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陕西省会古都西安,不仅是丝绸之路的起点,更是中华文明和中华民族重要的发祥地之一。Aedas全球设计董事林静衡、祈礼庭(David Clayton)带领团队,在西安雁塔区南三环旁的核心地段,打造了集商业、酒店和办公多元业态于一体的南飞鸿乐荟中心。项目周边以住宅区为主,公共交通便利,同时也临近包括陕西电视塔、西安博物馆在内的一众名胜景点。

Xi’an city is located in Shaanxi province in the Northern part of China, where it is held in high regard for having been the starting point of the Silk Road. Perched next to the South Third Ring Road at Yan Ta district in Xi’an, the Lovi Center is comprised of retail, hotel and offices elements. Surrounded by residential area with accessible public transportation, it is also close to many attractions, such as the Shaanxi TV Tower and the Xi’an museum.

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Urban ecological mixed-use


A touchstone of this project is the measure of public space and greenery. Through the use of color, sculptural form and greenery, the design aims to create an urban oasis, one that brightens Xi’an dour appearance, and stands in stunning contrast to the “parch city”.  


Besides the two mixed-use towers housing offices and hotel, a retail podium and a roof garden are strategically set where it is easy to reach by users from both office/hotel towers. 

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Functional disposition 


Premised on nature, the development layout takes inspiration from the four seasons, various flower types and mountain characteristics, and they influence the public space in the podium, the interior space of the towers, as well as the facades and canopies throughout the development.  

master layout plan

Garden City 

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The retail podium is divided into four zones of four seasonal themes according to their spatial characteristics, inspired by orchid, bamboo, lotus and plum blossom. The design uses horizontal elements, such as green belts and aluminum L-Channels, as well as vertical elements like vertical aluminum fins, to beget an impression of a layered landscape. 

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Flower and season-themed zones

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Green interior space


Envisioned to be a garden city, the retail podium is delineated by a linear green experience featuring atrium wreathed in flora and fauna, and spotlighted with large statement hallmarks such as a glass funnel and grand staircase. 


The cascading funnel is a centerpiece in the main atrium that recirculates harvested water and serves as a canvas for a 360 degree light show.  Its architectural form and composition serve as a blueprint for uniting disparate elements, in which each floor is also wrapped around a series of bamboo-like fins along the perimeter, leading to various pockets. Meanwhile, an asymmetrical stepping green belt ascends along the water features at the south atrium imitates layers of falling leaves, functioning as a scenic guide for visitors. 

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Atrium space

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Public space


The space is sequenced to lead users eventually up to the roof garden, wherein a pathway ascends through a series of green events, carrying visitors to the central amphitheatre. These diverse social and commercial activities are incorporated to enhance spatial value of the roof. 

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Cultural amphitheatre 


There are two sunken plazas around the retail hub at two busy traffic junctions, as points of entry into basement facilities as well as means to enhance circulation efficiency. Equipped with a large LED screen that expands horizontally, they can double up as a public theatre for events, ultimately engendering a welcoming retail frontage.

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Sunken plaza 

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The large LED screen


The elongated skylight along the atrium serves to introduce natural sunlight into the mall, increase overall solar gain, hence reducing energy consumption. The indoor greenery also help promote ecological health within the shopping mall by its effect of improving air quality and functioning as natural ventilation.  

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The skylight

City of Flower 

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The concept, City of Flowers, inform the structure of the office/hotel towers. The facade is nuanced and textured by virtue of the use of two mullions types, made of reflective and transparent glass. Derived from the form of a flower bud, the tapered building mass with subtle curvilinear lines secures efficiency for the Grade-A office and hotel tower, and ensures seamless integration with the podium to become part of the urban oasis. 

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Office entrance


Featuring ascending horizontal layers of LED screen wall, the dynamic office lobby mirrors the retail podium facade, where they protrude increasingly as they are stacked upwards. On a practical level, information that serves the public such as stock market index or weather can be displace on screen.  

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Office lobby office
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The lobby entrance


“We hope to establish an integrated mixed-use development that would rejuvenate and contribute to the prosperity of Xi’an; Lovi Center is slated to be an iconic retail and business hub, providing bracing experiences to the public.”— Aedas Global Design Principal Christine Lam.

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建筑面积:195,000 平方米 


主要设计人:林静衡,全球设计董事;祈礼庭(David Clayton),全球设计董事

Project: Lovi Center

Location: Xi’an, PRC

Architect: Aedas

Client: Shaanxi Nan-Feihong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Gross Floor Area: 195,000 sq m

Completion Year: On-going

Design Directors: Global Design Principal, Christine Lam; Global Design Principal, David Clayton

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