in the entrance window blooms in layers, echoing the flower display window in the corner. The sunlight falls lightly on the entrance window, interpreting delicacy and elegance.


There is a window at the top of the side wall of the building. Through the glass, you can see the greenness of the native trees on the street, the friction and whisper of the branches and leaves, feel the traces of time, and return to inner peace and warmth.


Under the shade of the trees, you can enjoy the breath of forest oxygen and the charm of mottled light and shadow.



Starlight Gallery - Boulevard


Climbing up the stairs, there is a channel space with a strong sense of depth. Linear lights guide the direction, and the ritual feeling of returning home arises spontaneously.


The end point of the sight is the dark low landscape wall. The gurgling water on the wall adds a sense of agility to the quiet space. The delicate plants on both sides soften the borders of the landscape wall, adding a touch of softness to the space with unique shapes and colors. and elegance.


Holes are made on the wall to frame the scenery, allowing indoor and outdoor green to flow and light and shadow to intersect.


The negotiation space uses glass showcases to isolate the hustle and bustle of the city, allowing the green nature and tranquility of the outdoors to penetrate indoors, sharing the sunshine and greenery.


Burn a stove of agarwood and brew a cup of tea. One person will have a good time and two people will chat. While the cup is warm, you can relax your body and mind and feel relaxed and healed.



Starlight Gallery - Boulev


The exquisite and quiet private atrium space uses green as the main color. It is formed by planting iris, kidney fern, rosemary, June snow, sage, agapanthus and other plants to simulate the staggered growth of various plants in nature. The natural, wild, healing and relaxing atmosphere, combined with the sparse understory space of thin holly stems and decorated with rustic stones, presents a wild vitality and vitality.


In order to avoid a closed feeling in the corridor space, the top part of the art corridor is hollowed out to let in the skylight. Several thin holly branches stretch upward, revealing a swaying figure, like a leisurely and relaxing vent in a stressful life.


The rich layers of ground cover plants create a relaxing and energetic atmosphere. The green leaves sparkle with silver light in the sun. Walking around the garden is like walking through a leisurely and comfortable picture.

/ 结语 /
Feel the simple and pure artistic atmosphere here, exchange gentle and healing energy with nature, and create a relaxed and positive attitude towards life.

项目名称 | 中海 浣花里
项目地址 | 广东 广州
项目面积 | 800㎡
竣工时间 | 2023.11
业主单位 | 中海地产广佛公司
景观设计 | 深圳市派澜景观规划设计有限公司
花境设计 | 派澜花境设计
建筑设计 | XAA
室内设计 | 柘壹设计
摄影单位 | 超越视觉

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