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Yanlord Jingan Century Sales Gallery is located in Jing’an District, Shanghai, China, next to a long-built commercial square in the north and a large commercial center still under development in the west. Although it is located in the bustling city center, there is no scenery around to borrow from.


A 30x20m rectangular space, between the main display facade of the building and the municipal sidewalk, is the only landscape space in the sales gallery area. The main circulation for the visitors to enter the sales gallery area is almost from one end of this rectangular space to the other. Our site seems to be a piece of space without shelter and scenery, nevertheless, it still needs to leave a deep impression on visitors in the short walking space of 30 meters. Therefore, how to break through the singularity of the existing spatial form, utilize this narrow and monotonous rectangular site to create unforgettable landscape scenery with landscape techniques has become the main difficulty of our design.


As a consequence, we divide visitor experiences into four main stages.


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Photo © Fusang REN

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The first stage is the outside space of the main courtyard in front of the building. When visitors arrive at the site, the first view on their sight is a clean, simple but elegant box-shaped sales gallery building. The intervention of the landscape is aimed to continue the urban interface of the architecture box, while utilizing curved perforated plates similar to the building facade to form the feature wall on the outside. However, compared with the volume of the architecture building, our landscape is relatively limited. In order to reduce the sense of pressure on site, at the same time, open the facade of the building for outside appreciation, a window to the city is opened in the middle of the square box, allowing visitors to enjoy beautiful building reflected by the reflection pool. Meanwhile, visitors have the opportunity to peek into the corner of the main courtyard, just like the concept of panoramic view in the classical gardens.

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Photo © Fusang REN

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Photo © Fusang REN



Walking into the main courtyard, we enter the second stage. Along with the entrance, the original stiff and rational feeling on the outside unexpectedly turns into a soft and natural curve. The metal flower planters with elevation differences on the upper and lower sides run through the whole area for appreciation with sculpture feature. Through the construction of terrain, the multi-dimensional volume of greening is ornamented as much as possible in this limited space, highlighting the forest experience. The arrangement of the forest feeling is dominated by greening at the entrance, along with a meandering waterscape. The setting of the front, middle and back scenery curves enrich people’s perception of the entire space depth. When reaching through the corridor to the main courtyard in the middle, the spread of the water suddenly enlightens the whole space, achieving the varying sceneries with changing view-points.


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Photo © Fusang REN

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Photo © Fusang REN

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At the end of the main courtyard in the third stage, with the reflection pool dropping down, the site is transformed from the original ornamental garden to a resting place. 

The White Cloud Marble benches, which appear to be artwork, are suspended in the middle of the curvilinear flower planters. With the sound of gurgling water in ears, a cascading waterscape in the front as well as the swaying waterfront forest in the mist at a distance, the scene here forms a sharp contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors are guided into the dreamland created by the designer before entering the sales gallery.

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Photo © Fusang REN


The final stage is the viewing courtyard extending from the interior to the west, blocking the interference of the west parking lot on the indoor sight, as well as providing a comfortable and beautiful background garden for visitors to negotiate and visit.


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Photo © Fusang REN

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In terms of planting design, we strive to create an integrated forest experience full of freedom and vitality. It is hoped that the planted tree species will continue to grow into a forest in the future, leaving behind unpredictable light and shadow at the same time. Here, we would appreciate GM Landscape Design led by Ms. He Wenhong for their joint efforts in planting design with us through careful consideration of the seedling height, crown width, branch points and the degree of overlap. Utilizing the mixed flower paths with different texture and height, we aim to release the sight of the middle layer, meanwhile, the lower level will be dominated by simple but elegant green. We spare no effort to creating a unique project temperament and consequently highlighting the delicate sense of garden.


Although the project is small, many difficulties were encountered during the construction process due to continuous rainstorms, limited construction time and innovative technology. Gratitude will be expressed to our client, YANLORD, for their perseverance and tolerance. Especially thanks to Ms. Guo Wenqing, the landscape project manager of this project, for her hands-on experience despite the extreme hot weather on site as well as the full coordination and control to ensure that the result of the project is perfect and successful. In the meantime, thanks to the engineering team of CRLand for their strong support and cooperation.


Project Credits:


Project Name: Yanlord Jingan Century Sales Gallery


Location: Shanghai, China

面积: 3000㎡

Area: 3000㎡


Completed Time: 2020

景观设计:T.R.O.P: terrains + open space

Landscape Architect: T.R.O.P : terrains + open space

设计总监:Pok Kobkongsanti

Design Director: Pok Kobkongsanti


Team: Fusang REN, Kehan ZHOU, Huamei YIN, Tianheng XIONG




Development: Shanghai Renjia Real Estate Development Co. LTD 


Photographer: Holi, Fusang REN


LDI & SoftscapeDevelopment: GM Landscape Design


Landscape Construction Contractor: Chengguang Landscape


Architect: Tianhua Group





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