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Recently, Wanyi landscape actively participated in the "Shenzhen Tanglangshan country park urban grandstand concept design international competition", which was sponsored by Shenzhen Urban Management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, undertaken by Shenzhen Park Management Center, and organized and planned by Shenzhen Youfang Space Culture Development Co., Ltd. Nearly 300 teams participated in the competition, including many foreign top architectural and landscape design firms, as well as large domestic design institutes and well-known design firms.


Wanyi Landscape is based on the thinking of the project, in the spirit of exchanges and discussions with colleagues at home and abroad, we are here to share plans and ideas, and hope to encourage everyone.


Shenzhen is a fast-paced city. People living in this city have unconsciously closed their five senses. This fast-paced life makes people’s attention to nature disappear. Based on this, when facing the project, we put forward reflections. In response to this phenomenon, we tried to re-establish the connection between people and nature, open up people’s feelings about nature, and thus connect people and nature to a greater extent. close.




Tanglang Mountain belongs to the subtropical monsoon forest. In the last century, due to the discovery of relics, some areas of Tanglang Mountain were closed for management. The vegetation was preserved in the rapid urbanization process of the surrounding area. Since 2000, the mountain has been used as an ecological restoration and protection area. Therefore, the natural conditions of Tanglang Mountain are superior. When people step into it, their senses are triggered, and the connection between man and nature is re-established.


The project is located in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, at the junction of Nanshan District, Longhua District and Futian District. Tanglang mountain, the main peak of Tanglang mountain country park, overlooks the peak and can reach all districts. The park is characterized by the natural landscape and natural ecological environment formed by mountains, rivers, springs, animals and plants, so that visitors can understand and enjoy nature in the leisure of climbing the range rover.

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地理位置  Geographical position

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分析图  Analysis diagram




Tong Long Shan Country Park includes ordinary people mainly adults, children and the elderly; It also includes special groups of tourists, the disabled and mountaineering enthusiasts.

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人群分析  Population analysis

登顶的游客, 有人需要安静地休息或者安静地看风景,有的人则需要与别人分享交谈,因此城市看台需要区分不一样的空间,满足市民的需要,动静有分,聚散有别。

Some citizens who climb the top need to rest quietly or watch the scenery quietly, while others need to share and talk with others. Therefore, urban stands need to distinguish different spaces to meet the needs of citizens. There are differences in movement and static, gathering and dispersion.

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动和静以及聚和散  Dynamic and static and gathering and dispersing        


The green slopes are continuous, the mountains are undulating, the footpaths are winding, and the steps are like mountains and stones. Tourists are in it, which is interesting and provides a natural space for rest and relaxation. The unobstructed landscape corridor and 360 ° urban grandstand perfectly connect the mountain and sea scenery with the city, so that everyone can establish a close relationship with this world-oriented home here. Mountains and seas connect the city, city and people, and man and nature can live in harmony.




入口大门以双弧线造型构成,弧形顶板与弧形景墙之间留出月牙形缺口,形成一个天光的呼吸口;LOGO 放置于左侧的自然石上,整个设计自然与科技相得益彰。

The entrance gate is composed of double arc shape, and a crescent shaped gap is reserved between the arc roof and the arc landscape wall to form a breathing port of skylight; The logo is placed on the natural stone on the left. The whole design complements nature and technology.

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分析图  Analysis diagram




As a city stand, we must first solve its basic function-"watch". People climb high and look into the distance. Here we need to satisfy people's visual sensory enjoyment, so that people can better appreciate the beauty of the bay, feel the glory of the city, witness the increase of high-rise buildings, and experience the changing world.


Therefore, the design of the stands adopts the method of elevation and 360° panoramic view to solve the limitation of the visual experience due to crowd congestion and occlusion by trees. Visitors can climb up the stairs to the highest point, looking far or overlooking, and gain a different view of the landscape. The elevated platform and 360° panoramic view make this space more retractable, forming a unique spatial experience.

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方案推演  Scheme deduction

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极目阁平面图  Jimu pavilion plan


Shenzhen Bay in the south, as the representative of Shenzhen, we give it more attention. After climbing the summit, the tourists who rest need the comfort, functionality and service of the space. People have the demand for gathering and sharing, and the nearby space has the demand for gathering function. Therefore, they join the cafe and light food space.

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Add more possible site functions, present such a small space and swing space, improve the utilization of space, and provide people with a leisure platform for staying, talking and activities. When the overall space system becomes vivid, more people will participate. At the same time, through the design of bridge and plank road, it is convenient for the needs of special people, so that more citizens can enjoy the beauty of Shenzhen.

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极目阁轴侧图  Jimu pavilion axonometric view

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极目阁剖面图  Jimu pavilion profile

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As one of the urban stands, the Grand View Pavilion should also meet its core functions. As a secondary stand, we reduce the area and functions, inherit the style of Jimu Pavilion and connect them in space. 360 ° line of sight and rest seats meet the basic functions of the stands. On this basis, we raise the middle area to create step space and improve people's line of sight, so that people can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Shenzhen. The two stands are connected through barrier free channels to establish a walking route between the two stands.

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大观亭轴侧图和平面图  Daguan pavilion axonometric view and floor plan

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两看台属于对望关系,通过无障碍通道联系在一起。  The two stands belong to the opposite relationship and are connected through barrier free  channels.



在极目阁看台扶手上加凸雕刻板(盲文、诗文或者对前方景色的讲解), 可以在手臂皮肤上留下印痕,让人仔细查阅,让观看与抚摸变成一种有趣的记忆。护栏刻板可更换增加内容,描述着城市的变化,既是历史亦是未来,是“面向世界的深圳”,用触觉感受记忆的趣味。

Adding a convex carving board (braille, poetry or explanation of the scenery ahead) on the armrests of the Jimu Pavilion stands can leave an imprint on the skin of the arm, allowing people to read it carefully, making watching and touching become an interesting memory. The rigid guardrail can be replaced with additional content, describing the changes of the city, both history and the future. It is "Shenzhen facing the world", and feel the fun of memory with touch.

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凸雕反文,在皮肤上留下压痕  Embossed reverse, leaving an indentation on the skin


The landscape improvement strategy includes beautifying the pavement and slope, integrating the functions of the rest nodes along the road, creating a richer spatial level, and further improving the functionality and ornamental of the rest points. Along the corridor, the rest platform is designed in combination with the terrain to form a small gathering center, which provides a space for the needs of artistic activities. It not only develops the new functions of the site, but also improves people's experience.

ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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