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—— 布鲁盟设计 邦邦

From the perspective of design, cultural identity and cultural confidence are linked. The fusion of the contemporary and the oriental is not a grafting of traditional elements, nor is it a superficial interpretation of symbols, but a breakthrough in form and a return to the core of spiritual culture, which integrates and reflects people's lifestyles and artistic pursuits in the present.

—— by Kelly Lin, Bluemoon Design




Recognition & Renewal



In recent years, there has been a growing discussion and call for the Orient in the Chinese interior design community, discussing whether to trace its origins or return to its roots. Superficial decorations and cookie-cutter elements have led to most designs based on a single aesthetic value system.  



Designers are also cultural exporters. Blumoon Design and Kelly Lin have always been engaged in the practice of the topic, which involves how to achieve the leadership of oriental art in the contemporary context. In the case of the SKY MANSION Aesthetic Lifestyle Hall, Xi’an, the idea of cultural confidence is also reflected.

「 九色神鹿 」

Fairy Deer of Nine Colors

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Inspired by the Mogao Caves murals
The story of the nine coloured deer
Implies a blessing of good fortune
The design mimics the brush strokes of the frescoes
With a modern composition and expression
Recreating the classic and humanistic symbolism

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接待大厅 Reception Hall



Xi'an is a city with a sense of history, inheriting the cultural memories of the 13 ancient capitals and the cultural roots. Whether it is the sunset on the Lishan Mountain, billow on the Ba Bridge, drinking on the Qujiang Pool, or the morning bell from the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, all remind people of its old days when it was called Chang’an (meaning the eternal city). As a TOP Residence developed by MACALLINE, the Sky Mansion is located by the East Second Ring Road of the ancient city, Xi’an, providing people with an ideal living environment together with the Aegean Shopping Mall. 




Diversity & Humanity



"The return in my understanding doesn’t mean simply going back to tradition, while the oriental in our mind is not just following the ancient style. With an awareness of the ancient culture, we hope to build a contemporaneity and international space in an artistic way, allowing people to experience contemporaneity aesthetics and the trend of the times,” said Kelly Lin when talking about the design concept.   

「 纸鸢 」


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Distilled, simplified and transcribed
The traditional kite concept of Xi'an
Using modern materials and techniques
Creating a full-coloured art installation
Bringing joyful and auspicious wishes

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接待大厅 Reception Hall



Abandoning the labeled imagery of oriental traditions, Bluemoon and Kelly Lin turn to a contemporary approach to design. Through the use of new materials, artistic structures and expression techniques, they interpret the temperament and pulse of the space, thus inspiring the power of the 'Modern New East'.

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Kite of oriental style has inspired the design of the whole space, which also shows Kelly Lin’s idea to link contemporary art with the ancient city. Using modern techniques and aesthetic interpretation, the designer transforms the image of kite in the form of pixels, blurring the boundary between the old and the new, and shaping a new oriental style in the space.    



Modern materials, traditional kite-making crafts, oriental painted patterns, abstract artistic techniques. After countless simulations, the design is a complete representation of Xi'an's cultural underpinnings - a blend of the ancient and the modern, the East and the West - which is truly striking. 

「 大雁塔 」

Dayan Pagoda

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By deconstructing and reassembling modern acrylic

The ancient meaning of the Dayan Pagoda
Has been reconstructed countless times

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Following the curves of the glazed hanging ornaments in gold foil, you will come into the model area. The image of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is simplified and reinterpreted, and finally appears in a new art form using modern acrylic material, which outlines the beauty of traditional architecture in the ancient capital.

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水吧 Water Bar



The designer has taken the classical tones of the Tang dynasty's ladies and fused them with contemporary artistic conceptions, using the jumble of light and shadow as a guide to create an aesthetic quality. The curved lines of the high chairs resemble the rounded contours of the ladies, and with the addition of translucent bottles, old ornaments and Zen floral arrangements, the space is interpreted in a richer artistic way. 

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洽谈区 Negotiation Area



The gold leaf glazed pendants are arranged in a free-flowing order in the negotiation area. The design looks at the potential connection between the form of the furniture objects and the East, focusing on materials, form and detailing.

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空间中选用原版 MAXMARKO 品牌2020最新款 AIR CLOUD 系列的洽谈椅与经典“绽放”系列的单人沙发,以及西班牙进口奢石制成的洽谈桌、手工金属铸造的幻彩茶几,彰显与众不同的价值感与韵味。


The negotiation area is well equipped with chairs of MAXMARKO’s 2020 latest AIR CLOUD series, armchairs of the classic “BLOOMING” series, tables made of luxury Spanish stone, and metal hand-made end tables, showing extraordinary value and quality of the space. 

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影音室 Video Room 

空间中,单人洽谈沙发选用了进口原版 Kenneth 品牌经典的“花瓣”系列,与月牙弧度的深灰调沙发、不规则线条流向的地毯、光洁莹润的月球穹顶、雅澹的花艺相映成趣,写意花好月圆的东方格调,韵味悠长。 


In the video room, the armchairs of Kenneth’s classic “PETAL” series, the dark grey crescent sofas, the carpet with irregular lines, the bright moon-shaped dome and the graceful flowers complement each other, creating a scene of blooming flowers and full moon —— a domestic bliss for Chinese people.   




Art & Spirit

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签约室 Signing Room 



You can not talking about oriental style without mentioning landscape paintings. In the eyes of Kelly Lin, soft furnishings design doesn’t mean the blindly combination of different artworks. Instead, we need to reinterpret and recreate conventional elements in different context.    



Bluemoon Design attempts to rebuild the artistic style in a way of breaking. Mountains in traditional landscape paintings are separated in different frames which are recombined in an artistic way to form a huge “painting”. Purplish blue, pure white and bright red blocks are in sharp contrast with each other, forming a strong visual effect and telling an interesting story on the wall.

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私宴厅 Private Banquet Hall 



Fan- and ring-shaped fabric decorations made of sill threads overlap each other, presenting a sequential beauty in dark red and elegant grey. The designer doesn’t limit the space to a certain style but pays attention to the integration of the new and the old, shaping an elegant space atmosphere against the wooden background wall, the decorative reeds and the exquisite round table.         

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"Cultural confidence is rooted in a deep understanding and recognition of one’s own culture. In design field, the review and renaissance of the oriental culture should be based on a contemporary and international context.” Over the past 19 years, Bluemoon Design and Kelly Lin has been focusing on the theme of culture, deeply researching the boundary between cultures and the charm of art from a global perspective. In this process of innovation and practice, Bluemoon has constantly broken the yokes to create aesthetic spaces and give them life and spirits. In this case, the designer integrates contemporary fun into oriental style with delicate expressions, once again touching the unconventional profundity of art and striking a chord in the hearts of people with its beauty and cultural atmosphere. 

项目名称 | 西安红星天铂美学生活馆 

项目地址 | 陕西 西安

业主单位 | 红星地产

项目面积 | 1537㎡

竣工时间 | 2020年9月

业主单位 | 西安星之辉房地产开发有限公司

业主团队 | 王慧军、李新强、刘久扬、陈丹

软装设计 | 布鲁盟设计

硬装设计 | 上海JSP建筑设计咨询有限公司

项目摄影 | 翱翔


Project | Macalline Sky Mansion Aesthetic Life House, Xi'an  

Location | Xi'an, Shanxi 


Area | 1537㎡  

Completion | September, 2020

Developer | Xi'an Starlight Real Estate Development Co.Ltd.  

Developer Team | Wang Huijun, Li Xinqiang, Liu Jiuyang, Chen Dan

Soft Furnishings Design | BlueMoon 

Interior Design | JSP Architects Ltd. 

Photography | Ao Xiang 

ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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