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如恩设计的petit h快闪店位于成都远洋太古里,设计灵感来自于成都街头巷尾人们的窃语、市井生活和曾在中式村落间盛行的传统皮影戏

Neri&Hu’s design for petit h pop-up store takes inspiration from street life and shadow puppet theaters that once characterized communal society in Chinese villages. The retail pop-up is located in Chengdu’s Taikooli development.

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petit h是由爱马仕于2010年创办的副牌,主要利用从爱马仕其他产品部类不再使用的材料进行回收再创作,定制新奇有趣且具有实验性的皮具、家具、家居装饰/配饰和珠宝产品。

petit h is a sub-brand established in 2010 by Hermès that creates products out of the recycled materials from the parent company. The brand is known for its bespoke, quirky, and experimental use of materials for leather goods, ready-to-wear, furniture, home decor/accessories and jewelry.

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©Kid Han

如恩本次的设计灵感来自于petit h的精致产品,构想为这些产品设计可以捕捉市井生活的背景空间,同时衬托出虚构、可供人臆想的奇特氛围汉语中的"小说"一词本源于街头巷末的窃语。专卖店布局和精心布置的视觉陈列灵感都来自于街巷、窃语、小说和街头戏剧之间的关系。

Drawing from the playful qualities of petit h products, Neri&Hu wanted to create a backdrop for the products that could capture the life of the streets while gesturing to the fictional, imagined and whimsical. The Chinese notion of "fiction" actually derives from the term "small talk" originating from alleys and streets. The relationship between the alley, fiction and street theater informs the layout of the shop as well as the careful placement of visual merchandise.

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©Eric Song

除了装置设计以外,如恩还负责了本次展览的特别橱窗设计。同时受petit h委托开展产品设计,并于本次展览中发布了两件单品

In addition to the intallation design, Neri&Hu also designed the special window display and two new products in collaboration with petit h for this exhibition.

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©Kid Han

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425日,由方所文化和爱马仕举办的对话讲座特邀著名媒体人洪晃女士主持,主讲人为爱马仕petit h创意总监Godefroy de Virieu和如恩设计创始合伙人郭锡恩先生、胡如珊女士。

A dialogue between Neri&Hu with Godefroy de Virieu (creative director of petit h), moderated by Hong Huang was held on 25th, by Fangsuo Commune and Hermès.

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