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Global architecture firm Goettsch Partners (GP) has designed Alcove, a new residential tower in Nashville, Tennessee, developed by Giarratana LLC. Located at 900 Church Street, adjacent to the 17-acre, Amazon-anchored Nashville Yards development, the new 34-story, 416-foot-tall tower includes 356 units. Totaling 375,800 square feet, the building will feature such amenities as a rooftop game room, two pools and several communal alcoves. GP is designing the building as well as the interior layouts.

Giarratana LLC开发,国际知名建筑设计公司GP建筑设计有限公司 (GP)设计的新住宅大楼项目Alcove近日完成设计工作。该项目位于田纳西州纳什维尔教堂街900号,紧邻亚马逊所持有的17英亩Nashville Yards地块。该住宅楼高416英尺(127米),拥有34层共356间房,总建筑面积375800平方英尺(34913平方米),配备屋顶游戏室、两个泳池及数个公共空间。GP同时负责该项目的建筑设计和室内设计。    

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The building is composed as a series of stacked, shifted cubes organized in pairs on four levels. The unique arrangement opens up inner sections of the building and allows for unique views and alcoves. The tower footprint maximizes the site, with residential units—currently designed for flexibility as either apartments or condominiums—including 32 studios, 224 one-bedroom units and 100 two-bedroom units. Two second-floor units have adjoining, private outdoor terraces. The building façade uses an intricate window wall featuring two varying shades of glazed metal panels, which frame floor-to-ceiling glass for each unit. 


“The design of the project is driven by the developer’s goal of ‘visually stimulating’ architecture and the desire to create unique spaces and vantage points in the center of the building,” says Vladimir Andrejevic, AIA, principal and senior project designer at GP. “In some cases, you will be able to step off the elevator and immediately overlook the city.”

“本项目的设计理念基于开发商对 ‘视觉刺激’ 类建筑的追求,以及对建筑内部特殊空间和有利位置的需求,”美国建筑师协会理事,GP董事兼高级项目设计师Vladimir Andrejevic说。“在某些位置,你一走出电梯厅就能饱览整个城市的风景。”

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As part of the overall program, signature amenity spaces are creatively placed within four wood-finished aluminum cutouts, or alcoves, that feature intimate, communal outdoor terraces. Two of the 75-foot-tall terraces will face east toward the Nashville skyline, and two others will face west, with unobstructed sunset views. Rooftop amenities include a business center, private dining with a catering kitchen, a game room, lounge, and an outdoor pool deck, featuring a lap pool with a six-inch-deep sun shelf and a separate glass-bottom pool that overhangs the 27th floor amenity terrace on the west side of the building. Initial planning also calls for incorporating state-of-the-art package delivery and retrieval systems for residents.


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In addition to Alcove, GP is currently working on other residential projects in Nashville, as well as Austin, Texas; Chicago; and several cities in China. The Alcove project is expected to break ground later this year, with anticipated completion in 2022.


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