新五大道|天津万科翡翠大道南区一期 | 法国埃尔萨景观设计事务所

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Vanke Tianjin, Phase 1 of Southern The New 5 Avenue

天津万科 翡翠大道南一期

After years of sedimentation and continuous development, the growing boulevardexternal commercial atmosphere and urban walking space of The New 5 Avenue provide various possibilities for diversity of community life. The quality of the nice urban residential area has been initially revealed; 


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Phase 1 of southern The New 5 Avenue is the first completed part, which contains north entrance600-meter commercial streetkindergarten、two western high-rise spaces300+100-meter eastern foreign-style house space. From the design logic, the phase 1 is not the best central axis landscape but the area which is most difficult to design and has maximum restrictions: the foreign-style house space is long and narrow as well as opposite direction into building, while there are many restrictive conditions in the high-rise space such as underground garagecomplex ground transportation、civil air entrance and converting station. 


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With regard to levelssequence and atmosphere of community living space, it has changed four times about “Feicui” series product of Vanke Tianjin; The residential space returns to the essence of community residents. We aim to build a perfect residential community with professional landscape team of Vanke Tianjin, to update product standards and details continuously, to improve resident perception of environmental quality.


There are three topics what need to be solved:

1、 How to deal with “transport box” in the north entrance;

2、 How to resolve restrictive conditions in the 300-meter long and 

       narrow landscape space;

3、 How to arrange landscape standardized modules of Vanke Tianjin;





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“Transport box” in the north entrance


North entrance is the most important entrance of vehiclepedestrian and fire protection of “inverted triangle area” in the southern The New 5 Avenue, and it is also the most convenient entrance to the subway and commercial street. Therefore, this “transport box” carries the needs of residents in the whole community. At the same time, in order to solve parking problem in the high-rise space, we reserve ground parking lot connected with vehicle road near the bounding wall. What is the most important is that we need to satisfy the owner’s comfortable feeling from the “entrance—central axis—garden—building—window”.


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“Transport box”——Time gallery

“交通盒子” ——时光通廊

The “T” corridor connects the entrance of vehiclepedestrian、foreign-style space and high-rise space, and the original empty traffic space is reduced to the human-scale perceptual space. Along the corridor, we add water sculpturelandscape wall、wall painting and flower border. The virtual change of the grid of the gallery covers the underground garage entrance and inconvenience caused by ground vehicle, let the owner feel light and shadow under the gallery,bring the new feeling of time and space travel in The New 5 Aevnue.


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300-meter long and narrow landscape space


The long and narrow space is about 300 meters long and 32 meters wide, with straight fire road, opposite entrance into the building, 500 millimeters height difference between north and south as well as civil air entrance; all of these restrictive conditions can be integrated into one landscape language: “fold line” inferred from planning of southern The New 5 Avenue runs through the whole community, which breaks the straight fire road. The winding path matched with planting blocks straight view sight. There are two winding home accesses designed with small garden every 100 meters, which landscape wall or waterscape or flower stone is in. Also, combined with civil air entrance to use the north and south height difference, set up the characteristic inclined plane planting pool, or liner planting or group planting to separate the north and south pace, bring the garden atmosphere that the owner enjoys alone.


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Arranging  landscape  standardized  modules  of  Vanke  Tianjin


“Garden entrance”is Vanke Tianjin different from other developers, has been pursuing humanistic care and landscape norms; As a foreign-style expert, Vanke is centering all customer experience; and as the fourth generation of landscape products, The New 5 Avenue is more prominent the whole process from the entrance to the home, as well as seven modules and six systems of landscape standards, to bring residents a king of elegant experience of the “Feicui” series.


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Project name:

 The New 5 Avenue | Phase 1 of southern “Feicui” Avenue Vanke Tianjin

Developer: Vanke Tianjin

Owner team: Wang FutingShi Shaonan

Project director: Pierre Alain

Project team: Liu Xin、Hou Kaiyue 、Wu Junhua 、Li Q、Lian Yuqin



业主团队:王富廷 石少男


项目团队:  刘鑫 侯凯悦 吴俊华 李琦 廉玉芹

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