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北京理工大学文体中心,时境建筑的重要代表作之一,设计并中标于2013年,设计三年,始建于2016年并于2019年落成,已正式投入使用三年。获国内外奖项数十项,2022年被著名建筑网站Architizer入选为 “ 六座把体育建筑带入下一世代的体育馆建筑(6 Award Winning StadiumsThat Take Sport Architecture to the Next Level)”的第一个建筑。(点击文末“阅读原文”)

BIT Sport Center, one of the important representative works of Atelier Alter Architecture, was designed and won the bid in 2013, designed for three years, built in 2016 and completed in 2019, has been officially put into use for three years. Won dozens of awards at home and abroad, In 2022, it was selected as one of the 6 award Winning StadiumsThat Take Sport Architecture to the Next by Architizer Level). (“6 Award Winning StadiumsThat Take Sport Architecture to the Next Level” please click "Read the original article")



These sports centers skillfully address these challenges with skill and innovation, setting new standards for what sports facilities can do for their communities. Take inspiration from the unique solutions they have found to this complex design challenge.

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The curved roof of the sports center and stadium combines a single double-curvature surface, which forms the entrance to the new CAMPUS of The North Institute of Technology, gently carving a unique space into the Beijing skyline. While drawing inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci's "flying machine", the flowing horizontal roof form is not merely a reference to the trajectory parabola of engineering experiments -- the research that forms an important area of research at the University of North Technology -- these curved forms occur on the walls of the building.

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The design promotes spatial penetration between the two dimensions of the city and the building: through vertically nested functions, or through the space below the elevated seating area of the auditorium to achieve a more open ground floor. This provides approximately 170,000 square feet of athletic space, including a 3,000-seat basketball court, a 10-lane pool, a gym, a martial arts center, and rooms for boxing, taekwondo, table tennis, and more.



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Located in Liangxiang, the satellite city of Beijing, the BIT Sports Center, along with the BIT Stadium, framean entrance to the new BIT campus.

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建筑主入口 Main entrance


The sports center adds about 15,692 square metersathletic space to the school, includes a 3000 seats basketball stadium, a 10lanes swimming pool, a gymnasium, a martial art space, and rooms for boxing,taekwondo, table tennis, etc.

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篮球场 Basketball court

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游泳馆 Indoor swimming pool

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The swimming pool can be seen from the hall



BIT is a university focused on military science. Theproject continues Leonardo Da Vinci’s dialogue on the interdisciplinarydiscourse between science, architecture and art. After researching on related art and history of material science, the project drawsinspiration from Da Vinci’s flying machine, as well as thegeometry of trajectory parabola widely used in military science.

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概念推导 The concept derived

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从概念到实景 From concept to action


Accordingly, two sets of parametric surfaces arecreated to suspend in the air as the roof for the building.

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屋顶构成 The roof structure

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屋顶搭建过程 Roofing process

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Three related objects serve as floating roofs

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呈弧线形屋面 Curved roof

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屋面 Roof

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屋顶细节 The roof details

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The topological volume framed by the two curve layersare constructed through space frame structurally and covered by standing seamroofing from above and aluminum curtain wall system from below.

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屋顶分化 Roof differentiation

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细节 Details

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曲面结构 Surface structure

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屋面和立面 Roof and facade

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金属链接屋面和幕墙 Metal links roof and curtain wall


Aluminum are used over roof, cantilever and facade togive a uniform tone to the building and to response to the industrial aestheticin military science.


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屋顶细节 The roof details

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南立面 South elevation

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As the Renaissance man in Da Vinci’s time understoodintellects as polymaths excelled both in body and mind, the BIT sports centeraims for a “multidimensional open campus” that builds students’ body and mindsimultaneously and meanwhile, encourages intercollegiate dialogues amongstudents.

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A wider space for communication and interaction

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大厅 Hall


By doing that, the architecture creates spatialpermeability in both urban and architecture scales, through plan and section.

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Spatial penetration in plane and section

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透视剖面 Perspective section


The basketball hall, located at the south east cornerof the building, merges the play field with major artery and street life, whilethe swimming pool at the west is linked to campus central square.

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南侧沿街 South along the street

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东立面 East elevation

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室内流线 Interior streamline


Besides urban scale connections, as the seating forbasketball hall is elevated for one floor, the programs beneath it are allinterconnected and also well connected to the exterior. A horizontal physicaland visual permeability, from street to campus, is established at the groundfloor. An enclosed entrance promenade, cut between swimming pool and basketballhall, connected north and south campuses together. In the section, the top ofbasketball seating at the third floor has a large window overlooking theentrance hall and the swimming pool across the hall, as well as the campusbeyond the swimming pool. At second, third and fourth floors, the programsbehind the swimming pool—taekwondo, table tennis and testing center—all have differentapertures into the swimming pool and also share the skylight from the swimming.With transparent interface, vertical permeability is achieved by nestingprograms within one and another in section.

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功能分析 Functional Analysis

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负一层平面图 Negative first floor plan

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一层平面图 1st Floor Plan

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An elevated seat in a basketball arena

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舞蹈室 Dance Studio

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内置的长廊 Built-in gallery

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走廊 Corridor

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二层平面图 Second floor plan

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三层平面图 3rd Floor Plan

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四层平面图图 4th floor plan


Up to now, the Project of Beijing Institute of Technology Cultural and Sports Center has received attention and recognition from all sides, and shines brilliantly on the international stage.

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1. 在本项目中,设计团队运用了哪些数字化技术/工具,发挥了怎样的作用?




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屋面造型 Roof styling



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屋面结构 Roof structure


2. 在项目的不同阶段中,各个团队是如何协作助力项目建成的?




3. 您认为数字化技术在建筑领域有何发展趋势?




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