转眼间,已经到 2019 年了!


HPP 完成了哪些功课呢?

Wow, it is already 2019

Time to review our major endeavours 

And achievements in the past year.



HPP 入选《德国主要品牌》

HPP is selected for The Major German Brands.



HPP is so proud to be ranked among those most brilliant German brands like Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, and Braun,

And will correspondingly take on more responsibilities in terms of innovation, quality and environment.


HPP is growing again!




Four of our colleagues in Shanghai office were designated as Associate Partners;

HPP office in Beijing has been actively expanding and moved to a new location;

Furthermore, we've established a new bureau in Shenzhen.

海尔穆特·亨特里希金会 2018 奖学金

The Helmut-Hentrich Foundation Prize 2018



This year, hot travel grants from the Helmut-Hentrich Foundation Prize went to 2 luckywinners,

Yuting Xiao and Miao Xu,   graduate students studying Architecture in Tsinghua University.

“纸牌屋”获得 Iconic 创新建筑奖

The Cradle was granted ICONIC AWARDS

640.webp (1).jpg

“纸牌屋”是HPP极富创新性的佳作,是杜塞尔多夫的第一座混合木结构的建筑,凭借其富有远见和开拓性的概念设计,该作品获得 Iconic设计大奖:创新建筑奖。

The Cradle, the prominent timber hybrid building designed by HPP in Dusseldorf, has won the ICONIC AWARDS for its fresh inspiration with visionary power.  


这一年由 HPP 设计的 明星项目 吧!

And now,

Here are our STAR PROJECTS of this year,

Let's check it out!


Budapest South Gate Master Plan Competition

640.webp (2).jpg


For over 2 months from September to November, HPP was busily engaged in the Budapest South Gate International Master Plan Design Competition, and delivered a design that was elected into the purchase-prize list. HPP’s masterplan for the site focuses on creating an identity for Budapest through enhancing the accessibility of the south gate area to the River Danube, as well as presenting a livable, green and sustainable new area, thereby catalyzing the enormous potential of Budapest.


The EHO Building for Daimler, Sindelfingen

640.webp (3).jpg


The Engineering Hub Operations (EHO) building that HPP designed for Daimler AG has been completed, which is located in Sindelfingen, Germany. The new EHO building will create an open and flexible working environment, as well as a communicative and inspiring atmosphere. 


Nanshan Science & Technology Innovation Center, Shenzhen

640.webp (4).jpg


Nanshan Science & Technology Innovation Center is located within the Liuxiandong Headquarters Base in Shenzhen. HPP is currently developing the design in preparation of the construction. The architects were inspired by the richness, diversity, energy of the rainforest ecosystem, and used its layering structure as the fundamental design principle for the Nanshan STIC, to create an industrial complex with a continuous attraction on different levels that are full of accessibility, exchange and interaction.


In-bund Office building Renovation and Interior Design

640.webp (5).jpg


The In-Bund Office Building is located on the east bank of the Huangpu River.  It's a renovation project with deep red bricks as its major design elements manifesting the combination of old and new. The external metal balconies have added vibrant traits to the flat façade. The large staircase in the central hall not only connects the two formerly detached parts together, but also provides public spaces for communication.


China Enterprise Future Century Tower, Shanghai

640.webp (6).jpg


The project contains two individual yet corresponding towers. It will become a prominent new office center located at the waterfront of the Huangpu River. The towers are designed with a completely column-free lobby at their respective bases, as well as noticeably larger upper areas for business purposes with a spectacular view of the city. The project will be under construction soon.


Multi-Funtional Arena, Ekaterinburg

640.webp (7).jpg


This multi-functional arena is situated at the city center of Ekaterinburg, Russia. Its remarkable appearance will create a new identity for the city. The stadium can provide professional playgrounds for all kinds of sports, including hockey, boxing and figure skating. It could also function as an ideal venue to hold concerts and performances. Surely this open, inviting new gymnasium will add more vigor to the city. 


Jiangsu TV Litchi Theater Interior Design

640.webp (8).jpg


The old theater has been renovated with multiple functions and seats for 1,100 audiences. The interior design has not only created a magnificent Litchi-themed fantasy where people can escape from daily routine to relax, but also equipped with strong technological approaches to offer first-class acoustics effects and various enchanting atmosphere according to different circumstances.


Yangpu Shipyard Area Urban Plan

640.webp (9).jpg


Located at the waterfront of the Huangpu River, in the middle north part of Shanghai, the Yangpu Shipyard Area will be renovated with new vitality. HPP has proposed a comprehensive urban plan with a strategy of Fiber Blocks for the renaissance of this area. The project has won the Golden Creative Award granted by the Shanghai Services Federation together with the Yangpu Riverside Investment & Development Co., Ltd. 


25hours hotel Dusseldorf Das Tour

640.webp (10).jpg


25hour hotel Das Tour, the 19-storey building, is now fully completed and in operation in the Derendorf district of Dusseldorf. Inspired by Le Tour de France, it is a perfect combination of French flair with the art of German engineering, coupled with a spectacular view of the city. The clear arrangement of the building is its central identifying feature: Each of the functional areas could be clearly read from the elevations.


CMB Backstage Service Center Phase 2

640.webp (11).jpg


The project is designed with the rational German design methodology. Different functional areas of office, teaching and dormitory are integrated into a concise form with grand atmosphere. The façade is designed with the shape of diamond, symbolizing high quality and long-lasting value as a financial office.




2019 年,

HPP 已准备好实现更多佳绩。

In addtion,

More projects are underway,

As a promising prologue for the new year. 

In 2019,

HPP is ready to achieve more.



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