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  • 项目背景 Project background

Perfume lake is located in the intersecting zone of urban development axis and northland water scenery belt in Panjin city, 7km away from center of city, depends on that of north-south highway, the transportation is quite convinient. Bisides, the site is surrounded by plenty of natural resources such as Red Beach and Dawa reservoir.The 3 acre Perfume lake sports park is the crutial scenic zone of Perfume residential district, it is situated at the south island of Perfume lake, conneting with residential areas by west, south, northeast bridges. The unique landform and advanced facilities make the park both natural and comfortable.



  • 设计理念 Concept



Blue sky reflected on green water,

Beautiful spring always in my home.



Green ripples on the lake, blue sky relected in water.

Sports park in the middle of perfume lake, connected with nature in everywhere, makes people immersed in beautiful view all the time. Through the waterside terrace and floating bridge, combine the rebuid rolling terrain, people feel theopen lake whenever they running, strolling, or just lying on lawn with sunlight falls down.

运动公园位于香水湖之中,四周湖水环绕,处处与自然相接,身处其中的人们可以随时沉浸在湖光潋滟之中。公园中通过亲水平台,亲水浮桥以及重新设计 的起伏地形,使人们可以在环岛步道上慢走、跑步,或在草坪上欣赏风光之时时刻感受到开阔的湖面风景,切实感受到在天、水围绕之下运动、休闲、散步和家庭聚会的乐趣。 





Bright red spring is the alkaline grass kissed on the beach, verdant green willow is the trees permeated the lake.

The delicete alkaline grass woven the Red Beach, time flies, from the bright red in early spring, to the flame red in late autum, it always shows the luster of life, which is the wonder of nature, wonder of Panjin. We extracted and refined its graceful form and vibrant colors, ues it as theme colors and design vocabulary in the children playground.

To establish a pure plant scenery, only choose two kinds of local plants, Salix matsudana var. Matsudana f. umbraculifera and Salix matsudana. The light green leaves and elegant feature of Salix created reflections on lake, among the interlaced spaces of terrain and plants, the scenery shows the clearness and transparency of site.



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  • 设计原则 Principle






Clear distribution and planning,

Efficient transportation and routine,

Various sport spaces and views,

Creative interactive spaces and chances,

Quality furnitrues and materials.


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▼清晰的地形结构与功能分区 Clear distribution and planning

According to the original levels, there was a greatly difference of elevation. The landscape architects had analyzed the site and given a new elevation plan which is based on the original landscape: adjust the balance of earth, keep the original commanding height point but lower its height appropriately, therfore, the earth from reduced elevation can be used in site seperately, make more gentle hills thus the distinct spaces. In addition, for the landscape features, soft-based approach such as gentle slope and grass are used as transitional parts between different levels, artificial retaining wall is avoided, and the original natural earth is remained.


In the end, the dialog of commanding height point, gentle slopes and opened lawn is created in the park. Among the undulating landscape, spots with various functions are distributed. The deck on the peak offers a position to enjoy the panoramic view of park. Children playground at the south part of park, a side of steep slope has created a funny interactive space by the EPDM ground, slides and spriral slopes. On the other side, a gentle slope is a natural enclosure of playground, which makes a half opened and half private atmosphere. The sunshine lawn offering a space for activities,while the multi-functioned courts offering people a competitive ball game space. Meanwhile,with a 480M runway around those sports spaces, this park now is a functional and comprehensive as well as efficient sports park.


▼高效的交通组织与观景路线 Efficient transportation and routine

The traffic system of the park is prioritized and very efficient which mainly consisst of a 4 meters wide road and a 2 meters wide path. The primary road is divided into a 1.5 meters runway and a 2.5 meters footpath, it takes reponsibility of function of traffic connection as well as the function of jogging. The secondary path is connected with all kinds of space, leads people to the top of the mountain and various spots, which creats a experience of ever-changing scenery.


▼丰富的运动场地与景观感受 Various sport spaces and views

Considering the demands from different aged people, when the sports spaces that with different functions are being arranged, standard courts, opened lawn, and fitness squares are made and distributed in order to fit for various purposes. Multi-functional court is designed based on competitive ball game courts’ standards like valleyball, badminton, tennis and basketball. Sports park for all-age and all-people, healthy life and mordern atmosphere will be the points we aim at.

Kompan, which is a famous gloabal company offers equipments and professional fitness facilities , ensures the safty and quality of park.


艺术的邻里空间与互动方式 Creative interactive spaces and chances

It is the crutial target that making more interactive spaces for family for residential park. In the design of bridges linked to residential area, different resting spaces and interactive spaces are made. The resting bamboo wooden bench on the west bridge is as long as bridge itself, where is a nice spotfor people to enjoy sunset and lake view. As planning, the south bridge will be mainly used for people who live in south villa area in future, through the surface rebuilding, some funny slopes and benches creat interesting space, attractive to children and families. The northeast bridge is mostly floating on lake, it makes an opportunity for people to get closer to water and nature, and also the opportunity for people to do fishing and resting.


▼品质的户外设施与景观材质 Quality furnitrues and materials

Outdoor facility and furnitures are morden and terse. Intelligent bathroom has variuos functions such as lighting control and temperature control system. As previously mentioned, a series of log children facilities and street fitness facilities from Kompan will be and durable nice to touch.

As for the pavement, modified asphalt as material of road, can be solid , durable as well as beautiful. Bamboo wood as material for bridges and other squares, makes impression of both softness of touch and nature.  Terrazzo is the material for deck and stairs, which is clear and flat, also fits the morden sports park. Safe, strong, environmentally-friendly and pretty materials combine with advanced facilities, the Perfume lake sports park will make the model of mordern residential community in Panjin.




  • 景观节点 Spots

▼运动公园主入口 Main entrance

The main entrance in the west side of park, which is derectly conneted with main bridge. People enter park through the bridge, the white LOGO board in purple flower border will be the first sight, through the Logo board and plants, there are the gentle slopes and lawn attracting people. The timber deck is a space for people to rest and also warm-up body by using fitness facilities.


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▼运动公园次入口 Secondary entrance

The secondary entrances are respectively located at south and northeast parts of park and both linking to residential areas. Overall speaking, the south entrance is a playful space that includes bridge, playground and all kinds of funny designs. The northeast entrance reduced the artificial feeling by idea of floating bridge, fading into nature gradually. It broke the traditional form of bridge, showed the beauty of nature in ite raw form.


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▼多功能运动场 Multi-function court

The multi-function court including tennis, badminton, valley ball and basketball courts, this sports space is also enclosed by fence and ornamental grass, which is safe and separated from other areas.


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▼码头 Harbor

Harbor is surrounded by soft grass floating in the wind, golden, orange and green grass colors intermingle in different seasons. From dock, people have a grandstand view of the opened perfume lake.


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▼观景台 Deck

The deck on the hill is offering a nice place for people to survey the park, while pavilion is offering a nice spot for people to take breath of fresh air and gather together for yoga or taiji sports.


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▼慢跑步道与健身广场 Runway and fitness suqare

The 480-meter-long jogging track is combined with the fitness field to convey the life concept of a healthy and slow life. The jogging track is combined with the landscape trail, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The grass flower field and the soothing landscape terrain form an extended picture. The fitness field and landscape seats arranged next to the trail can also provide people with opportunities for rest and adjustment. This not only combines the needs of people in the process of exercise, but also enhances the experience of people walking and enjoying, shaping a composite landscape architectural system.


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▼儿童活动乐园 Children’s playground

640.webp (20).jpg

Playground that focus on children is a place that requires most attention and effort from designers. In order to offer the best and most comfortable playground, we insist pricinples not only basic standards but also the children’s psychological and physical needs during their growth.

Inspired by the alkaline grass and Red Beach in Panjin, the blue of water, red of grass,orange of reed and green of grassland reappeared in playgroud with the meadering shaped pattern. The playground now is symbolizing the view of Panjin, the home of children from Panjin.



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Also, log facilities from Kompan are arranged into 3 groups for different aged kids. Sandpit, Mule and other easier facilities are for kids under 4. Castle combined slides and trampolines are for middle aged children, the north slope combines with different slides are for elder aged children, we noticed that children are much more interested in irregular shapes than in regular shapes, due to the natural terrain, two winding rainbow bridges connect the hillside and the site, leading children running to every corner of playground. Bamboo wooden decoration is settled along the bridges, its texture corresponds to the log facilities and site, brings the natural feeling to children.



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Project Name | Panjin perfume lake sports park 

Project Location: Panjin

Design director: Pierre Alain

Project manager: Xue ran

Designers : Li qi/Lian yuqin//Liu liying/Duan yi/Yue xuesong






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