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“用顺应自然的制作方式,去自然而然更好的生活。”新锐贴身衣物品牌YOUKESHU 有棵树倡导着自然健康、绿色低碳的可持续生活方式。SLT受邀为品牌在上海万象城打造首家线下零售形象店。

“Live a better life naturally by adapting to the natural way of production.” YOUKESHU, a cutting-edge intimate clothing brand, advocates a natural, healthy and low-carbon sustainable lifestyle. SLT was invited to build the first offline retail image store for the brand in Shanghai MixC.

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门店外观 Appearance


Inspired by "loading nature", the design team follows nature, captures the forms of trees, grasslands, sunlight and clouds, and implants special urban forests in commercial space.The brand concept bursts out infinite vitality in the healing space.

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项目入口 Entrance

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Off-white and French grey,  light and restrained, convey a gentle and calm spatial emotion. Pacing forward, the space gradually brightened up, and meanwhile the greenery is becoming more clearer.

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空间概览 Overall


The striking tree-shaped installation in the central area becomes the spotlight, and the cylindrical volume with a diameter of about 2.6m allows consumers to shop freely.

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Diagram of  the the central installation


The installation is fixed with fine nodes of mortise and tenon, and connects modern materials in a traditional way to present the creative integration of classical structure and retail space.

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Detail diagram of the mortise-and-tenon joint


Through the abstract deconstruction and reorganization of the "the form of tree", the design team tailored the "trees groves and forests" props system for the space.

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Analysis diagram of the 

"trees groves and forests" props system


The ceiling track frames the area to construct the system foundation support structure. Columns in twos and threes are rooted in the ground and connected to the track to create a vertical display space. Hanging suspenders and modular cabinets are scattered in the space, which can be freely grouped in accordance with the usage scenarios to meet a variety of display needs.

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Part of the core area


Several groups of "trees groves and forests" prop systems are arranged in turn around the central tree installation, presenting multiple shapes by the unified material. The unique space symbol strengthens the impression of the brand and interprets the core concept of "growing from nature".

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Concept axonometric diagram


Three tree-shaped lights, white and hazy, decorate the corners in orderly, delivering a sence of healing.

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Tree-shaped light installation

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The top lighting is laid out in a matrix, filtering the light layer by layer, which creates a bright and soft atmosphere. The point light sources are arranged in a grid, which meets the local accent lighting requirements. The 1.2m × 1.2m ceiling grid system organically combines lighting, hanging suspenders, tree-shaped rods and other modules to enhance the integrity and unity of the space.

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The ceiling grid system


The smooth curved boundary of the ground outlines the circulation, and the color blocks emphasize the retail scene in the core area. The green ground and wooden columns are stacked, green and dense, sparking the interest of exploring the urban forest.

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The green ground emphasize the core retail scene

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In order to better adapt to the diversified display of products and the seasonal marketing campaign of the brand, the design team has created three modular prop rack systems. The flexible combination breaks the inherent pattern and opens up infinite possibilities for the space.

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Open and flexible display system


Based on ergonomic, SLT formulate wall display rule and rack system within a reasonable height. Keel frame, metal perforated board inserts and modular low cabinets, the combination of lightweight racks and flexible modules provides the basis and support for the construction of the brand's future SI system.

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The wall rack system


The movable storage cabinets are connected in pairs to form a shrubbery that guides the moving line. The unitized modules are combined with the universal node components to present a variety of display modes.

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The movable storage cabinets


The translucent frosted acrylic grid cabinets, reflecting the hazy greenness of the space, form a complete island prop system with the low cabinets in the front field,  which offers an extremely rich spatial experience.

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The frosted acrylic grid cabinets

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Through the complete functional layout, relaxed space rhythm adjustment and rich and diverse material combinations, SLT creates a natural landscaping and a vigorous atmosphere in the city, at the same time, integrates the brand's concept of "natural arrival" into the space design and consumer experience.

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项目内景  Interior


YOUKESHU's first offline retail image store takes root here, grows freely, and conveys the power of nature. Every visitor is welcomed in the open and bright space. Take a deep breathe, listen to the inner voice, and regain the energy of upward growth.

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平面图 Plan


项目地址 Address:


The MixC, Minhang District, Shanghai

建筑面积 Area:


项目完成时间 Date:


摄影 Photography:

吴鉴泉 Vincent Wu

灯光设计 Lighting consultant:


施工方 Contractor:


ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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