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项目位于湖北省襄阳市襄州区(高新区) ,距离主城区6km。项目3km范围内,有东湖游乐园,连山风景区等景观资源。

The project is located in Xiangfan District,Xiangyang City,Hubei Province,distance from the main city 6km.East Lake Amusement Park, Lianshan scenic in the distance within the project 3km.


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The site side of the street, while near the lake.The present situation have street trees and retention plants on the shores, the interface of showing more complicated.The building is two storeys high,there is a beautiful view of the scene.How to organically combine the site with the current situation to create a rich landscape experience and living scene is a major topic of design.

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Solve the current problem of "scattering" and "fragmenting" of buildings in the urban interface and improve the display of entrances. The building is conceived as an "urban ark", and with this as the source point, the scene experiential line is designed, the neighborhood gathering is created, the internal life scene is reproduced, and the "lake residence" life is fully experienced.

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设计将“临湖”这一难得的自然资源,结合襄阳深厚的山水文化,以“湖光云居”为主题,使场地与情景相融,营造出无界湖居的空间体验。提出“复合多元体验空间+ 生态自然观湖体验”的设计目标,打造湖畔" 乐+ " 生活,营造公园式社区。

The design combines the natural resource of lake with the deeply landscape culture of Xiangyang, with the theme of "Lake Light Cloud Residence", so that the venue and the scene are integrated, creating a spatial experience of boundless lake residence. Put forward the design goal of "composite diversified experience space + ecological natural lake viewing experience", create a lakeside "happy + " life, and create a park-like community.

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With minimal intervention, the original vegetation is protected, the current environment is sorted out, with the concept of "natural fading" is carefully created, and the site is like growing in the forest.

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In the shade of the trees, embracing the pearl of the lake. The design uses the metaphorical design language of sculptural "boat-shaped flower pond" and "cascading falling water" to create the first display space of the venue. While improving the guidance, it also creates a rare dynamic experience of walking with the boat.

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The rain was falling, and the sound of the water was not heard, and the drizzle fell on the eaves first. In watching the delicate waterline trickling down, the mood also seems to be quietly moisturized by the delicate and gentle.

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Walking into the grounds, the welcome gallery is like the eaves of the guests. Standing for a moment, the sound of falling rain, gushing springs, and falling water came rushing in.The eye can see the verdant of greenery, the ear hearing light sound, and feeling the dust is far away...

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The design of the gallery columns is carefully created to simulate the "huge splash of water in the center of the lake", and the gradual unfolding of the grille gradient rhythm from bottom to top presents a natural effect with the surrounding environment.

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The central landscape needs to be both in absolute focus and in tune with nature. The design is based on a sloping "round mirror water feature", combined with a thousand wisps of water curtains and a soft sound spring, to introduce the skylight and clouds into the venue.

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Entering it, gaze at the water waves, listen to the sound of the water, and touch the cold of the springs. When I look at the lake, my body and mind are immersed in the nature.

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The blue color of the lake is most matched by the green of the grass. In the treatment of the lakeside space, the design is contrary to the design method of the front field, using the method of minimal intervention, giving up the protagonist to the lake as much as possible, and returning the space to the crowd, so that tourists can experience the natural health of the body and mind with the most comfortable and pleasant feeling.

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The breeze is just right, and the flowers and trees are soothing. The plant takes the deep and light green as the main tone, combines the cool color grass flowers, and the local bright green and tender yellow embellishments are highlighted, forming a calm and tranquil landscape atmosphere.

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The demonstration area can be landed with high quality, inseparable from the close communication and cooperation of party A, the designer and the construction party. Thanks to Party A's high level of attention and professional control power, in the construction process to coordinate to solve a series of on-site problems, including details of the careful control, material selection, construction technology requirements, etc.. After continuous communication between Party A and the designer and careful carving by the construction party, the details will be perfectly presented and the project was successfully landed.

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As the core highlight, the circular mirror water feature of the central landscape, which must occupy the absolute focus and fit with nature. In the end, the designers adopted the form of a circular mirror, which not only reflecting the surrounding scene, but also harmony with the distant lake with the sound of water and the flow of the waves. In order to simulate the gesture of wave and form thousands strands of sagging curtain effect, two sets of water outlet systems are set up in the edge of the 200-thick countertop: the upper layer controls the surface flowing water, and the lower layer controls the curtain. The upper layer of the water outlet system will be the outlet pipe is set in sections, and each section of the outlet pipe evenly opens the water hole to ensure that the slope has uniform flowing water.

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Xiangyang is a city immersed in landscapes and poetry, the site is naturally near the lake, and the natural environment is beautiful. At the beginning of the inspection site, the designer has always been thinking about how to make an organic link between the lake view and urban life, and integrate nature into daily life boundlessly, not only limited to static viewing, but also more in-depth interaction with it. The flow of the four seasons is staged in the venue, and the perception of the five senses is activated between the venues. Let nature heal the body and mind, and let the mind return to peace.

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景观设计:上海万境景观  设计八所&设计四所

摄       影:须然建筑摄影 邬涛

项目地点:湖北 襄阳

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