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The Change is located in Dongzhou, Fuyang District, Hangzhou. It sits at the foot of Yangmei mountain, and is adjacent to Fuchun River and Huang Gongwang National Park surrounded by beautiful natural environment.

Based on the project location and local cultural assets, the painting, ‘Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains by the Yuan Dynasty painter Huang Gongwang naturally became our design reference. The quiet and rustic natural scenery and the artistic conception of mountain dwelling expressed in this landscape painting are what we’re trying to recreate in the project.

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We hope to embrace the beautiful natural environment surrounded by mountains and rivers while integrating modern style apartment living standards. Therefore, we chose to translate the traditional Chinese garden style of mountain dwelling in a minimalist way, removing the complexity in manifestation, to create a unique aesthetic style of modern mountain dwelling.

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The landscape design draws inspiration from the traditional technique of Chinese garden, “Nine Styles of Mountain Dwelling” summarized by Yugan Dong. These nine styles are further categorized in the behavioral/experiential modes of “viewing, walking, wandering and dwelling”, in which the precipice styles correspond to the “viewing mode”, stone paving styles to the “walking mode”, mountain ladder styles to the “wandering mode”, and mountain housing stylesto the “dwelling mode”. (*sourced from the Nine Styles of Mountain Dwelling written by Yugan Dong in Arcadia, Tongji University Press, 2014)

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However, what the project does is not stiffly replicating the nine styles, but to interpret and extend them in a modern and minimalist way, arranging the dynamic walking and wandering and static viewing and dwelling into the circulation to create a modern mountain dwelling style that’s unique to the project.


 The display area

目前已完工的示范区部分在中庭、前院和样板房区域等主要景观空间中正是融合 “望、行、游、居”的参观和居住体验,体现了项目对设计思路的表现和落地。

The completed display area has showcased the project concepts by integrating the visiting and living experience of "viewing, walking, wandering and dwelling" in the main landscaped spaces including the axis courtyard, internal courtyard and display unit’s area.

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Pedestrian circulation of the display area


To fit within its context, The Change is designed as a series of cascading terraces and levels that extend the mountain style with the buildings and landscape stepping back from the road towards the mountains behind. 

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The framed part above is the display area; the larger community is currently under construction


Entry to the site is through a long, low portal structure which, connected with the boundary wall and cascading planting beds, has formed a clear street interface that presents a strong first impression. The entry structure creates a feeling of enclosure as the partition wall and the grille on both sides delineate the space boundary, but it also retains the permeability of the inner and outer space and the overall visual connection.

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Passing through the entrance is an enclosed courtyard that is open to the sky. This internal space is deliberately sparse in style with high vertical walls that mirror the feeling of the mountains behind, creating a framed picturesque view. Water slowly falls from the upper level into the shallow pool below which, divided into sections of both still and active water is a calming space. The focus here of a single tree provides scale to the walls and a colour and contrast relief. 

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Walking and wandering

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After entering the building, the landscape changes when viewed from within. Compared with the hardscaped axis courtyard, the internal courtyard mainly constitutes softscape, using a single colourful groundcover combined with gravel and feature trees to create an image of refined elegance and calm. 

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An outdoor tea room in the internal courtyard;The shape of the ground cover resembles the shape of drifting clouds and flowing water, which echoes the overall style of the project from details


There is a height difference from the sales center to the display units. We designed this transition space as "mountain ladder", with the paving imitating the natural stone texture and cascading planting to create an experience of mountain walking and mountain dwelling.

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Mountain dwelling

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The landscaped stairs take visitors to the display units and terraces above. The larger terrace forms part of the public recreation spaces and act as a series of "outdoor living room" for visitors. The staircase on one side of the axis courtyard also provide access to the display area and an axis garden to be preserved in the future.

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The overall project carefully controls the level changes by adopting a minimalistic translation of traditional Chinese garden approach of “viewing, walking, wandering and dwelling” to integrate different spaces, creating a distinctive contemporary mountain dwelling residence. 



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