湖州来野民宿·十二兽 | 时上建筑空间设计
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“ 山野始于斯 


Continuing the "natural, wild" brand culture of Laiye Phase I, the second phase came to a mountain forest in Huzhou Xiamou Mountain, surrounded by mountains and wild mountains, the expanded site allows this homestay to release the wild, just like a beast sleeping in the forest.

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" 野兽派建筑 " 

野兽派建筑(Brutalist architecture )是20世纪中叶非常流行的一种建筑风格,尤其是在民间项目和公共建筑中,以野兽派雕塑的形式确立了人们对建筑材料和结构特征的特殊欣赏权利。视觉上带有几何线条的高层建筑,坚固的混凝土框架,夸张的楼板,双层高的天花板,巨大的禁忌墙,裸露的混凝土和主要是单色的调色板,野兽派建筑将功能优先于形式,并将简约置于浮华的设计之上。

Brutalist architecture was a style of architecture that was very popular in the middle of the 20th century, especially in folk projects and public buildings, and established a special right of appreciation for the materials and structural features of buildings in the form of Brutalist sculptures. Visually tall buildings with geometric lines, solid concrete frames, exaggerated floor slabs, double-height ceilings, huge tabu walls, exposed concrete and a mostly monochrome color palette, brutalist architecture prioritizes function over form and prioritizes simplicity over flashy design.

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BRUTILSM | 野兽派建筑


野生生活方式 " 

LIVE | 栖居环境

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DRAW | 手稿图 

VIDEO | 视频


After a forest and grass, the the Laiye building suddenly appeared in front of the eyes. The designer compares the building to the rough and natural living space of animals and abstracts the irregular geometric volume. Unlike the flat and straight lines, the triangular angular structure brings strong visual tension to the building.

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Many views have been added to the facade, with floor-to-ceiling glazing combined with the volume, allowing each guest room to enjoy the best views outside.

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The triangular shape extending from the structure is like the tail of an animal. The building instantly comes alive and interacts with the surrounding mountains.

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A long Tingle walkway at the entrance adds to the sense of ritual entry, and the mirrored water stretches out the reflection of the building, as if it were integrated with heaven and earth.

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Through the triangular shape of the entrance, the light extends on the wall, which is a baptism from nature, ready to enter another wonderful space.


万物有灵 " 

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Designers will be building design technique applied to indoor unity, maintain the order and logic of its design, achieve the unity of the indoor and outdoor, with the extension of water system and the building block, build a nature "shuihedandan,shandaosongzhi ",round hole break depressing feeling of the block triangular form, pet became the protagonist here, the can clock in photographs.

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Through the construction of different volumes, light is naturally introduced into the interior, achieving a harmonious dialogue between indoor and outdoor, leisurely roaming in the forest.

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The cylindrical surface of the geometric block is deconstructed by the four feet of animals to enrich the level of space. A large area of gray paint shows the quiet color of the space, allowing light and shadow to flow freely.

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The cantilevered staircase acts as a giant sculptural installation, adding an artistic touch to the space. Through the interspersed volume, it is like a hovering dragon. The window on the top allows the dragon to come and go freely, shuttling through the whole building. The space is instantly intelligent, conveying a sense of awe to the animistic.

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The stairs leading to the basement level are arranged in a large staircase, which can host cultural activities for many people. The underground space is dotted with tea rooms, baking rooms, billiards rooms, video rooms, logistics areas and lawn camping areas to provide guests with a variety of activities.

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Sika deer named "Twenty-two" freely shuttled through the forest, waiting for interaction with guests, further upgrading the sense of wild interest.

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十二生肖 "

In the 12 guest rooms, the designer has a deep understanding of the living habits and characteristics of animals, and reflects the characteristics from the details, so that the guest rooms are full of harmony in different places. Each guest room has a unique view of the landscape to further the enjoyment of sleeping in the mountains.

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According to the living environment of the rat, the main visual element is black, with linear light belt, so that the room presents a mysterious and warm texture. The hole in the wall simulates the path of rats, and pets and children can enter and exit freely here.

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The room is wrapped in wood veneer, plain and pure, as calm and quiet as the character of a scalper. The matching of structure and color makes everything seem just right.

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The designer turned the original column into two fangs with long points. The yellow metal paint was taken from the color of tiger fur, which restored the majestic spirit of the tiger as the "king of beasts". Taking a bath in the tiger's mouth was like an interesting adventure in a different way.

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The purity of the rabbit makes the space appear white. The large rabbit ears and the floor-to-ceiling glass form each other, reflecting the green mountain scenery in the distance, and having the experience of sleeping in the mountains.

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The sparkling material presents the texture of dragon scales, and the collision of materials deepens the sense of atmosphere in the space. The circular shape block structure is connected with each other, showing the shape of the dragon hovering posture, bathing in the bath pool, enjoy the noble experience.

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The angular shape of the snake is abstracted, and the aluminum alloy material is used to show its sharpness. The off-white bedding increases the visual sense of sight. Looking at the distant scenery, all troubles disappear.

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The wood material shows the gentle character of the horse, the slender limbs strongly support the space, and the bathtub beside the floor-to-ceiling glass window always feels a way of life that yearns for nature.

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The curved shape of the goat's horn is placed on the top. The black and white color scheme shows the adventurous personality of the goat and makes the space seem cool.

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Monkey is loft parent-child room, with a vertical activity space and an independent yard, showing the habit of monkeys jumping in the trees of tall pines. From inside to outside, unleash nature.

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The abstract shape of the comb is combined with the space block, which is full of fun like building blocks and stimulates children's imagination. The circular space is inspired by the nest of baby chicken, warm and full of children's fun.

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Dogs are the most loyal partners of human beings. They are simple and honest in character. They remove the exaggerated modeling structure and present a peaceful visual experience.

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The whole body of the pig is pink and the nostrils are round. The designer uses this as a partition wall, where children play and play, which is full of fun.

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Leading to the top space is an open-air infinity swimming pool, with a long T platform embedded in the swimming pool, where you can enjoy catwalks and parties in nature, and find the inner meaning of the combination of man and nature.

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The night is like a cave, the stars are flowing, the homestay is like a beast sleeping in the mountains and forests, and the warm light is as deep and quiet as breathing.

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▲ | 地下一层平面图

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▲ | 一层平面图

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▲ | 二层平面图

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▲ | 三层平面图

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▲ | 顶层平面图

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▲ | 建筑效果图

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▲ | 入口效果图

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▲ | 公区效果图

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▲ | 客房效果图

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GROUP | 设计师团队

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GROUP | 业主与设计师合影

项目名称 | NAME


设计单位 | DESIGN







1700 ㎡










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