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曾被中国媒体喻为“ 会吸霾” 的医院,米兰圣拉斐尔医院新外科和急救中心落成了。


聚焦人性化医疗,营造安全舒适的就医环境,以可持续的方式打造绿色医院,将成为意大利首家获得 LEED 金奖认证的医院。

San Raffaele Hospital ranks 88th in the "Best Hospitals in the World 2021" list, and is recognized as one of the most prestigious medical centers in Italy and even Europe.

The new Surgical and Emergency Center of San Raffaele Hospital, which was once hailed by the Chinese media as a "smog-sucking" hospital, was completed. Focusing on humanized medical care, creating a safe and comfortable medical environment, and building a green hospital in a sustainable way, it will become the first hospital in Italy to receive the LEED Gold Award.


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这座10层新建筑,因独特的造型而得名“冰山” ,是米兰重要医疗体系,圣拉斐尔生命健康大学及附属圣拉斐尔医院的一部分。考虑到区域内密集的建筑群多建于19世纪七八十年代,风格迥异。作为既有医院的扩建,以垂直发展代替水平扩张弧形的立面,对城市边界做出退让,呈现高度开放与通透的姿态,使建筑自然融入周边环境。向上延展的细长百叶,从视觉上消减体量在高密度的城市环境内揉进轻盈的设计语言,使得塔楼在裙房基座之上形成 “漂浮感”,令人一眼即可识别,成为医疗建筑的新标杆

The 10-story new building so-called "Iceberg," because of its peculiar shape, is part of Milan's important medical system, Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele and IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital. Considering that most of the dense buildings in the area were built in the 1870s and 1880s, the styles are quite different. As an extension in the heart of the existing hospital, abandoning the scheme of horizontal squares to rise in height, combining functionality and aesthetics. The curved façade makes a concession to the urban boundary, showing a highly open and transparent attitude, so that the building naturally integrates into the surrounding environment. The slender louvers extending upwards reduce the volume visually, and incorporate a light design language into the high-density urban environment, making the tower form a "floatingfeeling on the base, which is instantly recognized to be the new benchmark for medical buildings.

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The new building consists of two significant elements that complement each other both architecturally and functionally: the technical plate that houses the most essential hospital functions (such as the surgical block, intensive care, and emergency room) and the tower, which houses the wards, doctors’ offices, and outpatient departments. Both complement the growing demand for care at the international level. 

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The building plan is simple and approximately rectangular. The whole is based on practicality. The space is rationally arranged, and the process layout and functional room settings are controlled in detail. For example, the functional rooms where heavier medical equipment is placed should be located on the ground floor as much as possible. Effectively reduce the initial construction cost and the later operation labor cost and energy consumption cost. Efficient and smooth moving process can greatly improve the operational efficiency of the hospital and relieve the pressure and contradictions of medical treatment. All rooms are naturally lit and ventilated, which greatly reduces the hospital's operating costs.
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Mario Cucinella


立面上轻微的弧度,使病房的外部视野区别于其他部分,同时改善了立面中央区域的自然光线穿透效果白色玻璃幕墙空灵的外观引入了一种平静的感觉,与日光追逐,点亮夜空。建筑成为整个院区的中心,融合了功能与美学,被誉为 “疗愈之地”。

The slight curvature of the elevations makes it possible to differentiate the external view from the patient rooms and improves access to natural light in the central part of the façade. The ethereal appearance of the white glass façade introduces a sense of calm, chasing with daylight and lighting up the night sky. The building becomes the center of the entire campus, integrating function and aesthetics, and is known as a welcome "healing place".
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Another characteristic element of the envelope is the large glass surfaces at the corners of the building, where communal living rooms for the patients and their families to meet informally, rest, pray and encourage each other.. In winter, these spaces serve as solar greenhouses, reducing the need for heating, while in summer, they are air-conditioned to meet the demand for comfort and thermo-hygrometric control. Natural elements – light and greenery – integrated into the design increase the quality of the interior spaces and the well-being of the users. The solutions open visually to the green spaces from both the patient rooms and the offices,  improving the quality of the medical environment and the well-being of users.

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The roof garden above the podium provides users with an outdoor resting place, creating a landscape platform for dialogue with nature. From the ever-changing natural environment, it stimulates the positive emotions of users and eliminates physical and mental barriers. At the same time, large-scale greening can alleviate atmospheric dust, purify the air, and reduce carbon emissions.

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Mario Cucinella



Characterised by a building envelope entirely clad in glass, the new Surgical and Emergency Centre has a tightly woven façade made up of full-height vertical louvers which perform a dual bioclimatic function. Thanks to the shadows cast on the glazing, these sunshades help to reduce the thermal loads caused by solar radiation, reducing the energy requirements for air conditioning of the interior spaces and, at the same time, increasing the amount of natural light diffused into the rooms through reflection on the ceramic surfaces. A special catalytic coating of titanium dioxide makes the tiles traps polluting particles in the atmosphere, which are inerted by the sun’s rays and then washed away by atmospheric precipitation. The same material plays an active role in the building’s surroundings, promoting the chemical transformation of ozone into oxygen molecules. It known as a "smog-sucking" building.
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The principles of the green building were the basis for the choice of materials for covering the interior spaces, combining the best standards of health and hygiene with the use of products free of emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC), protecting the health of the environment. After banning synthetic materials widely used in hospital construction, such as PVC, the interior surfaces are covered with antibacterial stoneware slabs, a product combining extremely high mechanical strength and durability with an action that inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms harmful to health. The same attention has been paid to the furnishings and sanitary fittings: the former are made of eco-sustainable materials free of formaldehyde, while the latter is treated with an antibacterial coating on the washbasins in the bathrooms, patient rooms, and clinics. 
The use of recycled materials and greenery, both outside and inside, will further improve air quality and the well-being perceived by patients, staff, and visitors.
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The design of the building aims to pursue the concept of sustainable development closely related to the quality of the hospital space and its humanized requirements. MCA combines design aesthetics, medical functionality, natural symbiosis and green technology to create a warm healing atmosphere with perception, self-confidence and a sense of belonging, and achieve dual healing of patients' "physiology" and "psychology".
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 ▲ 二层平面图

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▲ 三层平面图

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客户IRCCS Ospedale San Raffaele

团队:Mario Cucinella, Marco Dell’Agli, Giulio Desiderio, Michele Olivieri, Emanuele Dionig, Martina Buccitti, Laura Mancini; Alberto Menozzi, Giuseppe Perrone, Matteo Donini, Lello Fulginiti, Daniele Basso. 生物气候设计: Andrea Rossi. 模型: Yuri Costantini, Ambra Cicognani, Andrea Genovesi  竞赛: Eurind Caka, Stefano Bastia

视觉效果:Engram Studio; Paris Studio

摄影Duccio Malagamba 

项目管理Alessandro Bartucci; Adriano Moras

浴布局InAr Ingegneria Architettura

结构工程Ballardini Studio di Ingegnaria

技术设备Deerns Italia SpA

建设公司Itinera SpA

安全协调:Giuseppe Omodeo

立面Aza Aghito Zambonini Srl

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