终于等到你,“共生与变异”主题建筑展 @ 武汉
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Shanghai Tower is exhibited at "Mutualism and Variation - Themed Architecture Exhibition"


Gensler设计的上海中心大厦,受邀参展由中电光谷、合美术馆联合主办的“共生与变异 – 主题建筑展”。本次展览将从不同角度探讨建筑与自然、建筑与城市、建筑与人、建筑与历史传承之间,不断演化的共生关系。上海中心大厦,作为“共生”设计理念的最佳代表作之一,完美契合了此次展览的主题。

Gensler designed Shanghai Tower was invited to participate in the "Mutualism and Variation-Themed Architecture Exhibition" co-sponsored by CEC Optics Valley and United Art Museum. This exhibition will explore the evolving coexistence relationship between architecture and nature, architecture and city, architecture and people, architecture and history. Shanghai Tower, as one of the best practices of the "coexistence" design idea, resonates perfectly with the theme of this exhibition.



上海中心大厦的规划将蜿蜒的黄浦江、上海的不对称的城市肌理融入设计中。垂直空间规划则来源于上海石库门建筑常见的—— 缓冲室内与室外的“朦胧空间”。长长的里弄和庭院是市民社交生活的背景板,上海中心大厦的设计将这种里弄的布局以垂直的形态呈现。


The planning of Shanghai Tower is shaped by the curves of the Huangpu River, the dynamic and asymmetrical layout of Shanghai. The vertical programming takes note of the Shanghai people’s affinity for indoor-outdoor living – ‘space-in-between’, a lifestyle reflected in the city houses known as Shikumen, whose narrow alleys and courtyards are a canvas for social life. Shanghai Tower draws on this same planning concept, but applies it vertically rather than horizontally.

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Spiral and Evolving



The 120-degree spiral form of Shanghai Tower makes that transition by lending a geometrical order to the tower and its reach toward the clouds. The spiral is a well-understood metaphorfor the universal rotational force that is the basis of life. It recalls both the form and motion of atoms, which are the smallest elements of physical matter, as well as the vast rotating arms of galaxies.

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In Harmony with Nature


References to nature and Chinese cultural traditions are fused in Shanghai Tower,—recast vertically in a form inspired by the traditional lane houses that are unique to Shanghai. Woven carefully into the city’s urban fabric, Shanghai Tower articulates how, by harmonizing with nature, we can build cities with the enduring power to add delight to daily experience.

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Display Design Concept




Different from traditional architectural exhibitions, this exhibition does not display architectural models. In order to enhance the experience of the audiences, the architectural work is conceptualized, focusing on the design philosophy of the buildings and beyond the technical details.

The display design of Shanghai Tower conceptualizes its core design concepts with the purpose of creating a unique visitor experience, through a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory approach. The ground paving graphics are derived from the urban fabric of Shanghai and extend to the wall. The screens hung from the ceiling are made of soft, semi-transparent fabrics, and are arranged in a semi-enclosed layout to curate the "space-in-between". While walking through it, the audience can intuitively feel it while watching videos on the design concepts. In order to further explore the positive value that the Shanghai Tower brings to people, a film was produced and will be displayed at the exhibition. We are trying to shift the focus from design and construction to the authentic scenarios of how people are using the Tower, from their perspective telling the power of design, delivering the messages on coexistence between buildings and people.

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