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Location: Guangzhou, China

Type:  Interior Design

Design Team: RBA

Total Area: 300m2

Gross Floor Height: 6.07m

Design Time:  2017-2018

Construction time: 2017-2018 / 已完成



设计团队: RBA

总建筑面积:300 m2



完工时间:2017-2018 / finished

The project aims to provide an experiential display showroom for kitchen products.


640.webp (1).jpg

via Arredo3 图片来自Arredo3


How to provide visual proximity with the public space to a 23-meter-deep multi-brand furniture shop window? 

How to make its circulation to be exploited as a tool to shape space?



A Concept Showroom should not only be a store for selling functions or items, but also a destination for displaying, experiencing and selling the quality and value of life. This is also the difference between JOYS OF HOME and other showrooms. Therefore, for a space with a width of only eight meters, we think more about how to effectively display ourselves and quickly create a sensory experience for visitors.

概念展厅,不应只是销售功能或物品的门店,更应当是一个展示,体验与贩卖生活品质与价值的目的地。这也是JOYS OF HOME区别于其他展厅的特质。因此,对于一个门面宽度只有八米,深度却达23米的空间来说,我们更多思考如何高效地自我展示,并快速地为到访者营造感官体验。

640.webp (2).jpg

functions distribution 功能配比

How to immunize a young furniture multi-brand franchising brand from the dull repetition of its space transformation, instead, into the main character of the selling spaces? 


Based on the studies above we have testing different space solutions for the most appropriate option.


640 (1).webp.jpg

640 (1).webp (1).jpg

space studies 空间研究

Can a single shape and colour reunite several furniture objects of a different scale?

Visual proximity / Openness / Limitless / Identity   


关键词:视觉通达度 / 开放度 / 无边界的 / 个性

Due to the uniqueness of the materials and the unified space, the physical model is the most effective way to present the 3D texture and varieties of space.


640 (1).webp (2).jpg


study model 研究模型

640 (1).webp (3).jpg

640 (1).webp (4).jpg

main entrance 主入口

640 (1).webp (5).jpg

to mezzanine 往夹层

640 (1).webp (6).jpg

funnel as main display area 抬升平台作为主展示空间

640 (1).webp (7).jpg

ground floor entrance 首层通高入口

640 (1).webp (8).jpg

to ground floor 进入首层

640 (1).webp (9).jpg

ground floor 首层

640 (1).webp (10).jpg

secondary staircase 次楼梯

Can the franchising marketing concept be adopted as a design strategy for business expansion? 


The brand wants to display not only its high-quality product technology and design, but also to convey an exquisite attitude towards life and high control with rigorous craftsmanship. Therefore, as an auxiliary role, we hope to create a space that not only brings an immersive sensory experience for visitors but also effectively sets off the unique character of the exhibit, and making the exhibit a spatial focus of the showroom.

品牌方所要展示的不仅仅是其优质的产品工艺与设计,更希望传达一种精致的生活态度,与严谨的工艺把控态度。 因此,作为辅助性的角色,我们希望营造出来的空间不仅带来浸入式的感官体验,更能有效地衬托出展品的独特性格,让展品成为空间焦点。

640 (1).webp (11).jpg

conceptual entrance and inside 入口与内部概念效果

640 (1).webp (12).jpg

conceptual elevation 立面概念效果

640 (1).webp (13).jpg

landings as display pocket 平台作为展示口袋

640 (1).webp (14).jpg

layers of texture 肌理对比与层次 

640 (1).webp (15).jpg

lamp  造型灯

Due to the limitation of the space dimension, finding a proper balance between " over-decorated" and "empty" is a crucial step for the sensory of the final output. Therefore, we tried to create a layer of shadow through the partition material itself, which later naturally become part of the decoration. 

由于空间尺度的局限,在”过度装饰“ 与 “单调” 之间寻找一个绝佳平衡点是决定展厅观感的重要一环。因此,我们希望通过钢格板本身特有的纹理,创造出一层光影,成为装饰的一部分。

640 (1).webp (16).jpg

640 (1).webp (17).jpg

shadow on the floor  地面的光影纹理

Steal Grating Panel


As the main material in the design of 90%, the texture, precision and quality of the steel grating will directly determine the final result of the exhibition hall. Therefore, we have carried out strict sample selection and process testing for the steel grating.


material: GB G303/30/100FU

technique:  Cold galvanized twisted panel

                   / powder coating finishing

材料:国标 G303/30/100FU

工艺:冷镀锌麻花钢格板 / 表面粉末喷涂

640 (1).webp (18).jpg

640 (1).webp (19).jpg

visiting factory 查访工厂

640 (1).webp (20).jpg

640 (1).webp (21).jpg

checking sample 查验工艺与成品

640 (1).webp (22).jpg

adjusting finishing 调整确定成品

640 (1).webp (23).jpg

mockup 模拟效果

Technical drawings


640 (1).webp (24).jpg

ground floor plan 首层平面

640 (1).webp (25).jpg

mezzanine plan 夹层平面

640 (1).webp (26).jpg

metal grid ceiling 钢格网天花

640 (1).webp (28).jpg

side elevation 斜立面

640 (1).webp (29).jpg

side elevation 斜立面

640 (1).webp.jpg

left elevation 正立面



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