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Monday Monday Floral Art Studio is located in Tang Shang 433 Creative Design Center on Yuhangtang Road in Hangzhou. The predecessor was the Hangzhou Ribbon Factory.

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The owner hopes that the final status can be presented as a miniature floral art museum. Therefore, concrete materials are selected as the main material, and minimalism is used to set off the delicate flowers.

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In this case, we use "light" as a concept. The floor-to-ceiling windows not only allow the interior to receive sufficient sunlight but also allow passers-by to look at the scene inside the store and contrast with the surrounding environment well. In addition to ample natural light sources in the interior space, we also installed linear light strips and light-emitting walls in the space. The light-emitting wall creates a visual illusion of space extension.




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In order for the project to achieve the desired results, the understanding and research of floral workflows and requirements are indispensable. The workbenches, flower tables, and rest seats at the entrance where the tools are placed are fully considered at the beginning of design and are uniformly poured during construction to form an integrated design.

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We use as much of the basic architectural language of architecture as possible—the walls define the space and control the area can be reached by sight, pick-ups create the sense of multilayers and create the interface of communication, and the steps are endowed with a sense of beauty outside the function.

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The rustic and concise space provides a stage where people and flowers become the protagonists of space.

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Due to the reason of limited budget, some details and the initial concept inevitably have some differences, but the emergence of white walls solves the contradiction between the cost of the project and the projection function. All materials bring out the best in each other as they blend into a unity.

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项目名称:MondayMonday 花艺工作室





项目年份: 2017


施工: 黄耀青

Project Name: Monday Monday Floral Art Studio

Location: No.43-3, Yuhangtang Road, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, China

Project Types: Interior Design

Design Team: Mu / Feng Jie

Floor Area: 56㎡

Completion Year: 2017

Photographs: Liu Che / Feng Jie

Constructor: Huang YaoQing



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