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The project is located in the north wing of Guangzhou Baiyun New City, adjacent to the main road of Guangyun Road in the west, and surrounded by neighboring old communities with noisy urban interface. It is only 1500m away from Baiyun Mountain in a straight line, and the building group has a better view of the mountain. How to introduce the connection with the mountains in the landscape scene and link with nature in space and perception is our biggest thinking in this project.




The first opening area of Baiyun Lu Fu is also the main southern entrance of the future district. At the beginning of the site survey, we were inspired by the rich and delightful eucalyptus grove that grows on the opposite corner of the southwest side of the project. We hoped that the lush greenery of this native eucalyptus forest could be carried over from across the street into the project, and that the feeling of being completely wrapped in the jungle would be the first step in connecting with nature when driving by.



Therefore, in the urban interface facing the southwest side, the main building and the city exit an open corner space within the red line. It is both a field for reshaping the relationship between people and the community, giving the urban community a chance to participate in communion, as well as a friendly and inclusive urban public space, adding a place of rest and activity to the old urban area.



The landscape deconstructs the shadowed lines of sunset and sunset clouds, and mimics the striped pavement of the art gallery in the site. With a simple and powerful white space, without deliberately emphasizing its form and outline, the site is given a freer sense of scene and functionality.




Walking through the green forest and along the eaves of the building, we enter the main body of our two-story building. Rather than a sales office, the building is more like a community business with an accent, covering the daily social needs of the industry, including coffee, book bar, light catering, art exhibitions, etc. It is a social field at your doorstep.



The architectural visiting line, function and building facade of this project are all co-created by three specialties: landscape, architecture and interior. In order to maximize the realization of the view effect, the building's view opening is changed from the original front street surface to the west side of the square direction, while increasing the back street surface of the future direction of the district to do the view opening. Shielded from the unfavorable factors of the main road outside, the first and second floors of the building can get the best view surface.



The courtyard, as the very end of the experience area, is also the first space where the future Region returns home. We have restored the fun and wildness of the mountains and forests here, simulating the scenes of graceful forests in the mountains and wilds, the misty clouds when fog rises, the green water of the streams and mountain streams, the mosses under the forests on the ground, the ferns that are rare, and the boulders that are coarse in texture, so as to restore the most original and rough texture and appearance of the mountains and forests.


First of all, the forest, we chose the graceful swaying Sapium sebiferum as the main tree. The selected Sapium sebiferum was sketched out, the interlacing of the forest was restored in the elevation, the spacing of the trees was adjusted in the plane, and the drawings were positioned one by one. When the construction was on site, it happened to be the period of heavy rain in Guangzhou, which added great difficulty to the construction. The designer was stationed on-site to coordinate with the topography of the site to release the line, adjust the slope, and make corrections many times in the late rainy season.



The mountain tundra is stacked with undulating micro-slopes, and ferns and broadleaf plants grow wildly interspersed with each other with abandon. Topography is the first priority, we first push inside the model, how many slopes are needed, and how the interlocking relationship between slopes is. Considering the longevity of the plants and the conditions of the site, the plants on the bottom of the bedding need to be tolerant of shade, water and humidity, and require less care. 


After many trials, the best-performing plant for the groundcover was chosen to be asparagus, whose stems are slender and creeping, laying flat in patches, rooting at the nodes, and having good extensibility. The ground cover for the middle layer was chosen to be a shade of green with fluffy branch plants and delicate foliage, such as small southern carpet, spiky peony, white gold dew, hairy azalea, and water cross. For the color jumping plants, gray-blue silver-leafed hamamelis was used, as if sprinkling broken light from the mist-surrounded forest.




The coarse nature of the wild and the fine work of the corridor form a texture of collision and contrast. Throughout the courtyard, the landscape is like a horizontally unfolding scroll. The deep ink color of the wall sets off the verdant green loaded in the room, and vaguely embellishes the sense of daily life rituals of the wood-colored tea room.



Expanding a rich lifestyle based on natural vision and artistic style, it creates rich scene memory points.Guangzhou Zhonghai Lufu connects the city, the community and the life, giving the urban community the communion of participation. It introduces the connection with mountains and fields in the landscape scene, and creates a rich situation of living in the mountains and fields with natural vision and artistic style.


Project Information

Project Name: Zhonghai Lufu,Guangzhou 
Address: Baiyun district, Guangzhou
Owner: China Overseas Land & Investment
Landscape Design: WTD GROUP
设计团队:李卉 张黎 陈湘豫 杨欣龙 魏溥 海伦 高光建 李桂楠 叶芊 郭湘 陈可期 李理 陈成 游守悦 张俊杰 张书桢 王利如 宋照兵 姚淞骅 胡小梅
Design Team: Li Hu, Zhang Li, Chen Xiangyu, Yang Xinlong, Wei Pu, Helen Gao Guangjian, Li Guinan, Ye Qian, Guo Xiang, Chen Kezhi, Li Li, Chen Cheng, You Shouyue, Zhang Junjie, Zhang Shuzhen, Wang Liru, Song Zhaobing, Yao Songhua, Hu Xiaomei
Landscape Construction:Nanjing Gucheng Landscape Engineering Co.
Architectural Design: Baoxian Hua Han Architectural Engineering Design Co.

Landscape area: 3340㎡

Completion time: 2023.07

Photography: Prism

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