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One & Only Portonovi将原始淳朴的山岭地形和中世纪历史融入现代设计

Perched on the dramatic Adriatic coastline, One&Only Portonovi weaves pristine mountain terrain and medieval history into a modern design.

(HBA)新加坡事务所,完成了欧洲第一家One & Only度假村的室内设计。欧洲首家One & Only度假村位于巴尔干半岛的黑山共和国,毗邻美丽的亚得里亚海岸线的波多诺维(Portonovi)。通过丹尼斯顿国际建筑事务所打造的建筑及初始设计理念,HBA合作完成了室内设计,为空间注入生机与活力。HBA从当地旖旎的自然风光和传统的修道院建筑获得设计灵感,围绕酒店的核心亮点——博卡湾峡湾全景,为度假村缔造低调而现代的设计。

Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), the world’s leading hospitality design firm, has completed the interior design of Europe’s first One&Only resort, located in the charming village of Portonovi on Montenegro’s stunning Adriatic coastline. With architecture and initial concept design by Denniston Architects, HBA collaborated to craft the interiors and bring the space to life. Drawing inspiration from the regions stunning natural scenery and traditional monastic architecture, HBA creates an understated, modern design that celebrates the resort’s key asset - sweeping vistas of the fjord-like Boka Bay.

One & Only Portonovi度假村被蔚蓝的海水和科托地区纯天然环境环绕,让客人们得以在这个举世无双的空间享受专属的奢华世外桃源之旅。酒店毗邻黑山蒂瓦特镇和克罗地亚历史名城杜布罗夫尼克,便利前往黑山或克罗地亚享受海岸线一日游。作为HBA为One & Only品牌打造的第一家度假村以及HBA新加坡事务所在黑山共和国的第一个项目,HBA在设计和执行上都格外注意满足当地的需求,力求呈现最丰富出色的设计成果。HBA的灯光设计部门Illuminate、CANVAS艺术咨询公司、标识与平面设计部门HBA Graphics、以及SOCIAL F+B在项目中共同协作,传达公司“在引起全球精英共鸣的现代设计中凸显当地文化和传统” 这一核心理念。

Surrounded by the azure waters and unadulterated nature of the Kotor region it calls home, One&Only Portonovi offers guests an exclusive and ultra-luxurious escape to a truly unique corner of the world. Its close proximity to the Montenegro’s town of Tivat and the historical city of Dubrovnik, Croatia enables easy travel for day trips to both the Montenegrin and Croatian shorelines. Being HBA’s very first One&Only resort and HBA Singapore’s first project in Montenegro, particular care was taken to adapt to regional expectations in both design and process. Helping to bring this outstanding project to fruition were HBA’s design departments - Illuminate Lighting Design, CANVAS Art Consultants, HBA Graphics, and SOCIAL F+B - who together channeled the company’s core principle of championing local culture and tradition within a modern design that resonates with the global elite.


宫殿大厅 | Palazzo

@One&Only Portonovi - Rupert Peace

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Caminetti酒廊 | Caminetti Lounge

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宫殿大厅吊灯 | Palazzo Chandelier


A breath-taking view of the idyllic Boka Bay instantly captures the gaze of guests when they enter the resort’s reception, giving a profound air of exclusivity and bliss to the space. An ambience of royalty exudes from the room with elements of monastic architectural heritage. Barrel vaulted ceilings in a shimmering platinum tone finished with wood marquetry encompass the space, along with aged, tumbled stone walls and floors. Two oversized hearths flank the attached lobby lounge, completing the traditional castle aesthetic.


This medieval feel is woven into a contemporary tapestry with modern European decorations, detailing and contemporary artwork, adding soft touches of playfulness to offset the formality. Above the heads of guests as they enter hangs an opulent canopy of hand-blown glass in smokey, amber tones fixed to a frame of intertwining branches forming the shape of a mimosa tree, from which Montenegro’s eponymous national flower sprouts. This nod to regional culture is repeated in the drapery that dramatically frames the vistas of the bay, with a mimosa-inspired floral motif and asymmetrical layering of sheers adding a sense of theatre. At the center beneath the canopy of mimosa lighting sits a striking boulder sculpture crafted in likeness of the region’s dramatic topography of jagged cliff edges and jutting rocks.

客人可以从大堂接待处进入度假村拥有亲密氛围的Caminetti酒廊,在舒适豪华的环境中休憩。酒廊采用陶土砖柜台并搭配皮革软装,舒适的座位周围环绕着天然胡桃木木家具和染色木家具。酒吧空间采用灰色大理石地板,周围的柱子由描绘森林场景的背光式艺术品所装饰,营造出宏伟大气的氛围。铜色的壁炉、灰绿色皮革、来自Maya Romanoff的镶木工艺品墙纸和古铜制品使得空间在冷灰色调中透出丝丝暖意。

From the reception, guests can venture over to Caminetti, the resort’s intimate bar to relax in its comfortable and luxurious surroundings. Drinks are ordered from a burnt terracotta bar upholstered in leather furnishings and enjoyed in comfortable seating surrounded by natural walnut millwork and stained wood furniture. The space channels the grandeur of the lobby area with grigio marble floors surrounded by columns cladded in backlit art depicting a forest scene. Warmth is diffused through the cool grey color palette with copper tones and a grey shagreen leather in the fireplaces, Maya Romanoff wood marquetry wall coverings and accents of antique brass.


Moving on from the lobby, guests continue on an artistic journey across the rugged landscape of Montenegro; while waiting in the lift lobby, they can busy themselves by admiring the dramatic artwork depicting a hiker trekking through the majestic cliffs and mountain ranges that sit at the resort’s doorstep.

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Arena欢迎空间 | Arena’s Welcome space

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One&Only Portonovi的客人可以在度假村的多家特色餐厅畅享美酒和美食,这些餐厅提供丰富的食物、风格和体验。在酒店的La Verandah餐厅,无论是自助餐还是点餐,都有美味的黑山传统菜式菜单供客人们选择。为了营造轻松开放的就餐氛围,设计采用了明快的地中海色彩搭配、深靛蓝纹理的涂漆面板和仿古青铜精心装饰的灯具。地板上铺设激光切割的灰色卡拉拉大理石瓷砖,让人想起当地传统建筑中丰富的石材图案。餐桌周围的座椅则采用鸽灰色织物和深焦糖色、巧克力色皮革软饰相混搭。

Guests at One&Only Portonovi can wine and dine at the resort’s various destination restaurants, which offer a wealth of choice in cuisine, style, and experience. La Verandah  serves up a delicious menu of traditional Montenegrin dishes for both buffet and a la carte settings. To emulate the relaxed and open atmosphere of this dining concept, the design adopts a crisp, Mediterranean color scheme, with dark indigo blue textures and lacquered panels juxtaposed with antique bronze detailing in the light fixtures. The laser-cut grey Carrara marble tiles lining the floors bring to mind the rich stone patterns seen in traditional regional architecture. Surrounding the tables, seats woven in alternating dove-grey fabric and deep caramel and chocolate leather upholstering are arranged.


La Verandah餐厅 | La Verandah Restaiurant

如果想品尝亚得里亚海另一边沿岸的美味,客人可以尽情享受萨比亚(Sabia)餐厅提供的精致意大利风味。萨比亚(Sabia)餐厅由著名的米其林星级厨师乔治•洛卡特利(Giorgio Locatelli)主厨,室内设计则由HBA的SOCIAL F+B部门与这位明星厨师携手设计。洛卡特利选择了明亮清新的配色和温暖的沙石色调来衬托优雅、现代的菜单。整个空间中使用的中性色彩由海蓝和鸽子灰点缀。酒吧上方悬挂着彩灯饰以手工吹制、搭配含有沙粒的玻璃挂件,令人联想到海边的温暖时光。

For a taste from the other side of the Adriatic Sea, guests can indulge in the refined Italian flavors offered at Sabia, a restaurant headed by renowned Michelin-starred chef, Giorgio Locatelli. The interiors were designed by SOCIAL F+B, an HBA department, in collaboration with the celebrity chef, who chose a light, fresh color palette with warm sand tones to reflect the elegant, modern menu. The neutrals used throughout the space are accentuated with accents of seafoam blues and dove greys. A colorful light fixture hanging above the bar features hand-blown glass containing grains of sand, conjuring up images of a warm day at the seaside.

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Sabia室内餐厅 | Sabia Indoor Restaurant

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此外,SOCIAL F+B还负责了创新式泛亚洲融合餐厅Tapasake Club的设计,使这一空间散发出与其美食一样活力十足和令人兴奋的氛围。水泥地面模仿日本传统审美观侘寂的龟裂纹,装饰弯曲的金属镶嵌,以强调残缺之美。起伏的碎纹石膏吊顶、青铜色和深红木色装饰细节以及墙面上裸露的红砖,都营造出一种温馨奢华之感。橄榄色、橙色和中性色织物,以及将餐桌分隔开的渐变湖绿色隔断墙,与具有秋天感的金色系配色相得益彰。原木边柜台后面设有一排琥珀色玻璃架,展示各种诱人的美酒。

SOCIAL F+B was further tasked with the design of the innovative pan-Asian fusion restaurant Tapasake Club, a space exuding an atmosphere as lively and exciting as its cuisine. Concrete flooring is marbled with meandering metal inlay, mimicking the craquelure of “wabi-sabi”, a traditional Japanese aesthetic that celebrates beauty in imperfection. A warm and luxurious feel is cultivated through the use of artisanal bronze and dark mahogany detailing on the raked spatulata plaster ceiling and naked red brickwork in the walls. Complementing this golden, autumnal color palette are neutral fabrics with olive and orange accents and ombre aqua sheer wall partitioning separating the dining tables. Behind the live edge wood bar counter are a row of amber glass display shelves showcasing the intriguing choice of liquors on offer.

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KidsOnly空间 | KidsOnly儿童区

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为了满足各年龄段客人的爱好与兴趣,One&Only Portonovi还设计了KidsOnly空间。空间内设置了各种集趣味性和创造性一体的设施,供小客人玩耍和探索。为了烘托活力的氛围,HBA在空间中选择了明亮柔和的色彩,使用浅色水洗橡木和激发想象力的航海风格,而在青少年区采用了相似的配色方案中,以及时尚的工业风设计。

To accommodate the hobbies and interests of both old and young, One&Only Portonovi created the KidsOnly , a place for younger guests to play, explore, and adventure with an exciting array of fun and creative facilities. To channel a boisterous atmosphere, HBA chose bright, soft colors with light washed oak and an imagination-sparking nautical theme in the younger kid’s corner, while adopting an industrial chic theme in a similar color palette in the teen’s section.

One&Only Portonovi酒店提供私人辅助设施和功能空间,可以举办各类活动和庆典,包括婚礼、蜜月、峰会和企业培训课程。宴会厅和宴会前厅采用与酒店主体设计风格相似的修道院风格设计,使用灰色大理石地板和墙壁、仿古铜色和红铜色装饰以及温暖中性色织物装饰的墙面。

One&Only Portonovi offers private amenities and function spaces for events and celebrations ranging from weddings and honeymoons to summits and corporate training sessions. The ballroom and prefunction area draw upon the overarching monastic theme of the resort with grigio marble floors and walls, antique brass and copper accents, and warm neutral fabric-upholstered walls.

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 Espace Chenot水疗中心 | Espace Chenot 

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Espace Chenot水疗泳池 | Espace Chenot Spa Pool

@One&Only Portonovi - Rupert Peace 

One&Only Portonovi酒店的客人可以在世界知名的康体中心Chenot Espace水疗中心度过美好的一天,让身心重新焕发活力。水疗区采用表面光洁的银色石灰华大理石墙面、水洗灰色橡木地板,与焦橙色和灰色织物的完美搭配。客人可以在水疗中心选择奢华的土耳其洗浴,浴室铺有用传统土耳其石材镶边的金光闪烁的马赛克瓷砖,也可选择在水疗中心的室内泳池里畅游,泳池使用灰色大理石壁面和深灰色防滑仿石瓷砖,点缀以红铜和古铜色装饰。泳池照明壁龛周围的玻璃马赛克散发出夕阳般的光芒,照射在水中形成温馨闪耀的光环。

Guests at One&Only Portonovi can rejuvenate both mind and body with a day at the Chenot Espace, a world-renowned health and wellness center. The spa area features silver travertine marble walls with a honed finish and washed grey oak floors, along with a burnt orange and grey fabric scheme. Guests may choose to soak in the spa’s lavish hammam baths, tiled with a shimmering gold mosaic framed by traditional Turkish stone, or take a refreshing dip in the spa’s indoor pool, a room crafted from grigio marble walls and dark grey non-slip simulated stone tiles accented with copper and antique bronze details. A spray of sunset tones in the glass mosaic surrounding the pool light niches casts a warm shimmering aura through the water.

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Guestroom / 客房

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Guestroom / 客房

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 套房客厅 | Suite One Living Room 

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 客房浴室 | Guest Bathroom 

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套房主浴室 | Suite One Master Bathroom 

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套房主卧 | Suite One Master Bedroom 

@One&Only Portonovi - Rupert Peace

One&Only Portonovi酒店的精美客房洋溢着热情的欢迎气息,客房为客人提供宾至如归的豪华体验。天然木地板和木制品与灰色和抛光青铜色的温暖搭配,散发出舒适的浪漫气息。每间客房都配有横跨卧室的壁炉,为房间增添富丽堂皇的气派。窗户的设计最大程度地发挥出度假村地处海湾风景怡人的优势,使室内与室外空间相互交融,营造出开放、愉悦的氛围。而浴室的诸多贴心细节都有助于客人放松身心:宽大的休息室内摆设着舒适的临窗的沙发床和中央躺椅。而真正令人惊艳的设计就在这张沙发床上,这张床可以根据客人要求神奇地改装成情侣浴缸,从而与爱侣共享亚得里亚海波光粼粼、令人心旷神怡的美景。

Exuding a sense of residential welcome, One&Only Portonovi’s beautiful guestrooms offer a luxurious home-away-from-home experience. A cozy and romantic ambience is communicated through a warm color scheme of natural wood flooring and millwork with strokes of grey and burnished bronze. Each room is fitted with fireplace that straddles the bedroom for an added air of opulence. Windows designed to maximize the mesmerizing views of the bay serve to unify the indoor and outdoor spaces, fostering an open, exhilarating feeling. In the bathroom, no effort has been spared to encourage relaxation: an extended lounge space homes a comfortable window-side daybed and central chaise lounge. But the true element of surprise and awe lies within the daybed, which, upon request, can be magically converted into a couples’ tub, designed to face the blissful panorama of shimmering Adriatic waters.

ARCHINA 所有平台上发布的项目、招聘、资讯等内容,部分由第三方提供或系统自动收录。资料版权属于第三方,若信息不实或涉及版权问题,需要版权方和第三方沟通,ARCHINA 将配合对接,并在确认无误后删除涉及版权问题的信息,相应的法律责任均由资料提供方承担。


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