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Light creates a subtle relationship between architectural space and human beings. Light allows the architecture to change and grow naturally. Light also becomes the link and connection between people and space. The change of light and shadow is the most wonderful change in space. The Poly Urban Reception Room is not only a meeting between people but also a "dialogue" between people and space. In this arc-shaped narrow space, we give different themes to different meanings of "light", walking in the space, as if we are on a " light-chasing journey ".


Station One: Light of Spirit


The outside of the entire living room is surrounded by a circle of luminous materials, which looks like a light curtain, bringing a vivid and mysterious atmosphere to people. The main entrance uses a contrasting black color to highlight this sense of quiet. Here, people will be guided by this "ribbon" of light and start the first station of the " light-chasing journey ".


The overall design concept starts from the space function and reduces the design language as much as possible. We want to give each space a definition here. Simple design techniques can make the space characteristics more prominent. We reduce the language used in the space and simplify the design elements, colors, lighting, and materials to the minimum, but we have higher requirements for each element we used. The space design of the contract is usually very subtle, which can often achieve the effect of using less to win more, and simplicity over complex.

▼外侧光幕与主入口 Light Curtain & Main Entrance

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From the light curtain into the front area, the whole space presents a simple and gray sense. In addition to the necessary reception functions of the reception area, a group of display areas are also set up here. In May 2000, Poly Group rescued the three National Treasures of the Old Summer Palace-Bull Head, Monkey Head and Tiger Head-bronze statues that were plundered by foreign powers more than 100 years ago, and returned to China, which aroused widespread acclaim at home and abroad and inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of Chinese. On the side of the reception area, there are four bronze beast heads from the Old Summer Palace collected by Poly Group. These artistic treasures are also a symbol of the light of national culture.

▼精神之光-前台接待区 Light Of Spirit -Reception Area

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▼兽首展示区 Bronze Beast Heads Exhibition Area

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Station Two: Light Of Starry Sky


The interior of the exhibition hall can be entered from the reception area. The first is a highly technological product release area. This space mainly highlights the display content of the wall. Therefore, there is no main light source on the lighting, but a set of perforated panels on the top. It forms a starry sky with some lights. Let the universe and the starry sky echo the sense of science and technology, and bring a more futuristic sense to the product launch.

▼产品发布区 Products Announced Area

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▼保利建筑模型装置 Poly building model installation

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Station Three: Light Of Silhouette


The meeting room in the city is a gathering place, which can be used for communication, work, art exhibitions, and parties. The spiritual core in the living room comes from the way of display and sharing in the space. Interesting display methods can enhance the display attributes of the living room. Therefore, at the third station of the " light-chasing journey ", we placed three sets of the huge sandbox in this area, together with adjustable lights, so that these miniature urban landscapes can bring people visual enjoyment. On the wall, a silhouette of Poly's architectural project in Beijing is displayed. Darkness sets off the light best.

▼沙盘展示区 Sandbox Showroom

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Station Four: Sense Of Light


Through the display area composed of different forms of light, the next station will come to this space that seems to be able to visualize "light". Here, five transparent cylindrical glasses are designed, and the top is equipped with a light-emitting lamp film, so that light is evenly sprinkled in each glass box, forming a transparent light perception. In these five spaces, people can touch and feel light.


The fully transparent five-senses glass boxes make this leisure space like a beam of light floating in the space, light and interesting, blurring the space boundary, allowing the office area to interact with the corridor space, experiencing the events inside and outside the glass, and perfectly combining functionality and viewing.

▼五感玻璃体 Five senses glass box

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▼多功能模块 Multi-Function Module

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The entire glass box has been given the "five senses" such as "shape, sound, smell, taste, and touch", allowing people to experience the light and the details of life in all directions. Space uses three colors. The combination of low-saturation colors and soft light on the top gives people a sense of comfort and quietness so that people can settle down here and quietly experience the transparent light of the five senses.

▼办公展示区 Office Display Area

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Station Five: Light Of City


The last station is a light-following space where people are the mainstay, where people are the main users. There are conference and negotiation areas and leisure areas. The noumenon of space "human" can be more prominent. Human is the user of space. For the big environment of the city, the human is also a kind of "little light" in the city. Every city becomes colorful because of the participation of people. In this space, different people can meet and chat, and the communication between people can burst out inspiration and burst out more spiritual light.

▼VIP会议室Meeting Room

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▼休息区Rest Area

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▼分析图 Diagram

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▼平面图 Plan

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设计公司:DAGA Architects大观建筑设计



软装设计:余小雨 张志婷



项目摄影:UK Studio(

Project Information

Project name: POLY Urban Living Room

Design company: DAGA Architects

Company website: www.arcxtec.com

Design Team: Shen Jianghai, Xue Da, Wang Lifeng, Zhang Bei

Softloading Design: Yu Xiaoyu, Zhang Zhiting

Project type: Interior design

Project area: 662㎡

Design time: 2020 year

Construction time: March 2020-June 2020

Photographer: UK Studio(www.uk-studio.net

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