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GP announces the completion of Alcove, a new residential tower in Nashville, Tennessee, developed by Giarratana LLC. Located at 900 Church Street, adjacent to the 17-acre, Amazon-anchored Nashville Yards development, the new 34-story, 419-foot-tall apartment tower includes 356 units. With the architecture and interiors designed by GP, the residence is a first-of-its-kind for Nashville, featuring amenities such as a fitness room, rooftop game room, two pools and several communal alcoves. The building also offers connections to greater downtown Nashville through public transit and bike access and has a Walk Score of 98.

GP宣布由Giarratana LLC开发、位于田纳西州纳什维尔的公寓塔楼Alcove正式竣工。Alcove位于教堂街900号,毗邻4000平米的亚马逊开发项目Nashville Yards。这座公寓塔楼共34层,128米高,拥有356间公寓单元,由GP负责建筑和室内的设计。公寓的配套设施包括健身房、屋顶游戏室、两个泳池和数个公共空间。通过公共交通和骑行车道,住户能够直达纳什维尔市中心,“步行指数”为98分    

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The building is composed of a series of stacked, shifted cubes—mirroring Amazon’s signature boxes—organized in pairs on four levels. An intricate window wall features two varying shades of glazed metal panels that frame floor-to-ceiling glass for each unit and provide a distinctive contrast for the cubes. The tower footprint maximizes the site, providing 32 studios, 224 one-bedroom units, and 100 two-bedroom units. While the bold form of the tower appears to have a dynamic layout, a consistent floor plate runs throughout the entirety of the building, with only slight movements. The unique stacked arrangement and subtle shifts open inner sections of the building, carving out four 75-foot-tall signature alcove terrace spaces and creating distinctive moments on the exterior.  The warm-toned communal terraces—two located on the east side of the building and two on the west—each serve seven floors. Comfortably furnished, they provide areas for residents to work, socialize and enjoy outdoor space. In addition, the building’s top-of-the-line Mitsubishi elevators open onto each floor with direct connections to the terraces, greeting residents with natural light and dramatic views of Nashville.


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“The developer’s goal of ‘visually stimulating’ architecture drove the design of the project, as well as the desire to create unique spaces and vantage points in the center of the building,” said Vladimir Andrejevic, AIA, principal and senior project designer at GP. “At certain points, you step off the elevator and immediately overlook the city.”

“开发商提出的‘视觉刺激’是本项目的建筑设计纲领,也是建筑中心区域创造大量特殊空间和观景地点的目的所在,” Vladimir Andrejevic(美国建筑师协会理事,GP董事兼资深项目设计师)表示,“在某些位置,人们一出电梯就能俯瞰整座城市的景观。”

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In bringing a contemporary residential option to Nashville that did not previously exist, great importance was placed on the experience of moving throughout the building. The glowing lobby connects directly to the street and provides transparency, inviting residents and visitors into the core of the building. Within the lobby, elevator bay and other shared spaces in the building, works by local artists and makers are featured to connect back to the city. Artist Mary Bentley’s Downtown Series features abstract drawings of downtown Nashville’s street grid, inspired by walks with her grandfather and the view of her hometown from above through Google Earth. The all-woman team worked with local custom wall-coverings designer New Hat and Red Rock Tileworks to bring Bentley’s drawings to life as a stunning mosaic wrapped around a 30-foot-tall lobby column. The artwork is essential in rooting the building within its local context and giving back to Nashville by supporting hometown talent.

在纳什维尔建造一座史无前例的现代化公寓塔楼,最重要的是为用户创造一种灵动的体验。通透的大堂直通户外街道,吸引住户和访客进入建筑内部。大堂、电梯厅和公共空间内布置了大量当地艺术家和手工匠人的作品,与城市文化一脉相通。艺术家Mary Bentley的抽象画系列《上城故事》描绘了纳什维尔市中心星罗棋布的街道,灵感来自于她与祖父的城市漫步和谷歌地图的城市画像。全女性团队与当地传统墙面设计师New Hat和Red Rock Tileworks合作,将Bentley的画作以马赛克瓷砖的方式环绕粘贴于9米大堂的立柱之上。这一艺术形式不仅体现了城市文化与建筑设计的完美融合,更是设计团队对本地艺术家的支持与回馈。   

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“We strongly believed that integrating this project closely with the community was vital from the start,” noted Tony Giarratana, president of Giarratana. “Having an all-woman team come together as the right talent for the interior art design, craftsmanship and construction was a bonus.”

“我们从一开始就坚持项目与社区的内在联结至关重要,” Giarratana董事长Tony Giarratana坦言,“邀请一个全部是女性的团队作为室内艺术设计、手工艺以及施工;对于项目来说是一个巨大的加成。”

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With evolving priorities for multifamily housing placing greater focus on healthy bodies, minds and communities, the architecture and verticality of Alcove are fueled by these new priorities, creating an entirely new residential experience for Nashville. On the 34th-floor rooftop, modern amenities include a fitness room, private dining room with a catering kitchen, game room and resident lounge. Also located on the rooftop is an outdoor pool deck featuring a large saltwater pool and a separate, clear acrylic-bottom pool that dramatically overhangs the 27th-floor amenity terrace on the west side of the building. Grilling and seating areas are located on the east side of the rooftop deck. Additional amenities provide work-from-home options, including a conference room with video capability and a co-working space with built-in technology and various seating options. Outside, a 3,300-square-foot dog park serves residents as well as the public.


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Alcove’s location on Church Street provides links to the greater downtown area, which is easily accessible by walking, biking or using public transit. The building also includes an BCycle e-bike station and bike storage and maintenance areas.


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In addition to Alcove, GP is currently working on several other residential projects in Nashville, as well as in Chicago; Denver, Colorado; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Columbus, Ohio. Including the 77-story One Chicago tower, completed in Chicago’s River North area last year, GP has active and completed residential projects totaling more than 7,000 apartments and condominiums.

除了Alcove,GP目前在纳什维尔、芝加哥、丹佛、夏洛特、哥伦布等城市还有多个公寓项目正在设计和建设过程中。加上去年已完工的芝加哥河岸北区77层塔楼One Chicago,GP正在设计和已竣工的公寓数量总计超过7000间。

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