Interns will work on current Sasaki projects alongside our landscape architects, planners and urban designers in Shanghai Office, as well as architects, strategists, civil engineers, and graphic designers in our Watertown headquarter. Sasaki’s interns get hands on experience, develop valuable relationships, and gain a deep understanding of how a leading firm operates and innovates.


An internship with Sasaki offers an invaluable opportunity for professional growth as well as a fun and memorable experience. When you work at Sasaki, you sign up to work alongside a diverse group of design professionals who bring their whole selves to work. We are proud of the culture we continuously cultivate here, which supports and celebrates people being people.


Interested? Here is what you need to know:


The length of internship varies and is usually tailored to suit each student's situation.


A successful candidate will be an enthusiastic self-starter with a collaborative spirit and a penchant for design. Candidate must have superior design and graphic skills and must be proficient in the following applications: AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator with exposure to Rhino, SketchUp, Lumion and/or 3-D Viz. Landscape background is required. Fluency in English is required, and basic Chinese skill is preferred.


Only complete applications will be reviewed. Candidates must upload: (If your file is too large, please send over download link for the files instead.):



Work Samples

One page explanation of goals and expectations for the Internship, and potential internship schedule

One letter of recommendation 


Please send your applications to




  - 参与不同尺度的项目,包括景观规划、公园设计、城市开发项目中的景观设计等

 - 分析基地的物理、环境和文化属性

 - 分析项目的机会和挑战,并核校项目确保其符合规范

 - 协助准备概念、方案设计彩图和施工图,包括竖向平面图、定位平面图、铺装平面图、种植平面图、照明平面图、排水平面图和施工详图等

 - 协助将创新的可持续设计策略和施工方法整合融入于场地的规划和设计中

 - 评估当地现有或者出产的景观材料,包括但不限于铺装材料和本地植物品种,及其市场货源情况

 - 研究施工方法和材料



- Participate in a variety of project scales, including landscape master plan, public park design, landscape design at urban developments, etc.

- Analyze physical, environmental, and cultural features of a site

- Analyze planned projects for opportunities and constraints, and review projects for code compliance

- Assist in preparing illustrative conceptual and schematic design drawings and construction documents including grading plan, layout plan, paving plan, planting plan, lighting plan, drainage plan and construction details

- Assist in integrating innovative sustainable design strategies and construction methods into project work at the planning level and site design level

- Assess locally available and locally sourced materials for landscape projects, including but not limited to paving materials and native plant species and their commercial availability

- Research construction methods and materials



  - 富有创意,对公共类景观项目充满热情;渴望建造高品质景观,并对景观可持续性/生态有充分的理解

 - 有良好的团队合作能力

 - 能够通过绘图与语言交流有效地传达设计思想,并为设计概念的发展做出贡献

 - 拥有景观可持续性/生态学专业知识

 - 拥有业界认可的景观建筑学士或硕士学位

 - 至少拥有3年的相关工作经验 (包含国际或中国景观设计项目)

 - 拥有出色的制图技巧,并熟练掌握专业软件,如CAD丶Adobe Suite和SketchUp等; 如有其余软件如Rhino, V-Ray, Lumion, 3DMax和GIS的使用经验可优先考虑

 - 精通普通话和英语



- Creative designer with a passion for the public realm, a desire to build high quality landscapes, and an understanding of landscape sustainability / ecology

- Team player with apersonality that thrives in a collaborative environment

- Capability to effectively communicate design ideas both graphically and orally, and to contribute to the development of design concepts

- Knowledge on landscape sustainability / ecology

- Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from an accredited program

- A minimum of 3-year working experience in landscape architecture either in international or China projects

- Exceptional graphic skills and proficiency in CAD, Adobe Suite, and SketchUp is required; experience with Rhino, V-Ray, Lumion, 3DMax, and GIS software is also preferred

- Fluent in both Mandarin and English




Only complete applications will be reviewed. Candidates must upload Resume and Work Samples to 

sh-hiring@sasaki.com (attachment is limited to 4MB. If your file is too large, please divide it into smaller files or send over download links.)



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