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上合示范区是上合组织全球唯一示范区,人类命运共同体实践地。同时,上合示范区作为" 一带一路" 桥头堡,面向亚太“ 出海口”,将帮助青岛加快建设“东北亚核心城市”。

A shared future for humanity and the environment lies at the heart of Ruyi Lake’s blue-green landscape concept. Located in the Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone, the project will reposition Qingdao as a core seaside development in Northeast Asia, and a benchmark for sustainable city living in the Asia-Pacific.

聚合湾-第一商业街区 Gathering Bay- first block


如意湖面临着与人为干预相关的水资源短缺、水质差、土壤盐渍化和生物多样性丧失等严重的生态困境。凭借在这些领域的多年研究,Mcgregor Coxall 与山水比德合作,参与了上合示范区如意湖综合建设景观概念规划,并负责总体概念设计及生态环境策略等部分。针对上合组织“四个共生”的使命及对青岛独特的海湾都市的认知,团队提出“和合共生·超级青湾”的总体概念。围绕现代国际城市发展关注的四大问题,以景观为驱动,结合上合特色多国文化,形成不一样的动能。

Ruyi Lake has faced damning ecological hardships of water shortages, poor water quality, soil salinization and biodiversity loss related to causal human interventions. Leveraging years of research in these fields, McGregor Coxall collaborated with lead designers S.P.I Landscape Group in the creation of a clear and sustainable natural environment that extends from Qingdao’s iconic coast through to inland urban estuaries.In response to the SCO's "Four Symbiosis" mission and the recognition of Qingdao's unique bay city, the team proposed the overall concept of "Harmonious Super Green Bay". Focusing on the four major issues of concern for the development of modern international cities, driven by landscape, combined with the multi-national culture with SCO characteristics, a different kinetic energy is formed.

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The design team believes that it should focus on the energy level difference of the city, adhere to long-termism, follow the process of the slow growth of the region, show the future living life of Ruyi Lake, and create an auspicious, wishful, harmonious and symbiotic park city national demonstration area. By sorting out the blue-green network, Ruyi Lake is divided into 5 sub-region harbors, and 7 water corridors extend into the city, which greatly increases the investment value of the originally disadvantaged land inland. 

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Horizontally, "make one more block out", which realizes the horizontal connection of walking all the way to the water's edge; vertically, "requires space from the underground and benefits from the air", creating a three-dimensional and rich slow-moving network. Combined with the surrounding business formats, it presents 5 personalized harbors, which are connected by the two axes of north and south. A recorrected blue-green network sees Ruyi Lake divided into five sub-region harbours and seven water corridors that extend throughout the city, greatly enhancing environmental values while increasing inland investment potential. Linear parklands run adjacent to the water’s edge, a pedestrianised open space network that connects the city on three axis’. Connections weave together mixed-use and commercial precincts, residential communities, transport, and public realm offerings in a rich ecological band.

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文埠湾码头Wenbu Pier


The concept’s drawcard lies in Wenbu Bay, the ‘Worldwide Cultural Pier’ that serves as a cultural window in service of the SCO. Gathering Bay will become a waterfront hub for international business, tourism, and cultural vibrance. Tourists and citizens alike will have uninterrupted access to an activated harbourfront. In the East District, Haibo Bay will boast 1.8km of beach where leisure and relaxation is strongly encouraged.

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A revitalised blue-green network embeds nature in the central business district, a city in a park and reflection of symbiosis. McGregor Coxall led the site’s water management solution, proposing a Class 3 water quality system in the central axis in pursuit of flood management, source control, and riparian ecology replenishment. A hydrophilic approach means water exchange efficiency is increased by 400%, drawing on Ruyi Lake’s seven urban water corridors and wetlands. Restored estuaries and wetland biodiversity will play a big role in climate change driver mitigation, regionally.

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打造中轴海绵示范区,保证最优亲水水质Create Water Demonstration Area, Guarantee Best Water Quality


McGregor Coxall proposed comprehensive WSUD methods, employing rooftop gardens, rain gardens, water storage modules, grass trenches, and wetland purification systems as part of its sponge city approach.



总规划面积:约为 724 公顷(包含水面面积434公顷)




Project Scope: Public Landscape Planning and Design

Total planning area: about 724 hectares (including 434 hectares of water surface area)

Design collaboration: S.P.I Landscape Group, Carbon Neutral Joint Design Center of Tsinghua University Architectural Design and Research Institute, Professor Wu Xiaoming of Pearl River Water Conservancy Research Institute

Client: SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone Management Committee

Organizer: Qingdao SCO Development Group Co., Ltd.

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