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作为2019 BAU中国大会及CADE建筑设计博览会开幕日的重要活动,2019 International Urban Project Award (IUPA) 颁奖典礼于2019年11月5日(星期二)在上海新国际展览中心举行,都市实践主持建筑师孟岩与其他两位获奖者ALA (赫尔辛基)及Diller Scofidio + Renfro (纽约)事务所代表于颁奖当日下午发表演讲。其后2日内,来自多个国家的数十位建筑师陆续登台,就人本主义视野下的建筑设计与环境以及设计的数字化变革等多个议题展开演讲和讨论。

As an important event on the opening day of BAU 2019 China Conference and 2019 CADE Architectural Design Expo, the 2019 International Urban Project Award (IUPA) Awards Ceremony was held on November 5, 2019 (Tuesday) at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center (SNIEC). Principal architect Meng Yan from URBANUS (Shenzhen) and two other winner representatives from ALA (Helsinki) and Diller Scofidio + Renfro (New York)Architects delivered speeches. In the next two days, dozens of architects from various countries successively stage presentations and discussions on various topics such as Human Scale Architecture and Digital Design for Visionary Architecture.

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△ 都市实践主持建筑师孟岩上台领奖    

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△ 都市实践主持建筑师孟岩演讲


八个入围项目来自德国、意大利、南非、中国等6个国家。获得大奖的项目有Oody LibraryThe Shed以及南头古城保护与更新

The eight shortlisted projects are from Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Russia and South Africa. Winners are the following: Oody LibraryThe Shed and Nantou Old Town Preservation and Regeneration

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△ ALA Architects - Oody Library(地点:赫尔辛基, 一等奖)


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△  Diller Scofidio+Renfro - The Shed(地点:纽约,特别奖)


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△ URBANUS都市实践 - 南头古城 (地点:深圳,特别奖)

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△ URBANUS都市实践 - 南头古城(地点:深圳,特别奖)

IUPA 由德国Bauwelt 《建筑世界》携手 WA《世界建筑》,由包括中国建筑学会等多家机构共同推出,评选全球范围内优秀的城市项目典范,激发人们对建筑价值的讨论和对未来城市发展思路和理念、未来人居生活的有益探索。IUPA面向全球的建筑师、城市规划师和景观设计师个人或团体,经过专家推选,来自21个国家和地区的45项作品参与10月的最终评审。

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With the support by Bauwelt magazine from Berlin, World Architecture WA magazine from Beijing and many other organizations such as The Architectural Society of China , a new award called the "International Urban Project Award (IUPA)" was launched. The award aims to engage the debate on the values of architecture stimulating in an exemplary way the urban context all over the world. 

The main criterion for the selected projects is that they are truly outstanding for the further development of architecture and urban design in an international discourse. Architects, urban planners and landscape architects (individuals or groups) from all over the world are all qualified to apply the award. After the preliminary selection by the experts, 45 projects from 21 countries and regions were participated in the final review in October.


All award-winning projects and finalists will be published in WA and Bauwelt as well as shown on the fairgrounds of the SNIEC from November 5-7.

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△ 德国《建筑世界》杂志    图片来源:网络


Nantou Old Town Preservation and Regeneration

位于中国深圳市中心区域的南头古城有1 700余年建城史,历代都是深港地区,包括澳门珠海在内的政治、军事和经济中心。近百年间城市化的加剧,形成城市包围村庄,而村庄又包含古城的复杂格局。作为历史古城与当代城中村的共生体,深圳南头城背负两个相互掣肘的命题,发展受困。

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△ 南头古城改造前总体鸟瞰  

Located in the central area of Shenzhen, Nantou Old Town has a history over 1700 years and had served as the political, military, and economic center of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong region including Macau and Zhuhai in the past dynasties. In the past century, the exacerbation of urbanization in Shenzhen has resulted in a complex pattern of a historical town embedded within an urban village, which is again encircled by the modern city. Nantou of Shenzhen, as a symbiosis between historical town and contemporary urban village, bears two mutually impetuous propositions, which limit its own development. 

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△ 南城门  

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△ 建筑层级分类   

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△ 2017深双展场改造地图   


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△ 2017年改造后的深圳南头古城十字街片区   

URBANUS starts by rethinking the positioning of its development, emphasizes historical authenticity and layering of its inherited spatial culture, then proposes a gradual activation from microscale to larger clusters; It further promotes the development strategy of rejuvenating Nantou with cultural events, and tailors a six-point regeneration plan for the historical town. In 2017, taking the opportunity of Nantou being the main venue of the "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture", the concept of "Urban Curation" is adopted to intervene the regeneration of the historical town. By reshaping the cultural and spatial context of Nantou, it is to evoke the sense of belonging and community awareness of the local residents, ultimately in hope to provide an alternative strategy and prototype for the regeneration of Shenzhen's urban villages.

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△ 报德广场   

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△ 报德广场周边街巷    

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△ 报德广场周边街巷   

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△ 南头古城展览总平  

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△ A区主展场一层轴测图   




项目时间:2016 - 2017

用地面积:282,637㎡ (城市设计与研究阶段)、38,150㎡(建筑改造阶段)

建筑面积:12,485㎡  景观面积:24,469㎡ (建筑改造阶段)

2017深港城市 \ 建筑双城双年展(深圳)城市+建筑板块总策展人:孟岩、刘晓都



Location: Nantou Old Town, Shenzhen

Client: Nanshan District Government, Shenzhen

Principal Architect: Meng Yan

Project Period: 2016 - 2017

Site Area: 282,637  (Urban Design Stage), 

Site Area: 38,150㎡  Floor Area: 12,485㎡  

Landscape Area: 24,469㎡ (Building Renovation Stage)

Chief Curators for the 2017 Shenzhen-Hong Kong Urbanism\ Architecture Bi-City Biennale (UABB) : Meng Yan, Liu Xiaodu


Photographers: Zhang Chao, URBANUS


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