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——夏尔·波德莱尔 《现代生活的画家》,1863

"For the perfect idler, for the passionate observer it becomes an immense source of enjoyment to establish his dwelling in the throng, in the ebb and flow, the bustle, the fleeting and the infinite. To be away from home and yet to feel at home anywhere; to see the world, to be at the very centre of the world, and yet to be unseen of the world…" 

- Charles Baudelaire, The Painter of Modern Life, 1863

项目影片: Fabian Ong Video by Fabian Ong


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项目模型  Project model 

The traditional Chinese courtyard house or siheyuan is a typology well-known for its illustration of Confucian ideals, accommodating extended family units wherein many generations live under one roof. To live under the same roof means to live together, and this metaphor is the nexus that ties the notion of community, especially in an intimate context, to the form crafted for this project.

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新加坡私宅  The House of Remembrance 


For this private residence commission, Neri&Hu are given a set of unique requests by the client: the new house constructed in place of the previous one should accommodate all three siblings, who as adults have outgrown their shared house; it should include a small memorial space in the form of a garden for their late mother; lastly, the new construction should retain the memory of the pitched-roof form, a defining feature of their childhood home.

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坡屋顶 Pitched roof


The previous house was built in the style of the British colonial bungalow, with hybrid elements of traditional Malay houses such as deep roof eaves for rain sheltering, as well as Victorian details.

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纪念花园的坡屋顶  Pitched roof at the Memorial Garden


Understanding the functional importance of the roof and the client’s emotional attachment to its form, Neri&Hu embrace the symbolic nature of the pitched roof and combine it with a reinterpretation of the courtyard house.

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A natural green buffer along the perimeter


In this project, Neri&Hu have explored how notions of communal living and collective memory can be expressed spatially. The original site featured a lush vegetated edge that formed a natural green buffer along the perimeter, a feature that designers have retained.

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纪念花园  The Memorial Garden


The new two-story house organizes all communal spaces around a central garden, which occupies the courtyard space serving as a memorial garden for the family’s matriarch. 

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Visual transparency from the communal areas


The ground level is extroverted in nature, with expansive glass walls to connect all spaces to the gardens along the edge of the site. Neri&Hu aim to maximize visual transparency from the communal areas – living room, open kitchen, dining room, and study, so that from the ground floor the inhabitants may look into the central memorial garden while cocooned by the dense vegetation surrounding the house.

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大型玻璃门 Large glass doors


Large glass doors can slide open, so that in optimal temperate conditions the house can take advantage of cross ventilation and direct access to the gardens.

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Stairways connecting 1F to 2F


For the upper level, Neri&Hu pursue the idea of the pitched-roof form as not only a signifier of shelter, but also an element that both unifies and demarcates the public and private realms. All private bedrooms, located on the upper introverted level, are housed within the roof’s steep gables so that when seen from the exterior, the house retains the appearance of a single-story hipped-roof bungalow.

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上图:“庇护”内部空间的坡屋顶 | 下图:阳台

Above: Pitched roof as a signifier of shelter | Below: Balcony


Skylights and large glass walls connect to bedroom balconies where views are oriented outwards to the perimeter garden spaces.

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上图:双层挑高空间 | 下图:观察公共区域

Above:  Double-height area | Below: Peering into the public realm


Through sectional interplay, the design team introduce three double-height areas to connect the communal functions and the corridors above. These spaces of interpenetration create vertical visual connections to allow one to peer into the public realm from the private.

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采光井 Sky well 


One can see a carved void in the roof volume, which frames a small tree before arriving at the central memorial garden. On the exterior, where balconies and sky wells are carved out from the volume of the pitched-roof form, the walls transition from smooth to board-formed concrete to take on the texture of wooden planks.

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Circular corridor surrounding the Memorial Garden


The circulation on the ground floor is based on the shape of the circle to reinforce the ambulatory experience of walking in the round and to define the memorial space as a sacred element. Since the circle has no edges or terminating vantage points, it allows one to always find a return to the center both spiritually and physically. The garden symbolically defines the heart of the home as an ever-palpable void, persisting as the common backdrop to the collective lives of all inhabitants.

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新加坡私宅 The House of Remembrance 

地点: 新加坡

时间: 2021年

项目类型: 建筑, 室内, 平面

建筑面积: 1,185.20平方米

主持建筑师: 郭锡恩, 胡如珊

主持资深协理: 张堇盈

设计团队: 林世罗, 林妤儒, 詹志权, 吴佳轩, 辛海鸥, 黄惠子

摄影: Fabian Ong

影像: Fabian Ong

建筑设计: 如恩设计研究室

当地建筑事务所: K2LD

室内设计: 如恩设计研究室


当地设计院: K2LD

结构工程: JS Tan咨询有限公司

机电工程: Elead合伙有限公司

灯光: P5有限公司 & Light Basic工作室有限公司

景观: Nyee Phoe花园有限公司


施工总包: Space Scope有限公司

钢结构: Luen Soon钢铁有限公司

门窗: Lital材料&工程有限公司

The House of Remembrance 

Singapore Residence

Location: Singapore

Year: 2021

Project Type: Architecture, Interior, Graphic Design

Gross area: 1,185.20m²

Partners-in-charge: Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu

Senior Associate-in-charge: Christine Chang

Design team: Sela Lim, Bella Lin, Kevin Chim, Alexander Goh, Haiou Xin, July Huang

Photo: Fabian Ong

Video: Fabian Ong

Design Architect: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Local Architect: K2LD

Interior Design: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office



Structural Engineering: JS Tan Consultants Pte Ltd

MEP Engineering: Elead Associates Pte Ltd

Lighting: P5 Pte Ltd & Light Basic Studio Pte Ltd

Landscape: Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd


General Contractor: Space Scope Pte Ltd

Steel Construction: Luen Soon Iron Works

Doors and windows: Lital Materials & Contracts Engineers Pte Ltd

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