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随着WATG和Wimberly Interiors持续在中国发展壮大,WATG团队非常荣幸地宣布对刘好扬先生的擢升。

As WATG and Wimberly Interiors continue to expand and grow within the People’s Republic of China, we are honored to announce the promotions of Haoyang Liu.

刘好扬先生被提升为管理WATG和Wimberly Interiors中国区所有业务发展的负责人,其工作将专注于包括总体规划、建筑设计、景观建筑和室内设计在内的综合项目——所有项目都由WATG和Wimberly的本地和国际设计师团队完成。

Mr. Haoyang has been promoted to oversee all business development activity for WATG and  Wimberly Interiors in China with a special focus on integrated projects that include master planning,  architecture, landscape architecture and interior design – all delivered by WATG and Wimberly’s  team of local and international designers.



We had a brief interview with him:


What attracted you to a career 

in the design industry? 


Liu: I grew up in a family that both my parents were working for the local hospital in China. Ever since then, they were all hoped that I could become a doctor someday which is a no-brainer for them. But I am passionate about design industry, which is instinct for me. I always love to draw, create something with shapes, form, and colour when I grow up. But unfortunately, I could not choose to study architecture until later.

刘好扬:我的设计生涯始于18岁那年,当时我正在爱尔兰留学。我去了沃特福德理工学院(WIT)的建筑学院,那里的课程设计很棒,并且很幸运的是,建筑师伦佐·皮亚诺(Renzo Piano)是我的校外监审员(External Examiner)。我喜欢设计行业,无论是建筑或室内设计。因为设计可以让我们创造一个尺度合适的、并且能与城市或环境相适应的建筑或内部空间,以舒适地满足人们的需求。

Liu: My design career began when I went to Ireland at the age of 18. I went to the school of Architecture at WIT, it was a really good course and lucky enough Renzo Piano was my external examiner. I like the design industry, It doesn’t matter architecture or interior because it can create a building or an interior space that can fits into the urban or environment contour with the right scale to comfortably serve people’s needs. 

你在WATG和Wimberly Interiors上海分部


What does a normal day look 

at WATG and Wimberly Interiors Shanghai 

look like for you? 


Liu: My day in the studio is actually quite full and fun. As a gaolable design firm, it is fortunate that you be able to work with all the design talents across the world. So, It is so much fun to review/discuss the design for China projects and I’m so inspired by our designers. Most of my morning times would be on calls with US team, especially during the pandemic time. Then during the most part of the day I would be working with our Shanghai team as well as on calls with Singapore. It is kind of funny that almost all our clients like to contact us in Shanghai around later afternoon or evening time. That is the busiest time of the day plus I’m often talk with London around the same time. 



What is your favourite 

domestic tourism destination and why? 


Liu: There are many places in China that I like to travel to, but one place stick to my memory is the town called Ximeng, which is the city of Puer, Yunan Province. Yunan province is a very popular destination in China but I would say most of the Chinese people don’t know Ximeng. Only because working for WATG, I get the chances to visit some the places which I may never visit in my normal life. 


A magical  place

大约是七八年前,因工作原因,我与WATG加州团队设计副总裁Tom Fo一起前往西盟。那是一个神奇的地方,也是一段奇妙的旅程。然而,当时去那里很困难,我从思茅机场出发花了大约5个小时的车程。西盟位于云南省的西南部,从外部很难抵达该地,因为该镇有3000多亩的河谷,而其余都是山区。由于它是如此遥远的地方,加上地貌的性质,建设道路是非常困难的。整个行程中,汽车都是在悬崖峭壁旁和连绵不断的山脉中行驶。美丽的自然风光和丰富的植被让你感到非常放松。

I was in Ximeng about 7-8 years ago for work with Tom Fo.  It was a magical place, and amazing experience. However, it was difficult to get there at that time, and was took me about 5 hours drive from Simao airport.  Ximeng is located Southwest of Yunan, it is very hard to get there because the town has river valley for more than 3000 acres, the rest are all mountain area. Because it is so far out and the nature of the landscape, road system is not easy to build. The entire trip was drive through cliffs and rolling mountains. Beautiful natures and variety of vegetations made you feel so relax.


Ximeng has more than 24 types of minorities living there and of course Wa minority is one of the largest. People are so friendly there, love singing and dancing. They use tree trunks as drum, swing long hairs when they dance. They also drink special rice wine made by themselves. It is definitely something new and different to me, completely unexpected culture.

那里有一个最受欢迎的目的地,你必须前往,叫做龙潭湖和木依吉神谷。如果让我简单描述一下这种感觉,你就像在 “夺宝奇兵(Indiana Jones)” 中一样。木依吉是佤族人的神,整个峡谷铺满了佤族人数百年来祭祀神灵所留下的水牛头骨。

One of the most popular destination you have to visit is called Longtan Lake and Muyiji Valley. It’s like you are in “Indiana Jones”, if I have to describe the feeling in short. Muyiji Valley is the god of Wa people, it covers with full of buffalo heads which are the offering of Wa people’s sacrificial activities for many years. 


My trip to Ximeng was memorable and it is special and different destination, I would love to visit it again. 



Name three things you always bring

 on a business trip, and why.



  • 笔记本电脑,我们工作必备之物

    Laptop- For work as we all need it

  • 咖啡胶囊。我对咖啡很挑剔,总是喜欢带上自己的专属咖啡;

    Coffee capsule- I am very particular on coffee and always like to bring my own special coffee. 

  • 杂志。我享受飞行途中的宁静时光,利用这段空闲时间,我可以阅读自己喜爱的设计类相关杂志(如建筑、室内设计或者时尚)。

    Magazine- I love the quite time when travel on the flight, and that is when I have the free time to read all my design related magazine. Architecture, Interior, Fashion etc. 


What are you most looking forward to

 about the year ahead?


Liu: I am looking forward to seeing our colleagues be able to travel to China again for the year hared!! Missing all them in person and it has been a while.

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