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CHICAGO – (January 26, 2022) — Global architecture firm Goettsch Partners (GP) announces the completion of Mennica Legacy Tower, a new 115,000-square-meter, two-building office complex in Warsaw anchored by mBank, one of Poland’s largest banking institutions, and leading co-working provider WeWork. Located at the intersection of Prosta and Żelazna streets in the CBD, the 35-story and 10-story office buildings open to a large, landscaped plaza, with a pedestrian path that winds between them. The project was developed by an affiliate of Golub & Company LLC and Mennica Towers GGH MT Sp z o.o. S.K.A., and delivered in collaboration with Epstein, a design firm with offices in both Chicago and Warsaw that served as the architect and engineer of record, as well as the structural and MEP design engineer.

芝加哥-2022  1  26 日)-GP建筑设计有限公司(GP)宣布完成 Mennica Legacy 塔楼项目,这是一座位于波兰华沙的115,000 平方米的两栋办公塔楼,主要客户为波兰最大的银行机构之一 mBank 和共享办公服务供应商 WeWork。项目位于中央商务区的 Prosta  Żelazna 街道的交汇处,两栋分别为35 层和 10 层的办公塔楼之间设计了一个大型景观广场,人行步道蜿蜒在它们之间。该项目由 Golub & Company LLC  Mennica Towers GGH MT Sp z o.o S.K.A.的附属公司共同开发。设计由GP Epstein 合作完成,Epstein 是一家在芝加哥和华沙设有办公室的设计公司,担任当地建筑设计师以及结构和机电工程师。

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Part of a newly approved master plan in the CBD of Warsaw, the development is divided into the taller main tower on the east side of the site and the smaller building on the west side. The project includes approximately 80,000 square meters of Class A office space, a conference center, fitness center and ground-level retail, as well as four levels of underground parking and ancillary services. Large, public open spaces around and between the two structures provide outdoor seating and a variety of landscape features.


“The project is much more than a signature new office complex,” says James Goettsch, FAIA, chairman and co-CEO at GP. “Integrally connected to its central urban plaza, the development creates a unique ‘sense of place’ that enhances the public realm of Warsaw.”

“该项目不仅仅是一个标志性的新办公综合体,” GP 主席兼联合首席执行官 James Goettsch 先生(FAIA)说 “该项目与其中心城市广场紧密相连,创造了一种独特的‘地域感’,在华沙提供了优质的公共空间” 

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The overall massing and shape of the complex was guided by the local master plan. More than 60% of the site is dedicated to outdoor public areas, exceeding the plan guidelines. The stepped arrangement of the two buildings, as well as the sculpted, sloped top of the tower, specifically respond to requirements that allow daylight into adjacent residential buildings.

项目整体体量和形状以当地总体规划为指导,超过 60% 的场地专门用于室外公共区域,超出了规划要求的比率。两座塔楼的阶梯式布置,以及倾斜和特别处理的塔楼顶部,允许自然光线进入相邻的住宅楼,满足了日照要求。

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The main tower features rounded corners on the northeast and southwest sides that help to reduce the visible length of the east and west facades; on the opposite corners, the tower incorporates a strong vertical edge. The southeast and northwest corners are each further distinguished by a vertical recess that breaks up the building’s mass and introduces a dominant feature. The southeast corner, in particular, steps outward in three-floor increments as it rises, opening the recess to the sky and creating a dynamic profile that becomes a glowing beacon at night. A sloping screen wall at the building’s top enhances the profile, and the textured, saw-toothed facades give the enclosure an ever-changing appearance as one moves around the building.


“The tower’s unique profile helps define it as a city landmark,” says Joachim Schuessler, GP design principal. “Its stepped, curved façade further distinguishes it in the skyline from all angles.”

“这座塔楼的独特轮廓有助于将其定义为城市地标",GP 设计负责人 Joachim Schuessler先生说“它的阶梯式弧形立面使其在城市天际线中脱颖而出”。

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A three-story lobby with a cable-supported enclosure utilizes a transparent glazing that blurs the boundary between interior and exterior space. The tower core is clad with large stone slabs that accentuate the solid mass of the core, in contrast to the lightness of the building’s lobby. The 2,000-square-meter tower floor plate provides an almost column-free space with 11- to 13-meter lease spans and a 1.35-meter planning grid.

办公的三层大堂采用拉索来支撑透明玻璃,模糊了室外和室内空间的界限。塔楼核心筒使用大块石板,与大堂的轻盈形式形成鲜明对比,突出了核心筒的坚实体量。2,000 平方米的塔楼平面提供了一个几乎无柱的空间,拥有 11  13 米的租赁跨度和 1.35 米的轴线。

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The complex’s triple-glazed, high-performance facade with integrated operable panels supplies fresh air to occupants and combines state-of-the-art building enclosure technology with an appealing aesthetic. Large landscaped outdoor terraces on the fifth level of the main tower and the eighth level of the west building provide exterior amenity spaces with sweeping views that engage the city.


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Officially completed in November 2020 with photography recently released, the complex marks GP’s first completed project in Poland.


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