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How can we design an ecological community and tourism waterfront district that simultaneously allows nature to elevate every human interaction, whilst bringing tourism revenue into the city all year round?

这是我们在规划林康花园城时提出的核心问题,也是NDA 喜欢的战略挑战!

This is the central question we asked ourselves when planning Lam Hong Garden City Park, and it’s the kind of strategic challenge we at NDA absolutely love!


Lam Hong’s aim is to create an ecological community and tourism waterfront district, and we were given a practically blank slate of undeveloped land to achieve this.



For a macro view of this project, please see our previous article in the link at bottom of the page.

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We take the LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) as our starting point, whilst incorporating special local elements like the rich culture, commercial importance, and lush nature. Thus, we divide the zone into 5 distinct districts, each following an element of LOHAS as a foundation.

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The Love and Appreciation Zone celebrates everything Ha Tinh city stands for: nature, learning, and history. The water and eco parks invite guests to enjoy nature’s elements, whilst the Nui Nai Martyr Cemetery and monument to revered poet Nguyen Du reveal Ha Tinh’s richness of history and learning.

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The Affluent Living Zone is a truly idyllic living scene with water landscapes, parks, sports fields, and shopping arcades. This is also a major transport junction, so we strategically place higher density residential quarters here making people circulation flows as convenient as possible. Further afield from this iconic junction are low density villas.

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With multipurpose sports fields, a golf training centre, indoor sports area, children’s sports area, bicycle promenade, water sports area and more, the Holiday Retreat Health Zone truly lives up to its name. As healthy lifestyle matures from a trend to a fundamental must have, Lam Hong embraces this future by welcoming all, even including a sports area for the elderly.

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This low-density area is built along green belts which truly embrace organic living and where every interaction is uplifted by nature. Importantly this area purposely has land left over for future building of schools, recognising the future popularity of the area as it matures and families set roots down.

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The Sustainable Living zone takes inspiration from waterfront district like the San Antonio River Walk, to create an attraction that combines the innate human love for water with the interactions we all enjoy: dining, walking, and simply being with loved ones, especially in balmy summer evenings. Luckily for this part of Vietnam, it feels like summer almost every day of the year!

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To meaningfully create a beacon zone that attracts and inspires, we need to consider transformation on a human level, where everyday experiences and interactions are elevated by nature, not just using it as a setting.
It is in Lam Hong Garden Park City we can highlight our unique human first and respect for locale approach. Here we combine activity programming, and urban planning at the crux of human and nature, finding a perfect harmony between the two.

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