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Belleville lvie is an expert in brand creativity, packaging design, and consumer experience. They have also won a number of packaging design awards. EDS Interior provided Paleo lvie with integrated services, from design to construction. We uphold Paleo lvie's commitment to excellence and extraordinary vision to explore the limits of visual design for their new office space.



Glass sliding doors divide the space, offering a more flexible open-space arrangement. When the sliding doors are open, it becomes a fully accessible area, where parties and leisure events can be held. Not only that it makes communication more convenient and effective, but it also highlights Belleville's trendy office.

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Communal desks and lifting tables have been distributed for leisure events and team huddles. This kind of interactive conference area can better stimulate proactivity. 


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The front hall is the highlight of the entire space. The splicing combination of geometric patterns on the front desk’s wall deviates from the conventional design. The contrast between the wood grain and the cement texture is soft and rigid with different sparks. The light strip embellishment makes the space agile. The ceiling is matched with three pentagonal irregular strip lights, which complement and echo the shape of the front desk. This embodies the characteristics of Paleo's innovative goal.

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Milliken carpets laid with imported water-based glue and high-density weaving technology are used to reduce office noise. The carpets are placed in the meeting rooms and open spaces, making the feet feel more comfortable. The carpet patterns also give a unique dimension. It is easy to clean. With the use of pollution-free recyclable materials, it has a B1 fire rating.


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Brightly colored furniture decorated the space with distinguishing space function.

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The pantry is a semi-open space. Striped-frosted stickers are obliquely pasted on the glass to distinguish the pantry from the public office area, which has a shielding effect without affecting the lighting. In terms of color matching, white steel wire, mesh metal ceiling, and wooden floor are used to decorate the space. The dark gray cabinets are matched with bright yellow chairs to create a fashionable recreation area. 


Authentic. Innovative. Rebellious.EDS致力于为我们的客户量身打造一个独有的办公空间,我们希冀于一个好的办公空间,能帮助您与客户建立一个有意义的联系, 而不是将商业创意传播给大众。发现百略lvie深厚零售底蕴的服务,提供可桥接当前和未来的战略和整体解决方案的桥梁。

Authentic. Innovative. Rebellious. EDS is committed to tailoring a unique office space for our customers. We hope that a good office space can help establish a meaningful connection with our customers, instead of just spreading business ideas to the public. Discover Paleo lvie’s profound retail heritage as we provide services that can bridge current and future strategies and overall solutions.




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