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The iceberg-shaped Mixed-use


Jilin Financial Centre designed by Aedas is a commercial complex built to bring greenery to the heart of Changchun, where winter dominants almost half the year. The iceberg-shaped buildings are designed to capture as much light as possible to break the visual boundary between its inner space and its environment. Surrounded by green lawns and public squares, the development creates an urban parlour for citizens to connect with nature as it blends into the urban context. 



Aerial View


As a key project for the Changchun Eco Plaza development, the site lies on the southeast of the development, adjacent to Changchun Belt Expressway and Ring Road, which provides convenient transportation and great public accessibility with the development. Although the project is limited by size constraints, the project is designed to stand distinctively, defined by the synergy it creates with its surrounding developments.

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Site Location


Opting to prioritize public greenery in the design and integrates nature to grant the development a scenic environment. The design team's objective in developing this project was to allow to create a connection with nature, as nature allows the city to have a deeper connection with the world. Rather than deliberately creating boundaries, the focus of this project is the blur the boundaries of the building's interior and exterior while seamlessly integrating into nature. Building blocks lean towards the east boundary and driveway, and drop-off sets are located on the B1 level to maximize public space on the ground level. The ample amounts of greenery offer citizens a breath of fresh air in the midst of the busy commercial district while connecting the district with openness.

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Landscape Plan



Circulation Analysis


Inspired by the formation of ice, the three streamlined building blocks stand like ice crystals cumulated in the frigid winter with glazed curtain walls mimicking the texture of Nature's dazzling creation. Looking from afar, the development is united and is depicted as layers of an ice castle glittering in the sunlight, alluring people to explore within. The main functions of the project are office and hotel, including the Holiday Inn. They are seprated to ensure the privacy of each function, while maintaining efficiency with a shared central amenity space at the lower level. The geometric layout eliminates bulkiness of the building volume and allows the hotel in the middle to enjoy maximum views of the park to the south.

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Concept Sketches

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Spatial Organization


Through thorough study and analysis of the wind flow, daylight and other environmental elements, the design of the project address the city's short summers and long winters. The designer carefully adjusts the building layout and entrance orientation to improve the rooftop design to allow maximum penetration of natural light into the podium and block the chilling wind during the winter. Automatic lighting control systems are used to minimize the energy consumption of the building. In addition, the building facade is crafted from a combination of glass and solid stone materials to enhance thermal insulation performance of the building.


The swimming pool on the top floor of the hotel is partially outdoor and offers visitors a tranquil atmosphere. The sky garden is adorned with local vegetation and is another green space designed to allow visitors to enjoy even during the city's harsh winters.

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Floor Plan

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Project: Jilin Financial Centre Commercial Complex

Location: Jilin, China

Designer and Project Architect: Aedas

Client: Jilin Province Dingji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

GFA: 59,000sq m

Completion: 2021

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