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Junior Interior Desiger/初级室内设计师


  • Develop innovative design concepts which arepractical aesthetic, safe and conductive to intended purposes and function which is reflective of client goals and within project budgets and deadlines.

  • Conduct conceptual exploration, including research, ideation, drawing, sketching and design

  • Render conceptual design ideas and prepares 2D/3D presentation and design drawings.

  • Select and define all interior/architectural materials and finishes, furniture, lighting and art work.

  • Participates activity and communication between architectural team, project managers and all employee involved in the project.


  • 拥有开发创新的室内设计理念,并且能在项目预算和期限内实现实用美观、安全且符合预期目的和功能,已达到客户需求。

  • 能独立进行概念探索,包括研究、构思、绘图、素描和设计

  • 能独立完成概念设计创意并准备演示和设计图纸

  • 有国际化的眼光选择并定义所有室内/建筑材料和饰面、家具、照明和艺术品

  • 参与建筑设计团队、项目经理和参与项目的所有员工之间的活动和沟通


Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’ degree in interior design or above

  • At least 3-4 years’ experience in interior, architecture, urban design projects including commercial projects, malls, retail, office and public space in China.

  • Good communication skills (verbal and written) in English and Chinese

  • Excellent knowledge of design, trends, construction technology and process, materials application and manufacturer-supplier appropriateness.

  • Proficiency with professional design software (AutoCAD, Adobe Softwares, Sketchup or Rhino, Microsoft Office.)

  • With excellent professional quality, strong sense of responsibility, can work independently.

  • 室内设计学士学位或以上

  • 至少3-4年的室内设计、建筑、城市设计项目,包括在中国的商业、零售、办公和公共空间在内的经验

  • 具有室内设计、建筑或相关专业。

  • 流利的英语和汉语表达能力(口语和书写)

  • 对设计、设计、施工技术和工艺、材料应用和制造商-供应商的适当性有出色的了解

  • 熟练使用专业设计软件(AutoCAD、Adobe软件、Sketchup or Rhino、MicrosoftOffice).

  • 具有过硬的专业素质,较强的责任感和独立完成工作的能力。


如果你认为自己就是GreenbergFarrow正在寻找的人才,请将你的自荐信随同中英文的简历、作品集(PDF格式,附件请小于5M)和期望薪资发送至candice.gao@greenbergfarrow.com请注意,由于我们收到的申请数量繁多,我们只会与符合我司职位要求的申请者进一步联系。想要了解更多关于建斐的信息可以登陆我们的网站www.greenbergfarrow.com 或者登陆建斐的官方微信GreenbergFarrow

If you feel that you are the person we are looking for, Email candice.gao@greenbergfarrow.com your cover letter along with your resume, samples of your design (in PDF, size of the attachment please be lessthan 5M) and your salary expectation for consideration. We appreciate applications in both Chinese and English language. Please note, due to the extensive number of applications we receive, only considered candidates will be contacted for further discussion. To learn more about GreenbergFarrow visit our website at www.greenbergfarrow.com.  Or our Wechat public account GreenbergFarrow.



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